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Disco Droppings’ NYE post of 2009 was Pictureplane. Now, on the eve of 2011 here in the U.S., this Denver electronic talent is back! If you’re in the Seattle area on 1/6/11, Pictureplane will be performing at the Vera Project with Teengirl Fantasy and USF (I’ll be DJ’ing in between sets!). I’m pressed for time and the Pictureplane answers are in faded font for some reason, sorry!



DD: heyyy Pictureplane. What are you doin right now?

P: Hey!  I am sitting on my computer in the city slang office in Krausberg, Berlin. I just played my last show of a short tour with Small Black..I am flying home to Denver tomorrow.

DD: I’ve never toured before, how does traveling all over affect you creatively? Do you do it often?

P: I do travel a lot. It can be hard, and it gets tiring and annoying sometimes, but ultimately it is a hugely rewarding experience. I feel fortunate for all of the experiences I have had and for all the people I have met. It is a huge influence on me creatively, and really, I try to live my life as art and performance while I am travelling. At times I feel like a social scientist, studying human behavior.

DD: Last time I talked to you it was right around new years last year, how do you feel overall with this year coming to a close? Where do you see yourself heading in 2011?

P: 2010, was an amazing, wild, and beautiful year. 2011 is going to be all about my new album. Shit is epic.

DD: I’m quite honored to DJ for a bit at your upcoming Vera Project show in Seattle, any especially fond memories in Washington for you?

P: This will be my 3rd time playing The Vera Project! Um, breaking down in a super tiny eastern Washington meth town, and staying there for two days singing kareoke in a bar to a bunch of truck drivers is a pretty “fond” memory.

DD: Any songs running through your head at the moment?

Here’s to 2011! May the force be with you x)



This electronic artist has given everyone a huge gift. 2 full free albums! Download the link below to get Innobushu’s “Life Is A Canvas” and “Pinna Notch”. Happy new year.



DD: Hello Hello! Hows the day or night going in Norway?

Inno: Not sure… I actually live in Chicago now, it’s a nice snowy night here. Having Oslo up on my profile was wishful thinking. I’m tying to make it over to Norway soon, it is one of my dream spots to perform. I would love to check out a show at the Oslo Opera House and learn more about the Oslo music scene first hand.

DD: Where does your name come from? Any major significance for you?

Inno: My project name Innobushu, came from this strange sequence dream I had few years a go where this woman kept whispering “Innobushu…Innobushu…innobushu”. The next day I woke up and that word stuck with me ever since.

DD: What’s the electronic scene like in Chicago? Do you have a group of artists you hang out with?

Inno: Chicago’s music scene is more indie vibe right now but interest in electronic music is growing. Most of the music venues in Chicago are not intended for electronic music, electronic musicians end up playing at old venues that have bad acoustics for electronic music. The city could use a venue here like Casa da Musica in Porto, It would be a heaven for Chicago’s electronic scene. The Sonar festival just came to Chicago over the summer it was the first time. I was really blown away by the artists who performed at the festival. Chicago has diverse music scene, I just wish the electronic scene was a bit bigger. Right now we have some great electronic artist like John Hughes, Hughes is the founded of Hefty Records  which is based in Chicago. Hefty has signed some great artist’s like Telefon Tel Aviv but personally I hang out mostly with my cat, some friends and the cats friends, they’re a rowdy bunch…haha!

DD: What’s your creative process been like to get to this current point? Has your style always stay around these kinds of songs?

Inno: I spent a lot of time doing field recordings, especially of ambient noise environments. Taking field recordings really helped develop some of my musical creativity. I do have another project called Arteshe ( ) which is a more conceptual project of songs different from Innobushu. Two years a go I went backpacking with two of my buddy’s in the Grand Tetons. While hiking, I recorded different type of noises of the wind, ambiance of the forest and streams at different elevations, from 6,000 to 12,000 feet above sea level. It was such a great experience. I use some of the samples for the Arteshe project.

DD: Who are some artists you look to as solid examples of creativity,innovation and such?

Inno: Its like a doctor asking me to choose between my arm or leg… ;D But when push comes to shove I would say I really like Aoki Takamasa, love what he did with max and pure data patch for the beat.

Also Ametsub, his music is soo crazy with so many interesting fragmented glitchy things going on, and everything collides into a
perfect rhythm.

Repeat Pattern:  He is a really talented beat maker who makes really dope experimental hiphop with drum patterns that are wicked.

and so many more…

DD:  Anything in the works for 2011?

Inno: For sure, me and SP-33 are working together on some ambient hiphop for this coming year. As for Innobushu itself,
have a lot more coming. I have a bunch of interesting sketches of new compositions that I put on hold, can’t wait to finish them though.

