This release celebration will happen in two days! Here’s the event, and a short interview with Seapony. You’ll also hear music from 14 Iced Bears, Ghost Animal and myself, dj’ing in between sets. 

DD: It’ll be fun finding music to match the bands playing at your album release party this Thursday! How does it feel having a fresh album ready to go?

Really, really, really, great.  Didn’t think this day would ever get here.   

DD: What was the most rewarding part of the recording process?    

The recording process itself.  Creating something is a blast.   

DD: Any underwater creature inspired videos or artwork in the works? playing off your name 

None at the moment.  We’re going to change the pronunciation of the band name to “sep-uh-nee” so that it’s no longer an animal reference.  

DD: What would like to say to anyone thinking about attending your party? 

We’d like you to.

– jimijaxon