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It’s the last day of the decade, and the 83rd post for THAT DISCO SHIT. For my last post of 2009, I talked with Pictureplane, an inspiring artist from Denver, Colorado. Thank you to everyone who has supported the blog, told their friends, and hopefully, found some good music!

Hello 2010..



R1 Ryders, based in London, introduced me to Funkitek…Check it out!

The Count And Sinden, Strange Things (R1 Ryders Funkitek Remix)

Major Lazer, Pon De Floor (R1 Ryder’s Funkitek Mix)

La Roux, I’m Not Your Toy (R1 Ryders Funkitek Remix)

They have been kind enough to answer a few questions for THAT DISCO SHIT!


1. Your most recent collaborations include remixes of La Roux, Major Lazer and The Count And Sinden, what have you enjoyed most about putting these together?

Well we were feeling what these artists were coming with and felt that we could work with the tracks we remixed. Injecting our sound into these works was a new challenge for us and a lot of fun but playing these remixes out and seeing ravers skank and enjoy themselves to Funkitek is the most enjoyable part of it all!

2. Karnak originated the style known as Funkitek, combining House, Hardcore, Jungle and these genres, who are some artists that most inspire you?

Thats a very hard question to answer but if we had to pick three The Prodigy, Hype and Todd Edwards.

3. Best show you saw in 2009?

We saw Mala from Digital Mystiks play a wicked dubstep classics set at DMZ Corsica Studios London during the summer. There was so much vibes and energy going on!

4. What’s in the works for R1 Ryders in 2010?

More Funkitek! We have the Full Throttle EP landing soon which features four tracks that have been featuring in our sets, Hydraulic, Karni4, Karni4 Refix and Intellitek. We also have some vocal projects in the pipeline as well as DJ bookings… Keep it locked to for all the latest info!

5. What would you say to any upcoming artists who are interested in being progressive and interesting?

Do your research, be yourself and keep your music REAL! Remember there are no rules…


Fresh Espresso is one of the most enjoyable things I have heard in so long..After hearing “The Lazerbeams” on KEXP, I’ve been needing my fix of their wonderful music

3. Your lyrics feel “unconventional” in that they seem to move within the frameworks you guys create, very free and breezy. What most influences your lyrical style?

What most influences my lyrical style? WOMEN… Ha! Just kidding (not really).

Um.. but, I feel like on glamour one of the key themes is portraying our grimey, poverteous lives in there own kind of elegance and style. Like if your eating Ramen everyday, you kinda have to create this fantasy world where the grimey side of life is romanticized.

When we were writing our first album we were very poor. I was homeless. Rik was mostly un-employed… and to escape that reality we wrote tunes about living large and living the glamour life.

That may not always be a central theme in our future tunes, but on our last record it certainly was.

4. What’s Fresh Espresso most excited to work on in 2010? Any individual projects in the works?

There are some wonderful oppurtunities for colaboration in 2010… we are also working on our next record. We definatly have some surprises up our sleves for 2010, just you wait.

Watch out for those lazerbeams.


Rubix is in the house.

Baiser Sur La Disco (Rubix Refix).mp3

Burning Up In Here (Rubix Remix).mp3


1. You’re the second artist from Amsterdam I’ve featured on THAT DISCO SHIT (the other being The Century), both of you guys have this strong sense of freedom and energy in your does the area you live in help shape your musical creativity?

I make music everywhere… I always take my laptop with me, sometimes in a quite environment helps we getting my tracks right. Sometimes I just go to a coffee shop, which is very crowded, and make some music.

4. Who are some of your favorite current artists?

Laidback Luke, Bloody Beetroots and A-trak.

5. What’s planned for Rubix in 2010?

New EP’s (expect a lot more Disco and some Electro) and some international gigs!

Rubix – Disco Pour Les Enfants mixtape by IamRubix

Don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing,


Ohhhh France, so good.

Super Magician World.mp3

Krass Krass.mp3



1. Your songs sounds like a psychedelic journey through a video game, lots of movement, when did you first get inspired to make this kind of music?

I started doing this kind of music long ago, about 6 or 7 years. But the project “Square Tune Magician” is very recent. I really wanted to start a project inspired by the world of video game and Japanese animation. This is the culture of my generation.
I did not want to get into the usual remix, but reinterpret the music I love and transform them into dance music and touch their nostalgic feelings.

2. What do you equipment/hardware do you use for producing? live shows?

I use almost exclusively my computer. I was born with a computer in my hands, an Atari ST. That is why I have the chance to do what I want with a computer. Mainly I work with Fruityloops and tons of VST. For live I use the very common Ableton Live. I like using the MIDI controller to control my show and I love to invent new ones. Currently I work on the controllers from the world of video games.

3. Who are some current artists you are enjoying a lot?

I love SHE! And of course the classic: MSTRKRFT, Toxic Avenger, Danger, Chromeo …
In another genre, I love DJ Sharpnel. And of course, my gods of music: Whittacker, Scagenger, Tao, Madmax, A Cool … etc.

4. What’s the most inspiring show you’ve attended so far?

I have not had the opportunity to get out much lately…Nothing special in my memories. ahahah 😀

5. If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

I would be honored to work with singers of rap! I love mixing styles. I have no desire to work with a particular artist, but I’d love to work with people with whom I get along well.

6. What are you most excited to work on in 2010?

This year I’ll work on more energetic music! I will make some hard energy music, and catchy tunes. And I’ll try to go to Asia, especially China and Japan.