Really felt this one! Look out for Innobushu and SP-33 in future DD posts..


The sounds keep rollin’ in! The second track down by featured artist Astrejinkins, entitled “Lift Cube” has been offered to you for free.


DD: You’re from California.. how does this environment affect your music? Have you been to Low End Theory? I’d love to go!

A: Ahh man, cali is too dope. The positive vibes and 70 degree weather is great, so I guess you can say all of that helps. Low End is dope as well, my first night there was the night Odd Future Performed. They did great!! I’ve been waiting to go to that place since I was 15.. now that I’m of age, the next goal is to perform there.

DD: How do you feel about your electronic community? Have you found a good group of artists, whether online or where you live, that you can get inspired with?

A: The music Scsne is ridiculous. Almost intimidating, but it’s a great thing at the same time. I like the fact that the producers are in control of what’s going on. And also that its more about the music than the lyrics. And yeah, I have been communicating with a lot of like minded artists around my age with the same passion for this. Local, and internationally.(shoutout to DJ Primate!)

DD: What sparked you interest in electronic music? Did you grow up listening to it?

A: Just wanting to know how. My father is an MC and he has friends who make instrumentals. So one of his friends gave me fruity loops 6 and I’ve been using that along with the versions they have now. But nope, I grew up listening to mostly hip hop, and soul music. Not till around 06 was I introduced to this scene.

DD: What’s the best encouragement you’ve gotten as an artist?

A: “Just keep doin you.

DD: Anything major planned for 2011?

A: Remixes and collabo’s mostly, chillin on the solo release for a while. Have to do a remix for SertOne’s upcoming release, Doing another remix for Birdy Earns, and working on Me and Loon’s collab release. There’s other things going on that I don’t wish to mention at this time, but all I can say is that I’m pretty excited and 2011..will be a busy year.


A belated Christmas gift x). Just imagine “Neon beams” beautifully wrapped with a nice bow on top.  Click the down arrow on the right side of the player to download.


DD: You’re from France! yahhhhhh. I love french electronic music, Daft Punk introduced me to the whole electronic world, any french artists especially influence you?

YO: I don’t really listen to electronic french music, this is not the kind of music that has really influenced me…even though I love electronic French artists like Mr Oizo, Fulgeance…It is not a typ e of music that influences me, but more the sensibility of a musician, his universe. I’m a big fan of Dimlite’s music, (who’s from Switzerland, just near my town) and James Blake…

DD: You’re music is SOOOOOOOOO FUNKY. JEZZZZ. what / who brought the funk into your life?

YO: Yeah, I really like when it grooves! When I was a student, I was listening a lot of Funk music, and i played drums in a Funk formation. Now I listen to very diverse types of music, but funk remains essential…I don’t know why , but when I start a song, it’s  just instinctively something funky.  I often try to work in different ways, so that I’m not doing all th e same things (even if  I love funky tracks!).

DD: You’re a part of Eklektik Records, what’s this label like? How has being signed impacted your work and goals as an artist?

YO: Yes, I’ve been on Eklektik Records for 2 years, working now on a full length for this label… the first time I met the boss of the label, I didn’t tell him that I was doing music, because for me there was no ambition. A few months later, he found me on Myspace &  disc overed that I made music. He contacted me because one of my tracks interested him, so this was the start…it made me want to continue. Now I’m working on my future album with collaborations and remixes by amazing musicians…

DD: What’s your production style like? How long does it take to get to a finished piece like “pfff”?

YO: hmmm, to ma ke a track like “pfff”, I started to  work on drum elements, I arranged the elements to create a special groove, to imagine what the track will be. I collect and work synth & bass songs, and after that I play and record a lot of parts before selecting those that will work well together. I think  it took a lil’ more than a week to finish..
DD: You’ve got a collaboration in the works called Padwriterz yah? What’s that gonna be like?

YO: Yes, this is a new project signed to Eklektik Records. we’re working on a Ep for the beginning of 2011…It’s a project with 2 beatmakers (“Zo aka La chauve-souis”, and me) and 2 graphic designers (“Damn Good Coffee” & “Small”). It’s a project for l ive performances where all machines are connected. The project will be awaited in France, I hope that we can present it to the most people…
DD: What have you got planned for 2011?

YO: Can’t wait to see what 2011 holds for me! I’m waiting  on the 2×12 of my project “YoggyOne & Friends” with a lot of nice guests (Devonwho, Ichiro, Josip Klobucar, Ad Bourke, Herrmutt Lobby & Morpheground). I’m mastering the Ep of Padwriterz. I’m working on my album (2×12 on Eklektik Records). And tracks for compilations, collaborations and remixes in the works…

make friendship!

– JIMIJAXON!/boomboomsatellites