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DD: What made you decide on pursuing these artistic roads? I think it was a good choice your shit is hella kool!

JB: I guess my artistic route was determined by some intense feelings of dispossession  during the early days and art was a good way to sort things out in my head. The good thing about art is that it’s is a cool place to hide when you don’t know where else to go and you can say things to people that you can’t say face to face. Eh well you can say those things face to face but it’s easier to say them in a painting plus talking to people can be weird at times. I hope that makes sense? I make art cuz I liked tech decks when they first came out. Everything started with tech decks.

DD: I first saw your work at a SPACE party a little while was that event? Do you do many showcases like this?

JB: Actually the Halloween show at SPACE was my first show & I was entirely wasted as I hope everyone else was. I actually would be down to do some more music/art events. I’d be down to do paintings for a fun punk show!

DD: Where are you from originally? I think you moved up to Seattle recently?

JB: Originally I am from Kirkland Washington right up the street from Spud’s fish n’ chips. Shout out to Spud’s. Then I lived in Bothell, Seattle, Alaska, Olympia and now I’m moving back to Seattle.

DD: What music artists are you obsessed with right now? Any that especially influence your visual art?

JB: Recently I have been listening to mix 92.5 and kube 93.3 on the radio but when I’m not listening to my favorite shitty radio jams I rock out to Death in June, Mika Miko, Angry Samoans, Modest Mouse, Kid Cudi, Big Boi, Phantogram, Tycho, Mux Mool and Nicki Minaj. YOUNG MONEY ! Im not sure if any of these influence my art but they are fun to paint to. They probably do on some subconscious level but Im not a scientist.

DD: Favorite phrase?


To see more work from John Banke, head over to his blog:

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It is just heavy hitter after heavy hitter on DD! The soundcloud producer friends I’ve made lately are dazzling young producers, and you can add Del Dot to the list! The first song below, “Droid Crusher”, is a gift to all of you. Press the down arrow on the right side of the player to download.

Fans of Aphex Twin, take this in..



DD: You have an extraordinary sound. I like that the songs are drawn out, leaving space for the mood to swirl around and the environment to really take shape. What has your journey been like to get this current musical state?

DEL: When I first started producing I was listening to a lot of instrumental stuff like math rock and other really technical music.  Being that there were no vocals, it really needed to breathe and be dynamic to capture my attention.  That’s the approach I take when I write my style.  I want to tell stories with my music that evolve and develop like real ones do.  On top of that, I don’t want any two segments of my tracks to sound the same, because it just seems way too easy to copy and paste a loop.  Those together make me want to write really complex and epic jams.

DD: What was your introduction to electronic music?

DEL: A good friend in college showed me Aphex Twin’s Richard D James Album sometime in 2007.  Before that I was barely into any electronic stuff, maybe a little Daft Punk here, a little Chemical Brothers there.  I was amazed not only at how contemporary it still sounded more than a decade after its initial release, but also at how much emotion and brutality could be expressed with electronic beats.  I’ve been a live drummer for most of my life, so I was obviously drawn to Aphex’s crazy percussive skills.  Soon after that I soaked up his entire discography like a sponge and began my foray into braindance and other avant-garde, breakbeat oriented music.

DD: What’s been your favorite song to produce so far?

DEL: I have moments with each song where I get extremely excited at a certain groove or melody and where I am totally frustrated and exhausted with the process.  My tracks tend to take quite some time to produce, so I don’t think I have one specific one which was more or less fun to produce than the others.  However, “Droid Crusher” was the one where I really started developing my current style, so I guess that one was special to me.

DD: What plans are you making as an artist for 2011?

DEL: Bumming around Chicago and a lot of production.  I’ve been experimenting with new styles/compositional techniques and want to relearn how to write songs.  I feel like until now I have been mainly focusing on sound design and synth programming, but I want to get experimental and weird with song structure.  I want to play more shows and live sets too, but I want to release a few records before I feel comfortable playing multiple sets closely spaced from one another.  I am also starting to spin some braindance at some local venues just to introduce people to the genre and let them know that it’s not all bleeps and bloops (though that doesn’t actually sound that bad :p).


DD: Last words?

DEL: Check out my label, Nueva Forma (  They have an impressive and talented roster and constantly release great podcasts, compilations, and albums.  And, if you’re ever in the area, you should come hang!



Nick Fisher, a.k.a. Data Junkies, is an electro and dubstep producer hailing from Seattle, WA. Currently working as a sound engineer for local shows in the Seattle electronic scene (an impressive rap sheet includes Freaknight and assorted USC events), Fisher has been creating his own hard-hitting beats for three years now. As one of the newest additions to the 7 Deadly family, he’s ringing in the new year with a host of new material, and is planning on releasing some explosive sounds for 2011

Here’s my interview with Data Junkies!

DD: How would you describe your remixes of “Drug Abuse” and “Paradise House”?

DJ: I look at these 2 remixes as the first step in really defining my sound. I’ve been producing music for awhile now, but with Data Junkies certain things are always consistent and these songs show that perfectly. Data Junkies tracks are distinctly dirty and funky, and I’m really excited to see how my tracks evolve around those elements.

DD: What do you hope to accomplish this year with your music as Data Junkies? How can your label, 7 Deadly Records assist?

