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Goin hard tonight. This young producer is crafting a massive techno sound. Welcome to his world..


DD When I hear your tracks and Gesaffelstein’s, I get similar feelings. Which is rad because I feel he’s one of the freshest dance producers around! Who do you feel influences Etnik the most?

E I like listening to every genre and I get influenced by all of them. Over the last months I remixed songs for rock bands, pop acts and fellow techno producers, and right now I‘m working on a track that has a typical hip hop beat.

DD This “Summer” remix got the Skrillex bump a little while back. And I’m sure your plays skyrocketed immediately. The 8-bit, high pitched synth melody is growing on me. I feel it’s a distinguishing feature of yours. Is this your first interaction with Skrillex? How are you enjoying the new boost in fans? 

E Well, yes it’s my first interaction with Skrillex, although we’re both signed to the same label and booking agency in Germany. But I was thrilled when I first heard about his post on facebook, because it allows me to reach so many new people, that had never heard of me before. The track on my soundcloud page now has over 100000 plays.


DD Is there a community of producers you’re connected with in Germany?

E Yes, they are called friends. Two of them are Mendoza and Shakes Milano – it’s kinda cool, because they also do electronic music but more releaxed stuff then I do.

DD Do you have any releases planned for 2012?

E There are many things planned for 2012. I’ll have a free EP coming out in the end of March via Australian label Trashbags and I’m working on the next release after that right now. Also, I have a couple of festival gigs confirmed. 


DD Would you say there are certain themes associated to Etnik? Are there any major non-musical influences? 

E I’d say fashion and art. I like it when these two components come together

DD How would you encourage all the young producers out there like yourself, that are trying to establish themselves? 

E If you produce your own music everyday you can’t get worse over time, you only get experiences so keep making music, don’t stop.

 Etnik – Soundcloud Facebook Twitter

– Jimi Jaxon 



The wonderful Alana took time out of her grueling tour schedule to talk with Disco Droppings. We cover a lot in this interview; Nero’s NYE performance in Seattle, Daft Punk, dystopian worlds and such. I am always thinking of them, for their ability to deliver an epic artistic vision while still remaining kind and well-balanced. Cheers to Dan, Joe and Alana! If you haven’t already, listen to their monumental Essential Mix and pick up the Deluxe Version of their album, Welcome Reality 


DD Such a delight to talk with you again Alana. When I first met you it was NYE. Nero headlined the Resolution show, and I feel it was a stunning performance by Dan and yourself. I was thrashing around harder than anyone on that stage. What did you think of Seattle? 

A Great to talk to you too. I loved Seattle. It was my first time there and I was suitably impressed. The venue was awesome, the crowd were mental and the sushi was delicious! Dan and I really enjoyed ourselves and hope that next time we’re in town we don’t have to rush off to LA to shoot a music video!

DD That NYE show had a lot of symmetry for me. Back in 2007, I saw my first electronic show, Daft Punk, in that same venue. To be able to work for you guys in the same venue was awe-inspiring. You saw Daft Punk in Australia right? What do you remember most vividly about that night? 

A We saw Daft Punk in London actually. They played Hyde Park for the O2 Wireless Festival in 2007. It was insane. Ridiculously good. The light show (pyramid) and production was outstanding and really inspired us. I remember daydreaming about that show for days afterwards thinking ‘will we ever be able to do anything even half as good?’

DD From the album, “Welcome Reality”, which songs lyrics do you resonate with most? Also, which song was most difficult for you to master in a live setting? 

A The answer to both questions is probably ‘Guilt’. I think lyrically it’s open to interpretation and can have different meanings for different people which I like. I personally imagine a girl who is unsure of where she stands in a relationship. 

I said to Dan and Joe the day that we recorded it in the studio that I would never be up for singing it live. It was at the top of my range and really difficult. However, it sneaked it’s way into our live show and with practice it has become easier. 


DD Who are some vocalists that you draw inspiration from? 

A I’m inspired by such a vast range of vocalists from all decades and genres of music. I love Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, Thom Yorke, Michael Jackson, Skin from Skunk Anansie, the list could go on and on for days to be honest. 

DD Dan & Joe have mentioned dystopian environments such as Akira and Bladerunner as inspirations for Nero. Are you into these kinds of stories too?

A Yes, absolutely. I’m slightly obsessed with post apocalyptic films and love that dark 80’s vision of the future. Akira and Bladerunner are classics but i’m also into films like 28 Days Later…you’ve gotta love a good zombie flick. 

DD Which remix of a Nero track do you connect with most? Personally I’m in love with Fred Falke’s remix of “Reaching Out”. 

A For me it’s Nero and Skrillex’s collaboration remix of ‘Promises’. Sonny came to our studio in London and wrote the piano intro in a matter of minutes. I was in awe of how fast he worked. We had the main bulk of the tune written and produced after only 2 to 3 hours. What I particularly like is that I can hear a little of all three producer’s style in the one tune. 

DD How has working with Dan & Joe impacted your mindset and perspective? And lastly, what would you say to young artists, trying to find their voice?

A I’ve been best friends with Dan and Joe for over 10 years so working with them initially was just like hanging out and jamming with mates. Then, whilst I was training to be a midwife things got more serious for Nero but I still perceived it as more of a hobby. In October of last year my mindset definitely changed when I gave up midwifery to concentrate on music full time. We’ve been pretty much touring solidly since and I love it!

