Document 10 by FLOYD / CHEUNG

this goes out to all those fine ladies out there bein sexy and whatnot. mmm yez, time for the dopeness!

oh and happy thanksgiving! get yo food


1. I really dig the music that goes on Disco Droppings, but this especially will be one of my favorites so far. How’s it going?

good to hear it man!! yeah im just chillin at home doin whatever

2. There’s a very tight -focused groove going on in your music, how do you feel about your style at the moment? How has this progressed from when you first got going with it?

i started making hip hop using loads of samples, but now im trying to do more electronic stuff , its one or the other


3. What first got you obsessed with electronic music?

yeah back at school when all of us were listning to dnb and dubstep !! happyhardcore / jungle/ gabba!!

4. What’s the electronic community like in your area?

at the moment im in london and its intense for music!! you got some crazy clubs here

5. For new producers reading this, what’s helped you stay committed to the producing environment (it can feel frustrating when you’re getting that base knowledge)?

you gotta allways be learning and listning!! do what you wanna do!!!

Stepin Tall by FLOYD / CHEUNG