This year I’m going to release my first E.P. with 7 deadly records (pho freeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!) and use it as a platform to start playing more shows. I thrive on feedback on my tracks, there’s nothing more encouraging to me to keep making music then to hear what people think of it. 7Deadly can help me by continuing to spread my music and booking shows.

As the label operator for 7 Deadly Records, I will try my best to spread the Data Junkies love around.


7 Deadly Records:!/pages/7Deadly-Records/328303270351

Go big, or go homeeeee!

FREE FREE FREE (click the down arrow on the right side of the player to download)

Demokracy are Stas (aka Hmot) and Albert (aka Damscray). They are from Siberia. I think they are a fine pair of electronic producers.


DD: Your “Searchlight” song is so fucking massive. Serious thumbs up for that one. What motivates you as an artist to produce tracks like these?

D: Safe! It’s actually the one and only tune we did in real life cuz we live in different cities. Last summer we went to our friend’s village house in a little town near Moscow, Yukhnov – we were eating fresh vegs, swimming in the river, making barbecues and drinking into oblivion… hahah! We also took two massive bags with some producing toys like samplers, midi controllers and other stuff to make some shit cuz our friend (who’s a producer too) told us that he has monitor speakers there. And then we found out his father or someone else took it back to Moscow already so we’d have to do everything on laptop speakers… Sorry for this story being SO cheesy hahah!


DD: What was your introduction to electronic music?

D: Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and Coldcut. Then all this Warp/Ninja Tune stuff in early 90s.

DD: How would you describe the sound your developing?

D: Can’t say much because it’s your job hahah! Well… it’s sci-fi ish!!! We hope …

DD: Who are a couple artists that you continually get inspiration from?

D: It’s impossible to name just a few. It’s anything and everything. The latest is James Blake.

DD: What plans are you making as an artist for 2011?

D: There will be a couple of EPs, heaps of remixes for our famalam and then hopefully we will sit down together and record an album. Also, we look forward to some international gigs we’ve been booked to play at. And we both got solo projects as well… Kinda busy year!

DD: Last words?

D: Nobody needs a bullet when the speakers are blowing louder than any gun!




DD: This label has some very intriguing experimental textures. Very cool to see that embraced. How would you describe the overall sound of Eat Concrete?

EC: First off..thanks for the heads up! To me Eat Concrete is reflecting all the different sounds that I love. As I’m kind of an eclectic this means the label goes in all directions. I don’t really feel it is very experimental but that’s probably because I’ve heard these releases a lot 🙂 It’s quite hard to pinpoint what defines an Eat Concrete release as such, not just because these releases cover such a wide spectrum of styles but also of emotions. I do think there’s a thread going through the label, it’s evolving and I try to keep it fresh. I don’t really care if something is called experimental or not, that’s rather subjective I think. I am mostly interested in connecting with talented artists and in building a catalogue that is colourful and reflecting sounds from the time we’re in. As we can’t predict the future I cannot predict how the label will look in several years time. I hope I’ll still be able to work on it though 🙂


DD: Talk a bit about some of your artists..

EC: Most of the artists I work with are or have become friends. For example, I’ve known Aardvarck for almost 20 years as we’re from the same city in the south of Holland. We’ve done several projects together and will soon release a new EP that’s an off shoot from his Bloom imprint, we called it ‘Gloom’:). It’s actually a split release with fellow Dutchman Kubus, a great guy and very talented producer.  Then there’s LA’s Take, I released his ‘Dirty Decibels Of Thomas Two Thousand’ back in 2008. We then did a tour together for a few weeks and have been friends since. He’s working on his new project for Eat Concrete as we speak. Another great guy is San Franscisco based Will Redmond aka Blipvert. We toured several times together and we’ll hopefully do another one early summer. His music is simply unique and I’m proud to have released his ‘Quantumbuster Now’ EP.  I feel priveliged to have met and worked with lot’s of nice people so far, it’s just great to find out you are connected on several levels, not just the music.

DD: What are your shows like over in the Netherlands? I’ve done several posts for some Amsterdam based artists and labels (Rubix, The Century, Shook, Grand Jackson, GirlsLoveDJ’s), some of my favorite posts so far..such a free and confident sound in the Netherlands.
EC: Well, honestly, I’m doing different gigs here, it depends on the venue and theme. I like to go in all directions and showcase my label and a broad sense of music as much as I can. Sometimes this works and people are really supporting, sometimes it’s harder cause people expect you to play one type of music. Which is fine with me too.

DD: What plans are you making as a label for 2011?
EC: Big plans! No, seriously.. 2011 is gonna be quite a busy year for me. I’m releasing more projects then ever before including a compilation to celebrate 5 years of Eat Concrete somewhere this spring. There will be tracks and releases coming from Baconhead, Aardvarck, Lumisokea, Caural, Boy King Islands, Blipvert, Funckarma, Enemy Earth, Ichiro, Evan Odd, Kubus and others. Together these cover a massive range of styles, going from Dubstep to Shoegaze and Ambient to Noise, Beats and Disco.

DD: Last words?
EC: Wish me luck:)

Teun / Pete Concrete







EAT019 : FUNCKARMA – ‘Dubstoned EP4’ (EP) –

EAT017: BLIPVERT – ‘Quantumbuster Now’ //

EAT016: AARDVARCK – ‘Choice On 12’ //

EAT015: FUNCKARMA – ‘Dubstoned EP3’ //

EAT014: KNALPOT – ‘Serious Outtakes’ //