Give it up by S∆VCLOUD


1. Hello Hello. How is it in LA? What are you doing right now?

LA is the same old thing as usual, noisy and smoggy but everyone lives here haha. As for what I’m doing I suppose I’m out skating again as well as just learning as much as I can about everything, music, mastering and all that good stuff!

2. “Give it up” is so fucking groovy! funky house music hits a soft spot for me, what artists influence these sorts of productions?

Ah Thanks man , The truth is I LOVE house music man , French, Electro, Dirty dutch , you name it but I’ve been around the Indie hip-hop scene for a while so I tend to end up mashing some from the two together. there’s definitely legit house projects I have but as for when I’ll show the world those remains a mystery ;D.

3. Your sound is incredibly mature, how long have you been working at your music? How do you feel about where your currently at as an artist?

Feel by S∆VCLOUD

I’ve been working on Music for about 3 years now but it was really until about the last year or so that I’ve decided to actually sit down and create some stuff and put it out there, and as for me as an artist with all modesty I can definitely feel the progression I’m making especially with the stuff I haven’t shown the world and I suppose the maturity comes from just being determined with out being too serious haha . There’s always room for progression and improvement so it’s what I’m gonna stick to.

4. Who are some of your favorite artists at the moment?

I’d have to say Letherette , Mr.Oizo, Young Montana?, LBCK , and The Phantom’s Revenge To name just a few.

Good Girlfriend by S∆VCLOUD

5. Any big plans for 2011?

I’m having an EP released out on Cold Busted around which I’m pretty excited about.

6. Thoughts for all the young producers, upcoming producers out there in the world?

I’d have to say definitely learn as much as you can about anything involving music, nothing is too small or too large to figure out and just keep at it I suppose , you really never ever know where these things will take you.

Four Tet – Reversing (S∆VCLDremix) by S∆VCLOUD