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Sun Shy (FROM THE NEW B&K ALBUM COMING 2011!) by Blank and Kytt


1. Sun Shy is such a warm song! This comes from your guys’ new album coming in 2011, how’s that coming along?

Kytt – Sun Shy is all about the sample. I remember when I made the initial demo of the track I had it on repeat for a long while. I’m not self indulgent, I guess it’s the beauty of producing hip hop; you utilize so much source material that the line between what’s yours and what’s not blurs, and I feel you enjoy your output a lot more this way. We have the tracks down, it’s just a case of meshing them all together. I’m hoping this will be a very solid album.

Blank – Thanks, we’re both looking forward to dropping the new record. It’s a distinct progression from 3010 (the record we dropped earlier this year). We’re mixing the album as we speak.

Artist: Blank and Kytt | Song: Shii by Disco Droppings

Artist: Blank and Kytt | Song: Looky Here! by Disco Droppings

2. How did you two get together and collaborate on these Blank and Kytt songs? Do you have solo projects as well?

Kytt – We initially began as solo artists. I knew Matt from school, and a couple of years after parting our separate ways we ended up meeting again and going to a show together. We began talking about current influences, and the rest is history. We produce music in very different ways, and this shows through the variety of material we release. In terms of collaboration, our approach is very different, and we never have a set formula. Some tracks our solely mine, some solely Matt’s, and some from the two of us. We have solo projects on the back burner, be sure to check out Ubel and Sjuss.

Blank – Kytt just said it all. Every beat I’m making right now is Blank & Kytt though. I made some dubstep and drum and bass a few years ago. I’m relatively new to making hip hop.

Nova by Blank and Kytt

3. What are some of the best shows you’ve seen this year?

Kytt – I don’t get the time to see many shows, but i’ve been lucky to catch Prefuse 73 with Dimlite and Why? relatively recently. Both were fantastic shows. I love Scott Herren’s attitude to performing; get on, rock the MP, and get off. Simple, straight forward, raw.

Blank – Seeing our friend Young Montana rip it up in Coventry was great. I’ve not been to a whole lot of shows this year. Hudson Mohawke, Dimlite and Prefuse 73 are among the best I’ve seen recently. I’m seeing The Fall tomorrow.

4. There’s a lot of space and breath in your songs, has this always been a big part of your style? How has it developed over time?

Kytt – For me the production (from the sourcing of material, to the reverbs, to the compression) is just as important as the musicality. A lot of people are producing hip hop nowadays, but they seem to use fruityloops kicks and dead snares. It simply doesn’t ‘sound’ like the hip hop they want to make. So the space and depth simply comes from the formulation of all these things, and the will of exploration to find sounds you’d otherwise miss.

Blank – I’d never really made Hip Hop before meeting Kytt. So starting this project really opened my ears up to a whole new aesthetic. The main thing is just having fun throwing new ideas around. Nothing we do has the intention of a particular subversive message outside of it. What you hear is what you get.

5. Any words for the young producers out there, just getting started?

Kytt – From my stand point, our music isn’t ground breaking. It’s something you put on if you’re a real hip hop head, and bounce to. I like to leave complexities and symbolism to the other guys. If I was to give you any advice i’d say enjoy yourself. If you like what you’re doing, someone else will. Don’t ever force yourself to make music to somehow impress or reassure yourself, it’ll simply sound false.

Blank – What haven’t you heard that you’d like to? There you go..

Ferbiez by Blank and Kytt



Take it in..

CR PODCAST 22 by See PM -Out To The South West- 112010 by cascade records

Lupid Ocampo – Moonrise by Lupid Ocampo

Back into it with the posts! Coming in from the bassy leftfield, Lupid Ocampo!!

Check out these songs, also here’s a link to his full and free “Wysibc” release..


1. Hello. How are you? How is Germany?

Hey, thanks It’s all good!

Living here since 1991 and I can say that it’s a country with a lot of variety and many creative people and ideas. Sometimes a bit shortspoken but overall it’s cool to live here.

2. What kind of environment would you like to make with your music as Lupid Ocampo?

Sometimes I imagine driving a space cab watching the stars fly by, I guess this would be a refreshing environment.

Lupid Ocampo – Modern Voodoo by Lupid Ocampo

3. What got you interested in producing?

I used to listen to a lot of Hip Hop and Drum’n’Bass in the 90’s and started Djing, but I always felt like something was missing. The thing is my interest is much more on beats than on rappers. When a friend introduced me to Cubase and a Sampler it just happened.

