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I was stirred with emotions upon viewing this SAM exhibit. I didn’t think leading up I’d be experiencing something like Kehinde Wiley and later proclaim, “It was the greatest art exhibit I may ever see in this lifetime!”. The vibrancy, scale and power emanating from these works just knocked me clean over. I felt empowered, like weights placed on myself and others (subconscious and conscious) for being different were being acknowledged, lifted and transmuted into this majestic “New Republic”.   


It’s my understanding that we all perceive from different angles. And Wiley ignites a daunting list of perspectives to analyze. From identity to beauty, class, power, wealth, authority and who “fits” where, to name a few. I’ve taken in words from SAM (Seattle Art Museum, host to Wiley’s “A New Republic”, credits for these photos), the Complex Exchange talk with Cristina Orbe, Karen Toering, and Gabriel Teodros at NAAM, friends and Wiley himself. All have been engaging, weaving an ever more intricate web of energy and reaction.

For me, a recurring word that appears when I view these pieces is “blueprint’. One of Websters definitions states, “a detailed plan or program of action” and I quite like that. When I look at many of the 60+ pieces by Wiley at SAM, I take in this grand presentation of humanity. I’m either viewing people in this kind of ideal, celebrated (and natural in ways) form, or a theme gone awry, such as incarceration/confinement and death by devious means. Overall though, the exhibit leans to the positive side in my eyes. The program initiated in many of these works for humanity is one where individuality, love, self worth, strength and teamwork reign supreme.


For those near Seattle, these are the last few days of the exhibit ending Sunday, May 8th. Tonight (Thursday May 5th) you can get in at half price for the Downtown art walk from 6-9 . Keep your eyes on Wiley online, to see where his galleries will be headed next. And salute to this masterful artist, you and your team have raised the bar.

Kehinde Wiley – Facebook Twitter

– Jimi Jaxon








Engine Farm – Soundcloud Bandcamp Facebook

Sphyramid – Soundcloud Facebook

– Jimi Jaxon


Greetings! Here’s Disco Droppings sonic journey into Recess Festival 2015 in Tonasket, Washington. Love this name first of all, reminds me of that rad cartoon from my childhood and of course, all those times of freedom in elementary school. Fitting cause that’s just the vibe they are going to create, check their description! Happy to lift up these artists, and salutes to everyone on the roster, all planning to attend and of course the crew organizing the shenanigans. I’ll be one year older, and what a way to celebrate. Charging up energy..

Dot Diggler (Jungle Gym, Friday 3:30-5am)

J.Phlip (Playground, Friday 4-5:30am )

Sweatson Klank (Jungle Gym, Friday 6:30-9:30am)


Jimi Jaxon (Playground, Friday 7-8:30am)

Fvtvre Flvrt (Jungle Gym, Saturday 3:30-5pm)

Selrahc (Jungle Gym, Saturday 3-4:30am)


John Glist (Jungle Gym, Saturday 4:30-6am)

WD4D (Jungle Gym, Sunday 2-3:30am)

Ctrl_Alt_Dlt (Playground, Sunday 11-12:30am)

Kozmo (Jungle Gym, Sunday 11-12:30am)

Worthy (Playground, Sunday 2-4am)


– Jimi Jaxon



This Saturday we are gifted with the Big Building Bash (Here’s their nifty site). As you can see above, there’s a hefty list of artists playing this warehouse location in the Sodo district of Seattle. We here at Disco Droppings have gone through the lineup, and compiled a list of favorites. Cheers to everyone whose bringing their energy to this event, here you’ll find just one lens to view from and possibly help shape your experience. Thank you to Terence Ankeny for bringing me (Jimi Jaxon) on board to perform and for booking many of the electronic artists represented. Pre-sale has sold out, so if you’re hyped on this, get there early to receive one of the last 250 tickets!

Low Hums (6:20, Yard 1)

“Breezy distortion.”


Gems (7:20, Hangar 1)

“Dreamy journey.”


The Spider Ferns (10:00, Hangar 1)

“Dark beauty.”


Jimi Jaxon (10:00, The Moon)

“Rapid alignment.”

WMD (12:00, The Moon)

“Murky rhythms.”

Spirit Award (12:00, Hangar 2)

“Road trippin’.”

Soft Horizons (12:20, Studio 18)

“Ethereal sailing.”

Newaxeyes (1:00am, Yard 1)

“Mystery men.”

youryoungbody (1:40am, Yard 2)

“Slick shadows.”

Joey Webb (2:00am, The Moon)

“Funk stop.”

Zoolab (2:20am, Yard 1)

“Spirit lift.”

Big Building Bash – Facebook

– Jimi Jaxon