Nick Fisher, a.k.a. Data Junkies, is an electro and dubstep producer hailing from Seattle, WA. Currently working as a sound engineer for local shows in the Seattle electronic scene (an impressive rap sheet includes Freaknight and assorted USC events), Fisher has been creating his own hard-hitting beats for three years now. As one of the newest additions to the 7 Deadly family, he’s ringing in the new year with a host of new material, and is planning on releasing some explosive sounds for 2011

Here’s my interview with Data Junkies!

DD: How would you describe your remixes of “Drug Abuse” and “Paradise House”?

DJ: I look at these 2 remixes as the first step in really defining my sound. I’ve been producing music for awhile now, but with Data Junkies certain things are always consistent and these songs show that perfectly. Data Junkies tracks are distinctly dirty and funky, and I’m really excited to see how my tracks evolve around those elements.

DD: What do you hope to accomplish this year with your music as Data Junkies? How can your label, 7 Deadly Records assist?

This year I’m going to release my first E.P. with 7 deadly records (pho freeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!) and use it as a platform to start playing more shows. I thrive on feedback on my tracks, there’s nothing more encouraging to me to keep making music then to hear what people think of it. 7Deadly can help me by continuing to spread my music and booking shows.

As the label operator for 7 Deadly Records, I will try my best to spread the Data Junkies love around.


7 Deadly Records:!/pages/7Deadly-Records/328303270351