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This release celebration will happen in two days! Here’s the event, and a short interview with Seapony. You’ll also hear music from 14 Iced Bears, Ghost Animal and myself, dj’ing in between sets. 

DD: It’ll be fun finding music to match the bands playing at your album release party this Thursday! How does it feel having a fresh album ready to go?

Really, really, really, great.  Didn’t think this day would ever get here.   

DD: What was the most rewarding part of the recording process?    

The recording process itself.  Creating something is a blast.   

DD: Any underwater creature inspired videos or artwork in the works? playing off your name 

None at the moment.  We’re going to change the pronunciation of the band name to “sep-uh-nee” so that it’s no longer an animal reference.  

DD: What would like to say to anyone thinking about attending your party? 

We’d like you to.

– jimijaxon



wanna remix them..near future shit!

– jimijaxon 

And the fun don’t stop over at Space (fb event)


DD: Whatsup! What will your set be like for tonight’s show at Space? 

Clovis: how you doin? Tonight’s set is gonna be off tha Chain! we’re starting off super high energy with dancy stuff that showcases The emcees’ talent and whatnot. then we’re gonna take tha Crowd through a rollercoaster of emotion!


DD: After a day out at the Folklife festival, how would you encourage people to come by and party with us? 

C: long days in tha Hot sun at a human zoo like that can be exhausting…vis-a-vis Bumbershoot or any other festival which, while totally awesome, do really take it out of you. but, on The other hand, tha Music has a way of energizing people as well. I would simply suggest that peeps who want to keep their music buzz going come on out and dance. and refresh themselves with a libation or three. 

DD: Favorite song of the moment? 

C: I can’t speak for my bandmates, but recently I’ve been all about Outkast’s Return of tha G from The album Aquemini…it’s filthy!!!


See you tonight! Here’s a song I’m very excited to share with the dancefloor in between sets and after Irukandji & Dreefy..


– jimijaxon

Not surprisingly this show sold out in 3 minutes. Although I won’t be there, I wanna show my love for James and wish him well! For everyone headed to The Tractor Tavern tomorrow, go nuts for the guy and get some vids plzz. Thank you Decibel for putting this together. Let’s get the energy rolling for Bumbershoot and Decibel Festival 2011! 

Show info

– jimijaxon

This intriguing pair has an E.P. coming out on May 24 via Palms Out Sounds xO! Artwork by Sam Lubicz 



DD: You boys work it for sure!

LOL: Thank you. =)

DD: What do you two love most about working together?

LOL: We are both crazy guys with weird ideas and tons of energy. It’s fun to balance the ideas off each other and come out with a final project. It’s like a really elaborate musical version of the game “exquisite corpse”.

DD: Is there a group of artists you like playing shows with in your hometown?

LOL: In Montreal we have a crew of buddies Jacques Greene, Seb Diamond, Sinjin Hawke, Azamat B., Prince Club and Grown Folk. In Los Angeles, we have Acid Girls, Samo Sound Boy, Nguzunguzu, Zak-Matik, Paul Devro, Total Freedom, Cosmic Kids. It’s not always about the music being similar  but just having good times and sharing VIBEZ together.

DD: How do you feel about the electronic community in your area?

LOL: Since one of us is located in Los Angeles and the other in Montreal, it’s amazing to have to hometowns. We are really fortunate too that both cities are full of amazing individuals that we respect and pull influence from.

DD: Coming to Seattle anytime soon?

LOL: We were there in early February. We’d love to come back anytime. It’s an amazing city.

– jimijaxon