I will let Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter lead this. I am quite moved by this sharing. Really struck on so many levels.

I’ve been on this unfolding journey learning about Bruce Lee and his energy. Recently read a wonderful book written by Linda Lee, Bruce’s wife entitled, “Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew”. Followed up by visiting the Wing Luke Museum, here in Seattle. They have had a thorough exhibit on Bruce, and because of the significant positive reception it has been expanded, with the final installment coming March 10th, 2018. In the words of the museum..”Building on our popular Bruce Lee exhibit series, A Dragon Lives Here hones in on Bruce Lee’s Seattle roots and the fact that Seattle, now known as a city for innovation, technology, and entrepreneurs, also played a key role in shaping Bruce Lee and his groundbreaking approach. Follow us for updates!” Very hyped that this will be installed for a full year.

There has been so much said about this man, I’ll leave it to these groups and individuals and encourage you to explore and meditate for yourself. The Bruce Lee Foundation is a great resource, and run by his family, it is a living continuation of the energy Bruce set in motion so fiercely. 

And if your in Seattle and are interested in learning martial arts, I recommend Fusion Kung Fu. Reach out to Sifu Michelle at info@fusionkungfu.com 

Take Care,

Jimi Jaxon