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The fine gentleman currently being featured has quickly become a favorite of mine. Anyone who caught my ableton set at Jade Garden may recognize bits of his Gold Panda remix, posted below for free download. Here’s to The Get! Go forth and please make many more tunes.


DD: OK. “Inception” and dirty!!!! Cannot wait to play this in DJ sets here in Seattle. Welcome to Disco Droppings!

TG: The welcome is well-received. A little bit about that song; Inception was a track that I popped out in an afternoon a while back. I haven’t finished it proper yet, but I think it will have it’s place as a banger track when it’s done. I plan on releasing it under a different alias though.

DD: Was there a certain show or moment when you knew electronic music was “it”?

TG: Discovering Warp records is when I knew without a doubt electronic music was for me.

DD: How would you describe the sound your developing?

TG: I suppose there is a certain timbre to my overall sound but it’s hard for me to put a finger on my own work. Everything ends up being different stylistically although at this moment in time I am developing what my friends and I call Lush Haus. In order to develop that sound as well as showcase whatever else we happen to be into we started a monthly down here at this traditionally indie rock venue called Propaganda in Lake Worth Florida.

DD: I have to keep going back to your overall music mood, it is so sexxxxxxxxxxxy. What artists really help you hold this sexy mentality?

TG: Camel by Flying Lotus immediately comes to mind as it definitely has some dirty sex factor that I really fell in love with when I first heard it. I wouldn’t say that any artists are particularly sexy as to me it’s more based on the track but at the moment I am really into Mount Kimbie and James Blake. Also Gold Panda is my number one go to artist right now for inspiration with the Lush Haus sound I’m experimenting with.

DD: What plans are you making as an artist for 2011?

TG: Plans for 2011 include an EP/LP, finalizing a live set, DJing a lot more, and touring the east coast with Sumsun (Check out the debut album, Samo Milagro on Leaving Records).

DD: Any shows your dying to see this year?

TG: I usually don’t plan anything more than a week in advance so the answer is no, not yet.

DD: Last words?

TG: Much love to the 561 scene, Robb F, MoxSox, Gustav&Renault and my Lush Haus brothers.

luvv –





DD: Is that your voice? BEAUTIFUL.

LP: Thank u kindly sir.

DD: How would you describe the sound your developing?

LP: SouLcake with butter icing,  heartboom 4 your ears….I aim to be the lil’ light and shade ova the beautiful jams I get to collaborate on…….. shout outs to my talented bros Jellphonic,  Indigo Pyramid crew,  Onur Engin, Lord Jackson, Benny Tones and Sir Froderick, who make me sound flash ….

DD: What was your introduction to electronic music?

LP: Listening to Stevie Wonder and funk and disco tunes when I was little….Later on my time too, with house music, listening to other albums like Mr Scruff’s “Keep it Unreal”, Lionrock’s “An Instinct for Detection”, Herbert’s “Bodily Functions”, Jazzanova’s “Inbetween” album, Rockers Hi-fI and St Germain’s “The Tourist”, all out of control pieces of work so beautifully crafted and dope they all blew my mind…..

As I moved more into beats and samples , an album that had a profound effect on me  was Spacek’s Curvatia…listening to that inspired me to start recording my own vocals & buy an mpc…..



DD: What plans are you making as an artist for 2011?

LP: 2011 is feelin’ beautiful already….. makin plans for the vinyl release of  LoveMuscle blends with my bro Sir Froderick, there’s also  a lil’ rumour too we may be jamming live somewhere in the northern hemisphere this yeaR …… working with other mates on blends, beginning work on my own album, and startin a nu project locally – froM huN to Babe …. All very sweet times ahead….

DD: Best encouragement you’ve gotten to keep pushing on?

LP: The love & respect of my peers, which means a lot….. & the dope feeling u get when u finish a track and u can let that baby fly ….. reason enough to keep doing the do……

DD: Last words?

Heard this on a documentary the other nite, in reference to the art of creating……

“Like I always say,  you’ve got to leave space for God to enter the room……”
– Quincy Jones


– jimijaxon

This first song makes me wanna crawl around through the jungle…also, hear the BlindGrapefruit Jefferson remix of Sphyramid’s new song “Forked Tongue” down below.

