Video for unreleased MOR track above, unreleased track from MOR below for streaming pleasure.

Master Of Ribongia, Squash (In The Box Mix)


DD: I wish I had heard “White xmas” back in December! Really, really kool.

MOR: thanks man. It was just stupid idea for a christmas present that didn’t involve getting caught up in the human traffic of the christmas shopping..

Master Of Ribongia, White xmas

DD: Your sound is very different from the Australian artists I’ve featured in the past. How would you describe it?

MOR: O.. thats a tough one. Well some time ago someone said “adventurous early 90’s electronica..”. Although I don’t agree I kind a liked that description. Especially the adventurous bit.. I think I’ve evolved a lot in the last couple of years. These days I’d described as squelchy, bleepy and fun melodic beats.

DD: What was your introduction to electronic music?

MOR: I can’t remember exactly what was the first record but I can tell you what stuck in my collection.. Manitoba “Start breaking my heart”; Amon Tobin “Bricolage” and what blew my head off was Squarepusher with “Go Plastic” That shit was crazy.

DD: What plans are you making as an artist for 2011?

MOR: Become huge..ahahah! With my other project “idea idea” we decided to take a year off.. This will give me a lot more time to concentrate on my own project. I’ll be releasing remix Ep very soon showcasing all Sydney bands remixed by me. I’m starting to have enough new originals to do a 3rd release.. i’ll see. Overall the plan is to raise my profile as an artist. Of late I was fortunate enough to support guys like Vibesquad, Opiuo, Ant-enn-ae, the Nitin Sawhney Sound System, the Gas Lamp Killer and Flying Lotus. Hopefully 2011 will keep on bringing more great oppor’tune’ties like these.

I’m releasing some tunes on various compilations as of next month. I’ll be travelling to Europe in June, hopefully those releases will open up some doors for some European gigs..

DD: Favorite artist/song of the moment?

MOR: I just discovered n artist called Kelpe, very tasty!

DD: Last words?

MOR: word