I would say to other artists that finding your own sound can be difficult. I had it easy because Dan and Joe really knew what they liked. They helped me find a sound that worked well with their music. The female airy quality of my voice seems to work really well with their more masculine bass driven production.


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– Jimi Jaxon 





If you’re in Seattle tomorrow night, Chop Suey is the place to be (3/23 TIX). I’ve been hammering this Boysnoize Records showcase through flyering, Twitter and Disco Droppings, and it’s finally here! Housemeister and Djedjotronic will be performing tomorrow, and they were kind enough to talk with me for a bit. This feature, along with the Strip Steve interview before it, will give you a snapshot of who these artists are and what you’ll be witnessing at Chop Suey. With countless releases, Housemeister has a wonderfully distorted aesthetic with sound and a quirky outlook on life. Hear his “Music Is Awesome” album. Djedjotronic has been delivering incredible track after incredible track, always pursuing edgy and forward thinking grooves. Featured on the Miami Noize 2012 compilation 



DD Your personality in the interviews i’ve seen/read, especially the one a few years back for “Love The Alien” is hilarious. You seem to have a friendly, laidback and wacky mindset. How would you describe youself? 

H I’m just a very cool freidenker ;] I do what I want at any time.


DD I remember watching the music video for “Shizzo” a long time ago but didnt hear the release till recently. This is some solid, distorted realness. Boys Noize and yourself producing together sounds extremely fun and effortless. What do you admire most about your label boss, Boys Noize? 

H He is a good boy and he never stops working. He’s very inspiring and we’re very good friends. That’s it bitches! 

DD I know you’re very fond of machines and other hardware. Will any of these be used for your set at Chop Suey Seattle?

H No, I will just play a dj-set.


DD Will you be bringing some Housemeister stickers to Seattle, so I can put them up everywhere? ;]

H Sure! :]

Housemeister – Facebook Soundcloud Twitter 


DD Ever since I heard your remix of “Bedrock”, you quickly became a favorite of mine. I’d say your one of the freshest dance producers around. There is incredible diversity between your original tracks and remixes. What keeps you focused to continually push your style and expand the sonic story of Djedjotronic? 

D For me the only way to not get bored with music is trying out new stuff. I like to do the new things people won’t expect. Also I like to challenge myself and go out of my comfort zone..


DD For those who havent seen you live, what will your set sound like in comparison to the other BNR artists playing at Chop Suey tomorrow? 

D It’s just better.. haha ;]

DD The short preview of “Miamite” for Miami Noize 2012 is exciting. A a pro mix of old and new vibes. Will you be playing the full version in your upcoming Seattle show? 

D Maybe I’ll play the full version, depending on the vibe..It’s not a banger for  the dance floor, but I had so much fun doin’ it!


DD Last year you performed at Fabric alongside Shadow Dancer, Boys Noize, Housemeister and Jokers Of The Scene. What was that experience like? I’ve enjoyed many Fabriclives, especially Simian Mobile Disco and Pearson Sound. 

D It’s a good club with an amazing soundsystem.. I loved it.

DD Lastly, What do you enjoy most about the U.S? What do you and the other BNR boyz hope to accomplish with this U.S tour?

D Goin to In-n-Out Burgers. Meeting Katy Perry.

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– Jimi Jaxon 

Key member of the illustrious Boysnoize Records – Strip Steve quickly stood out with his energetic “Skip School” and “Delta Disco” EP’s. Encouraged by label head and friend Boys Noize, Strip Steve has developed an open mind with genres, effortlessly bouncing between old and new styles, focusing on what feels right first. Get to know him in this interview for Disco Droppings, and if you’re in the Seattle area this friday for his show at Chop Suey (All Ages) and want to get in for free, I have a contest for you! The 10th person to retweet my link to this feature will receive 2 free tickets to the show, courtesy of George Bashington Productions and Disco Droppings. Strip Steve appears on the freshly released Miami Noize 2012 compilation (Boysnoize Records) – check it out on Beatport 


DD How are you doing? Will this be your first Seattle show?

SS All good! Super stoked to be in Seattle for the first time and play at Chop Suey..

DD The electronic community here in Seattle has a love for house and techno, and the younger crowd is aware of electro sounds. However, I feel this Boysnoize Records night has a unique and progressive take on all of these genres, that hasn’t been presented much. What kind of a set will you be playing?

SS I usually play a mixture of House and techno, old and new stuff, with a ghetto feeling I guess… I just play whatever I feel no matter what style it is, and people usually tell me it makes sense ahah.


DD Carl Craig played yours and Das Glow’s track “Calcium” in his essential mix. What an honor! 

SS Yeah it’s crazy! I dont know how it happened, I guess he got the promo and liked it… I just remember discovering this one day, I had just woken up, and Das Glow was at my place, so I ran to tell him. Good times…


DD Your new track “Strollin'” concludes the BNR release, Miami Noize 2012, which has been just released. Its got a breezy feel, what was the inspiration for this one?

SS Summer I guess? My girlfriend told me this track always puts her in a good mood when she hears it, so I though it would be perfect for the Miami sampler, has this sunny delight feeling. 

DD How much do you enjoy smoking cigarettes while djing? I love it! 

SS Love it! Doable in Seattle though?

DD Probably not :[ – What can we expect from Strip Steve in the near future? I heard some rumors ;] Are we going to here some new stuff at the show?

SS Yeah I’m putting the last touch on my debut album at the moment, so I’m trying out some of the tracks in clubs when I feel it.. So yah, keep your ears open ;]

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– Jimi Jaxon