Soundcloud has decided to not show the whole player, grrrr if you want the free download head over to



DD: Ahh! Another producer from the NW, nice to find you! My friend and label mate Sphyramid introduced me to your music. How’s your day going so far?

BGJ: Yeah Sphyramid’s a cool cat! I’m doing good, how are you doing?


DD: I’m enjoying the latest Boys Noize compilation, “Super Acid”. Taking a break from Ableton, learning more and more about producing! You’ve got a very different artist name, has it always been the same?

BGJ: Right on I gotta check that out. Iv’e been learning a lot about good production recently as well, pretty exciting! But yea I came up with the name a couple months back, its kinda a joke based on Blind Lemon Jefferson the Blues player, I thought it was funny. I dont know, I try not to take that sort of stuff very seriously. It could be the name I keep for good or just something that I change eventually.

DD: Ahhh ic ic. What has your journey been like so far with your music? When did you get started, and what motivated you to become more involved with electronic music?

BGJ: Well I started playing bass about 7 or 8 years ago and kinda just picked up drums and guitar from there. I was never too into electronic music until someone showed me Amon Tobin and i was just blown away. But after that I really wanted to learn more about how it was made and it just turned into what i was listening to all the time. I still really love playing instruments but producing has been my main thing recently.

DD: How would you characterize your songs? Where do you see them heading as the year progresses?

BGJ: I don’t know that’s a hard question. Most of my older stuff is kinda breakcore/idm style. I’ve been dippin into some sort of acid funk shit recently which I really like but I’m not sure what’s to come of that. In the next year I really want to work on some more organic sounding material. Or maybe some ambient stuff idk. I really want to take a break from the amen breaks and wobble bass that’s for sure.

DD: You’ve created a remix of Sphyramid’s “Forked Tongue”, sounding interesting! Is this your first remix?

BGJ:  Yeah, I dig that remix. I’ve done a couple remixes of some of my friends music a while back but this is the first one I have done in a while. I wanna do more soon though, its really fun.

DD: Hope to hear more! Any last words for everyone reading?

BGJ: Yea im gonna be doing a project with DJ Vaughnilla here soon, keep an eye out for it.

See ya’ll at the Cobra Lounge tomorrow!

– jimijaxon

Video for unreleased MOR track above, unreleased track from MOR below for streaming pleasure.

Master Of Ribongia, Squash (In The Box Mix)


DD: I wish I had heard “White xmas” back in December! Really, really kool.

MOR: thanks man. It was just stupid idea for a christmas present that didn’t involve getting caught up in the human traffic of the christmas shopping..

Master Of Ribongia, White xmas

DD: Your sound is very different from the Australian artists I’ve featured in the past. How would you describe it?

MOR: O.. thats a tough one. Well some time ago someone said “adventurous early 90’s electronica..”. Although I don’t agree I kind a liked that description. Especially the adventurous bit.. I think I’ve evolved a lot in the last couple of years. These days I’d described as squelchy, bleepy and fun melodic beats.

DD: What was your introduction to electronic music?

MOR: I can’t remember exactly what was the first record but I can tell you what stuck in my collection.. Manitoba “Start breaking my heart”; Amon Tobin “Bricolage” and what blew my head off was Squarepusher with “Go Plastic” That shit was crazy.

DD: What plans are you making as an artist for 2011?

MOR: Become huge..ahahah! With my other project “idea idea” we decided to take a year off.. This will give me a lot more time to concentrate on my own project. I’ll be releasing remix Ep very soon showcasing all Sydney bands remixed by me. I’m starting to have enough new originals to do a 3rd release.. i’ll see. Overall the plan is to raise my profile as an artist. Of late I was fortunate enough to support guys like Vibesquad, Opiuo, Ant-enn-ae, the Nitin Sawhney Sound System, the Gas Lamp Killer and Flying Lotus. Hopefully 2011 will keep on bringing more great oppor’tune’ties like these.

I’m releasing some tunes on various compilations as of next month. I’ll be travelling to Europe in June, hopefully those releases will open up some doors for some European gigs..

DD: Favorite artist/song of the moment?

MOR: I just discovered n artist called Kelpe, very tasty!

DD: Last words?

MOR: word




Local Hip-hop artists land on Disco Droppings. Wizdumb has become a buddy of mine, and tonight I’ll be reppin’ his debut album with Grief 78. Pick it up on their bandcamp for a small bit o’ cash, and download these 3 unreleased tracks by Wizdumb!

