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Disco Droppings is backkkkkk. woo!

7 Deadly Records has a new addition to our roster of electronic artists – Double Oh No! After receiving a free EP of his (which you all can have via this post), I’ve been itching to get his music on DD for my bass fiends.

Double Oh No slams together Electro/Fidget House, Bassline and Garage in a tireless and bright-eyed style. At the age of 19 he’s already got a string of releases under his belt, showcased on Noiseporn, Sub Philo and Snatchy Trax. The overflowing level of energy in these songs shows that he’s just getting revved-up , and we are happy to have him supplying the noise with 7 Deadly Records.

Along with this interview, where you can get to know this young and talented producer, I’ve got a free EP – 4 Trax of floor stomping dance music! Enjoy responsibly.

download “Wut I AM EP” .rar:


Double Oh No – Wut I am
Shake That Ass (Double Oh No Remix)
Promonova Feat. Mark Davis – Feeling Better (Double Oh No Remix)
Bulletproof (Double Oh No Remix)

+! Here’s a link to yet another release from Double Oh No, brought to you by Noiseporn Records!

Hold Up EP @ Beatport

Interview for DD

1. How were you introduced to electronic music?

I took a pretty nice course in high school where I learned how to use cubase and found my way around DAWs in general. A little after that I got into the whole electro boom, following guys like MSTRKRFT, Boys Noize, Crookers and the like. Started DJing and producing dance music inspired by those guys and haven’t looked back since! I really enjoy the fact that people are doing this just to have fun. Most people are doing dance music because they love it.

2. At 19 you’re putting out some well-developed shit! How long have you been producing, and what kind of equipment do you use?

I run a desktop with 512mb of RAM with a couple midi controllers. I can’t even believe it works! I use FL Studio for writing and wire it into Cubase for arranging and FX chains. All sorts of plugins play in as well. I’m a big fan of all the native instruments stuff, as well as a bit of freeware. You can find some bitchin’ tools out there!

3. How would you describe the sound of this Wut I Am EP? What were some influences for this one, both musically and not?

This EP is pretty all over the place I think. All the tracks kind of came together in a really haphazard way – Wut I Am is a promotional track for my Hold Up EP dropping this friday on Noiseporn Records. The DZ remix was just done for fun and I wanted to get it out. The other two remixes are just from releases that ended up not being, well, released. The former two were really influenced by the new sort of heavy bass scene – guys like Squire of Gothos and Kanji Kinetic are destroying right now. The latter two are kind of a hodgepodge to what I’ve been following lately. The Promonova remix is a little more electro informed, and the B-Phreak one is kind of a bastard child of my fidget and dubstep influences.

4. How do you feel about the Seattle electronic music scene? Anything you’d like to see more of?

I like to think its on the way up at the moment. There’s people like Truckasauras pushing things forward, Simplified and Shift putting out hot tracks left and right, and the scene on the east side. A big thing for me was the launch of Sub Philo Music Group, Thrills’ label. Huge tracks from big producers all around coming out and shining on a Seattle label. Not a bad release yet 🙂 There’s a lot of things happening on the west coast in general that are pretty great too, like Hot N Heavy Recordings for example, and a bit further up north in Canada with Atomic Zoo and Badman Press.

5. What do you have planned for the rest of 2010?

Well I’ve got my biggest EP dropping on friday (little while back). Pretty excited about that one. I have 3 more 2 track EPs coming out this year on Snatchy Trax, HM Records and Atomic Zoo Recordings respectively. Also have some remixes lined up for Atomic Zoo and Swedish dubstep label Redvolume Recordings. Other than that I’m really focusing on locking down some gigs here and there and pushing the name forward!

6. Any last words?

Just wanna give some shout outs to some people I really feel are killing it right now. For Seattle, we’ve got Tony Rocky Horror and Thrills from the Sub Philo crew murdering everything! Tony Rocky Horror’s brother Keith Babinec has some heat coming out too. Around the US I’m really feelin NONEWYORK and Commodore69, the Trouble and Bass guys, and the whole RogueDubs crew. Across the pond its going nuts right now! Loving Kanji Kinetic, Squire of Gothos, Shiftee Moova and less bangin stuff like Magnetic Man and Skream’s output in general. As long as everyone keeps doing what they love things can only get better, and I look forward to seeing where it all goes in a few years.

For more info on Double Oh No, check out:

What a post!


DJ Phantom


Please be patient. I’ve got quite a few posts on the way (Cadillac, DJ Qazi, MMMatthias, Database, Afropunk, Double Oh-No, R1 Ryders, Brain Matters, Tobacco..), but I’m wanting to come at the blog with some new energy, put some more effort into all this, offering you all something that’s significant.

See you all soon.


DJ Phantom

Once I got turned onto the music coming out of The Netherlands, I can not get enough. Rubix, from Amsterdam, has sent over more music! If you search back in the blog archive, you’ll see a few more posts from this man.

Rubix has been doing quite well. With a string of solid, house-tastic remixes for Bart B More, A-Side, C-Code, and Solo + DJ sets in the Netherlands, Paris and Indonesia – I’m hopin’ he continues to show everyone what he’s got to offer!

Don Diablo- Who’s Your Daddy? (Rubix Remix).mp3

+++ Here is the 15 minute mini mix, for an idea of Rubix LIVE (Girls Love DJ’s mini-mix, who were just on my blog look back!)

Rubix – Girls Love DJs Minimix by IamRubix

And if you haven’t had enough, A live video from his Showcase show in Paris, France! I do love France, a lot.

Rubix @ Showcase Paris from iamrubix on Vimeo.





Do your thing, Mr.Rubix.
xxxo DJ Phantom