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This song brings me right back to the first time I saw BSB, at the Vera Project (5.2.10/look back to May for the blog post with videos) with Weekend and New York’s Javelin. Perfectly fits my mood, I was feeling a bit bad, now..I think I’m alright

Perfect Machine.mp3


1. How were you introduced to electronic music?

I grew up on punk music from an early age, and then listened mostly to indie rock in high school and college. After awhile I got pretty fed up with it and my friends started turning me onto house and techno – a lot of German minimal stuff, a lot of French house too. It totally changed my outlook on music and the possibilities of new sounds and styles.

2. How has your music creation process developed over time?

It’s developed quite a bit. I began playing guitar at the age of 10 and stuck with that almost exclusively. Around college, I got pretty burnt out on it and started moving into electronic production. What I think really excited me about electronic music was the ability to craft an entire song and all its constituent parts. It felt really liberating not to be held back by only playing one instrument.

Big Spider’s Back :: Mind Grapes from Do Yon Kim on Vimeo.

3. Currently, who are some of your favorite artists?

I’ve been enjoying a lot of the sounds coming out of London these days, especially the younger producers. It’s kind of amazing that people like James Blake, Joy Orbison, Mount Kimbie, Floating Points, etc. are all in their early 20’s and making incredibly original, accomplished music. Also, a lot of Flying Lotus of course.

4. What is the electronic scene like in your part of Seattle?

It’s gotten a lot better. When I started Big Spider’s Back, I felt pretty isolated from the rest of the artists in Seattle. People I knew were playing more traditional indie type music. But there’s been a lot more bands and artists lately I see eye to eye with. A lot of musicians now seem more willing to take risks and try out different forms of electronic music, whether that’s ambient or more dance-oriented styles. It’s definitely a nice change.

5. What’s in the works for Big Spider’s Back in 2010?

I have some remixes I’m working on. Also, a collaborative EP between me and USF, Secret Colors and Alaskas – all Seattle artists. Plus, a local compilation I’ll be contributing to and eventually an LP I’ll be releasing hopefully either at the end of this year or in early 2011.

DJ Phantom ( J J ?)


GET GROOOOVY. Dave’s got some sweet style, so so glad to have another Trouble artist on my blog!

June DJ DEMO by dave-winnel

*Here’s a link to Dave’s latest EP release


1. How were you introduced to electronic music?

I was introduced into electronic music when I was about 14. I started ‘DJing’ almost straight away, playing at mates parties, to bigger events and then finally to night clubs when I hit 18. My first and most memerable CD was Tiesto Majik 6, Live in Amsterdam. I just visited Amsterdam last week for the first time so that was cool to finally get to where it all started for me, especially now that Amsterdam is known as the dance music capital of the world.

2. How has your music creation process developed over time?

My music process has developed greatly over the years. I started off producing trance at a very young age… Thankfully these tunes never saw the light of day. I started producing electro when that scene took off in Aus, and now I prefer a more techy vibe to my tunes. I still like to make my tunes big and with lots of groove. I always used software alone, no hardware, I’ve recently bought the Dcam Synth Squad synths and they rock, seriously the best plug in i’ve heard.

Mylo – In My Arms (Dave Winnel 2010 Bootleg) by dave-winnel

3. Currently, who are some of your favorite artists?

There are so many great producers here in Australia which I love, Bass Kleph, Tommy Trash, Frew, Hook N Sling, Sam La More & Christian Luke are all doing great things for me at the moment. Overseas though I really dig Hardwell’s grooves and Popof, Joris Vorn, Pryda & FLG.

4. What is the electronic scene like in your part of Australia?

I’m from Sydney, Australia and I feel the scene is really strong here. There are lots of great little clubs all in one long strip known as the notorious Kings Cross. All genres are welcome in Australia. But the Tech scene is very strong at the moment which is great because I’m right into that. Also the Dutch Sound and even the dubstep movment is quite big here in Sydney which is cool.

