Hey ya’ll. I gotta some music 4u

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1. How does your location affect your music?

I feel like living in a country which is mostly focused on indie-rock, pop music, and hip hop (to a far lesser extent) sort of makes me focus on making more bizarre sounding beats. And because I feel that people aren’t really paying attention to my sound in general, it allows me to just make whatever comes to mind and just roll with it. The weather is also really extreme, so in the ridiculous heat of the summer and the extreme cold of the winter I find myself just sitting inside, unable to go out much. I guess that’s when the beats get real weird.

2. I like your song names, where do these ideas come from?

I grew up listening to a lot of hip-hop. I still have the lyrics to countless songs committed to memory. The song titles are basically lyrics from different hip-hop songs lol. These particular lines stood out to me so I end up using them as song titles.

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3. How would you describe the feel of your music?

I’d describe my songs as just being really bizarre, real weirdo stuff. I think part of the bizarre feel comes from the fact that there’s a lot crammed into them…which might make them a little bit harder to get into. Many things coming at you at once. So they seem a little bit “anxious”, for lack of a better term.

4. As an artist myself getting into producing it can feel a bit intimidating..any really good encouragement you’ve gotten since you started?

Ignore what everyone else is doing and just make music that you enjoy yourself. A lot of people might be making a certain sound or whatever, but just work at making something that represents yourself. I’m still new at this, and still have a lot to learn, but I’m glad I’m not worrying about following a particular sound. Gives me more room to just find my own style. And additionally, don’t measure your own music up to other music you feel is really good. If you do this you’ll always perceive your own music to be garbage.

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5. Any major projects in the works for you?

I’ve got zero major projects in the works unfortunately lol. I suppose a “major project” is just to figure my sound out a bit more. Maybe a little EP sometime next year, we’ll see.

6. Favorite phrase?

Drawing a blank right now. Probably a quote from “The Wire” lol.