4. How’s the electronic community in Germany? Or is most of your presence felt through online music sites?

The scene here is huge especially for Electro, Techno and House. But honestly it’s not my cup of tea.

When you break down the scene into different styles, Leftfield Beat Music is slightly underrepresented but growing. There’s no day that I don’t discover new folks. So, yes by now my presence is mainly through the web.
5. Any fun projects in the works?

Just finished my ‘WYSIBC’ Ep which is more like a sketch book of ideas and released it on Morgen Noi Collective. I’m working on a lot of stuff, collaborations, and always exploring new sounds.

And got an EP dropping on *Export Label in the 2nd or 3rd quater of 2011. Let’s see what else is going to happen… just staying busy.

6. Favorite phrase?


* Show love here..


let the overflow of music commence.

demo reel 2010 from Alex Prudic-Dennis on Vimeo.

Mountain bear shit AL PDmix by AL_PD


1. AHH! Your shit is crazy! Where does this craziness come from?

Thanks alot! im currently turning out slaps from San Jose, CA.

2. What’s your favorite artist at the moment?

Brenton Wood…

3. Where are you from? Do you feel connected with your local music community?

Im originally from Cleveland OH. AND, I do actually.. For a while there I didn’t know anybody in San Jose, and that blew ass.. this place was really foreign and different from the midwest, but I couldn’t really find a legitimate reason to leave, so I stuck around, and now I know a few heads, and I got some links up in the city (SF) too. Big ups to the fam up there, J-Mousepad, DREWMIN, Cyclyst, them fools really be holdin it down and have shown me soo much love…also Joob Kicksnare and J-schlock, down here in SJ big ups. I’m pretty convinced that if it was up to me id never leave the bay.. I wanna see wus good wit LA tho at some point.. Still got mad love for the ‘land too tho always.. S/O to all my hommies..

Srehsiws by AL_PD

4. How would you describe your music, if someone asked with zero knowledge about genres and other stuff?

I would tell them that they better watch that neck… hahaha naw, i’d say its a conglomerate of sorts. Aesthetically, it’s roots are
based in Hip-Hop and funk, but it dances in the realm of electronic/minimalist at times.. Conceptually, though, I think this
whole steez was birthed from me not giving a shit anymore.. So its a message as well, get it how you live. Trust in your self,
yadadamean?? Also, I got really sick of the sequential/formulaic approach to making tracks, so I don’t do that much, and if I do, its loops or “purposefully” quantized.. if that makes sense. Im incredibly involved in the progression of developing music as an art form and not as a product. with that being said, this is not to say that folks who are talented shouldn’t be able to eat off this beat shit. Im just an exception of sorts, I do other things to eat feel me? but I love the music, and I would like to see some scratch off the productions ive developed.. just not my #1 priority…

5. What first got you interested in producing?

My folks, greatest people ever. My dad plays the bass, and I loved hearing him play that thing. My peoples always facilitated my creative endeavors with as much support as they could. My dad had a little recording studio, nothing fancy.. but it worked and I still make blaps there when im back.. big tings to come with my pops too..if yall are interested..

6. Any big projects in the works?

Gotta ep droppin with Cascade Records in 2011. Almost done with that, also, Footclan Vol. 2 coming at some point. And other than that just tryin stay bizzy, meet and work wit as many cats as I can.

7. Favorite phrase?

As of now.. “bitch im from cleveland!!”

Goose flap (DREWMIN vs AL_PD) by AL_PD


Document 10 by FLOYD / CHEUNG

this goes out to all those fine ladies out there bein sexy and whatnot. mmm yez, time for the dopeness!

oh and happy thanksgiving! get yo food


1. I really dig the music that goes on Disco Droppings, but this especially will be one of my favorites so far. How’s it going?

good to hear it man!! yeah im just chillin at home doin whatever

2. There’s a very tight -focused groove going on in your music, how do you feel about your style at the moment? How has this progressed from when you first got going with it?

i started making hip hop using loads of samples, but now im trying to do more electronic stuff , its one or the other


3. What first got you obsessed with electronic music?

yeah back at school when all of us were listning to dnb and dubstep !! happyhardcore / jungle/ gabba!!

4. What’s the electronic community like in your area?

at the moment im in london and its intense for music!! you got some crazy clubs here

5. For new producers reading this, what’s helped you stay committed to the producing environment (it can feel frustrating when you’re getting that base knowledge)?

you gotta allways be learning and listning!! do what you wanna do!!!

Stepin Tall by FLOYD / CHEUNG