Big Big Respect – Benson by Suckmusic

My friend Ben provided a free song for

The song is fresh! Anyone seeing me play in the near future will be hearing thing (as well as more remixes from Benson, Brain Matters-they is my favorite)

Based in Melbourne, Australia..supplying the world with promos, remixes and mixes from some high quality producer/DJ’s

XXXO.//. DJ Phantom

Speaks for itself.
2ManyDJ’s playing PJU remix of Zongamin – Azzazza at Coachella festival:


1. What do you love about electronic music?

I love the sound! Sounds cool & fat, and also the possibilities, there’s some much you can do to make things sound challenging and cool.

2. You’ve played alongside some phenomenal artists (2ManyDJ’s, Erol Alkan, SebAstian, Boys Noize!), who have been some of your favorite artists to share the stage with? Any especially memorable moments at a show?

There’s loads, my favorite is prob Dour Festival in Belgium in 08. Rocking 5000 people going crazy is a great feel. Fav artists to play with? We had a lot of fun with mr Flash in Venice, also with Kavinsky in Milan, doing a tour with Beni was crazy fun, also the mini euro tour we did with Chromeo last autumn was great.

3. How has your music production process developed over time?

We try to go with the times and develop but don’t slavishly follow every new dance music trend that comes along.

4. What kind of equipment do you use? Both for live shows and production..

We use Logic 9 with Ableton in slave mode. Then lods of soft synths, real synths, guitars, live bass, percussion. We dj on CDJ’s only, no Serrato or Live. We do our own edits and fuck ups of all tracks before though.

5. What would you say to anyone interested in getting into DJ’ing/producing….the whole deal?

Don’t give up! Make sure you do your own thing and stick to it, you got to have your own sound!

6. What’s in the works for PJU in the rest of 2010?

We’re just finishing a remix for Kele’s (Bloc Party) new track called Everything. Then we’re doing a remix of Crystal Castles new track Baptism. Our remix of Zongamin – Azzazza should hopefully come out soon.

Then there’s at least one EP with new PJU stuff. We’ve worked hard the last 18 months on our own music and countless co-labs with lots of cool singers and artists all over the world. Names will be revealed very soon!

\\ S H I F T W A V E //

Come out and support the local chip music community! These performers are sure to bring back some memories of playing video games-you can dance too!


Fighter X is Nickolas Walthew and Jack Waterman. IT’S GAME BOY DANCE MUSIC. The pair have rocked audiences up and down the Great Northwest and their home-city, Seattle. With their recent invitations to perform at the 4th annual Blip Festival in New York and the Chiptune Alliance UK Tour as well as a spot on the 2010 Folklife 8-Bit Showcase, the two have taken their music world-wide.

* Want a taste of the show coming up? Go see this video of Fighter X at this year’s Folklife Festival


Greenleaf is the made up of Asif and Drew. The band exists somewhere on the internet between Portland and Chicago.


Boys Club is a collaborative project between Dakota Clark (Oven Rake) and James Resch (Death First); accompanied by Andrew Buck and Mark DePaul on bass and drums respectively. Focusing on textures and structures not found in their previous bands or projects, the duo have branched into an unfamiliar soundscape. The composition was over a year in the making and furthered in production once Resch joined in the project.


This artist is able to get some deep, pumpin’ sounds out of his Gameboy/LSDJ setup. Based in Snoqualmie, Washington. Look out for this guy!


KGHB creates a high-energy hybrid mix of chiptune electronica with full vocals and a variety of fun instruments! Enjoy their unique blend of tunes combined with extravagant stage antics and props as you dance to the fantastic beat!


McFiredrill has been shootin’ out chiptunes since 2005. Managing to survive all eras of chiptune that have occured since that time without becoming jaded, he strives to provide only the finest chipsounds. His genre influences include raggae, dub, dubstep, russian polka, garage, and most recently, jazz fusion.


* Thanks to the forum for some of the artist information *

The Vera Project

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