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Demokracy are Stas (aka Hmot) and Albert (aka Damscray). They are from Siberia. I think they are a fine pair of electronic producers.


DD: Your “Searchlight” song is so fucking massive. Serious thumbs up for that one. What motivates you as an artist to produce tracks like these?

D: Safe! It’s actually the one and only tune we did in real life cuz we live in different cities. Last summer we went to our friend’s village house in a little town near Moscow, Yukhnov – we were eating fresh vegs, swimming in the river, making barbecues and drinking into oblivion… hahah! We also took two massive bags with some producing toys like samplers, midi controllers and other stuff to make some shit cuz our friend (who’s a producer too) told us that he has monitor speakers there. And then we found out his father or someone else took it back to Moscow already so we’d have to do everything on laptop speakers… Sorry for this story being SO cheesy hahah!


DD: What was your introduction to electronic music?

D: Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and Coldcut. Then all this Warp/Ninja Tune stuff in early 90s.

DD: How would you describe the sound your developing?

D: Can’t say much because it’s your job hahah! Well… it’s sci-fi ish!!! We hope …

DD: Who are a couple artists that you continually get inspiration from?

D: It’s impossible to name just a few. It’s anything and everything. The latest is James Blake.

DD: What plans are you making as an artist for 2011?

D: There will be a couple of EPs, heaps of remixes for our famalam and then hopefully we will sit down together and record an album. Also, we look forward to some international gigs we’ve been booked to play at. And we both got solo projects as well… Kinda busy year!

DD: Last words?

D: Nobody needs a bullet when the speakers are blowing louder than any gun!