let the overflow of music commence.


demo reel 2010 from Alex Prudic-Dennis on Vimeo.

Mountain bear shit AL PDmix by AL_PD


1. AHH! Your shit is crazy! Where does this craziness come from?

Thanks alot! im currently turning out slaps from San Jose, CA.

2. What’s your favorite artist at the moment?

Brenton Wood…

3. Where are you from? Do you feel connected with your local music community?

Im originally from Cleveland OH. AND, I do actually.. For a while there I didn’t know anybody in San Jose, and that blew ass.. this place was really foreign and different from the midwest, but I couldn’t really find a legitimate reason to leave, so I stuck around, and now I know a few heads, and I got some links up in the city (SF) too. Big ups to the fam up there, J-Mousepad, DREWMIN, Cyclyst, them fools really be holdin it down and have shown me soo much love…also Joob Kicksnare and J-schlock, down here in SJ big ups. I’m pretty convinced that if it was up to me id never leave the bay.. I wanna see wus good wit LA tho at some point.. Still got mad love for the ‘land too tho always.. S/O to all my hommies..

Srehsiws by AL_PD

4. How would you describe your music, if someone asked with zero knowledge about genres and other stuff?

I would tell them that they better watch that neck… hahaha naw, i’d say its a conglomerate of sorts. Aesthetically, it’s roots are
based in Hip-Hop and funk, but it dances in the realm of electronic/minimalist at times.. Conceptually, though, I think this
whole steez was birthed from me not giving a shit anymore.. So its a message as well, get it how you live. Trust in your self,
yadadamean?? Also, I got really sick of the sequential/formulaic approach to making tracks, so I don’t do that much, and if I do, its loops or “purposefully” quantized.. if that makes sense. Im incredibly involved in the progression of developing music as an art form and not as a product. with that being said, this is not to say that folks who are talented shouldn’t be able to eat off this beat shit. Im just an exception of sorts, I do other things to eat feel me? but I love the music, and I would like to see some scratch off the productions ive developed.. just not my #1 priority…

5. What first got you interested in producing?

My folks, greatest people ever. My dad plays the bass, and I loved hearing him play that thing. My peoples always facilitated my creative endeavors with as much support as they could. My dad had a little recording studio, nothing fancy.. but it worked and I still make blaps there when im back.. big tings to come with my pops too..if yall are interested..

6. Any big projects in the works?

Gotta ep droppin with Cascade Records in 2011. Almost done with that, also, Footclan Vol. 2 coming at some point. And other than that just tryin stay bizzy, meet and work wit as many cats as I can.

7. Favorite phrase?

As of now.. “bitch im from cleveland!!”

Goose flap (DREWMIN vs AL_PD) by AL_PD