  Wizdumb, Spirit Bombs On Your Moms



DD: Whatsup wizdumb? Nice to spread out a bit from my usual electronic fueled blog. how you feeling about your debut album?

WIZ: Man……it was a long time coming..3 years almost…gotta give my respect to Grief for stickin’ with me thru the whole process and staying dedicated, if it weren’t for him it would have never happened. But yes, all in all I feel great about it. It’s nice to finally have an album under my belt.

DD: It is very, very smooth. How did you two get together and decide on making “Dope Definite”?

WIZ: Well, I’d love to say we met in the NY yards bombing train cars and trying to avoid the third rail…..hahaha…I actually stumbled upon Grief78’s myspace page one day when I was surfin’ thru my dude Pacoe The Illiterates comments. Noticed he was from Brooklyn, New York, so I took the time to give him a listen, not expecting what I was going to find. I heard his first track on there, and instantly fell in love with his music. I proceeded to hit him up via message, this was in 05 i think..told him I would love to do a song with him and sent him a track.

Few weeks later he returned my email with some lyrics he recorded over my joint. For the first time ever in my life I felt like I had found the perfect fit emcee to compliment my beats..I had never worked with someone before and was sooo happy with the final product, his flow and my production seemed to go hand in hand.

As the years past we did more tracks spread out in time, none of the beats on “Dope Def'” were made together, they were all different stages on production from me. “Dope Def'” was originally supposed to just be a 4 song E.P, but I managed to convince Grief to create an full album with me. And that pretty much sums it up.

Wizdumb, My Dream

DD: So you two have a deep connection- this being the first artist to really compliment your style and bring it all out well yah?

WIZ: Yes, we stay in touch a lot. We call each other on a regular basis, you know brothers from another. Sharrieff (Grief 78) is a good dude. I got mad respect for him, not only for his dedication to music, but also his dedication to his’s hard to stay true to music when your a family man. He has an impressive discography as well. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to work with him.

DD: Very cool. You choose them well! what artists inspired you to get started with producing?

WIZ: Oh man…Well when it comes to beats I could name all the generics, Dilla, Madlib, Showbiz, Primo, Pete Rock, Metal Face Doom…etc. But more realistically I gotta give props to Specswizard ( & Ezraw ( , the first 2 doods who really turned me on to beats and hip hop production. Both local cats, please check em out they are very sick……but yeah in the bigger picture..

Wizdumb, Foxy Brown (Get Ass)

I’m a jazz freak, nothing can really top a good jazz composition to me, so I gotta be real and say when it comes to music in general, I thank all the amazing jazz musicians on vinyl who have blessed my speakers and my ears with the best grooves of sound I’ve personally ever heard. Namely, cats like Sun Ra, Ahmad Jamal, Bill Evans, Thelonious Monk, Miles, Wes Montgomery, Herbie….I mean the list goes on and on…Gil Scott Heron has definitively had a major influence on me as well.

DD: Very well said. With the jazz influence, are you into the beat scene explosion happening around low end theory in LA and Flying Lotus?

WIZ: I dipped my toes in a little bit when I was down there, I know Mr. Dibiase thru the SP forums and from linkin’ online with him, also have some connects with Samiyam, cant say I have really became part of it tho. I really feel those cats are the future of hip-hop production tho, they are living proof that quantization isn’t always dope.

DD: Cool cool. Do you have any plans for live shows soon? If people are in the NW area?

WIZ: Yess got one on March 3rd @ Tony V’s in Everett. Also got a radio spot on Feb. 13th on 90.7 kser

DD: Well I hope they all go very well. Very nice talking with you. Hope all you blog readers check out Wizdumbs debut album w/ Grief 78! Any last words?

WIZ: Yes I wanna send love out to all the homies, Lurkmusic, Abom, Gamin, TMS, Gabre, gotta give a shout out to my good friend Pacoe The Illiterate and all the Zay cats, you know who you are, big shouts to,,,, Clout Magazine. Gotta give love to all my EVT heads, Madshroom and the BMN fam! Moth, Noc, Ara, Corndogg, T11, Jonnybeats, Brynn Eden, Alaina z and all the rest. Love you all. Oh yeah, and anyone who listens to what I have to say and create.


– jimijaxon