It is just heavy hitter after heavy hitter on DD! The soundcloud producer friends I’ve made lately are dazzling young producers, and you can add Del Dot to the list! The first song below, “Droid Crusher”, is a gift to all of you. Press the down arrow on the right side of the player to download.

Fans of Aphex Twin, take this in..



DD: You have an extraordinary sound. I like that the songs are drawn out, leaving space for the mood to swirl around and the environment to really take shape. What has your journey been like to get this current musical state?

DEL: When I first started producing I was listening to a lot of instrumental stuff like math rock and other really technical music.  Being that there were no vocals, it really needed to breathe and be dynamic to capture my attention.  That’s the approach I take when I write my style.  I want to tell stories with my music that evolve and develop like real ones do.  On top of that, I don’t want any two segments of my tracks to sound the same, because it just seems way too easy to copy and paste a loop.  Those together make me want to write really complex and epic jams.

DD: What was your introduction to electronic music?

DEL: A good friend in college showed me Aphex Twin’s Richard D James Album sometime in 2007.  Before that I was barely into any electronic stuff, maybe a little Daft Punk here, a little Chemical Brothers there.  I was amazed not only at how contemporary it still sounded more than a decade after its initial release, but also at how much emotion and brutality could be expressed with electronic beats.  I’ve been a live drummer for most of my life, so I was obviously drawn to Aphex’s crazy percussive skills.  Soon after that I soaked up his entire discography like a sponge and began my foray into braindance and other avant-garde, breakbeat oriented music.

DD: What’s been your favorite song to produce so far?

DEL: I have moments with each song where I get extremely excited at a certain groove or melody and where I am totally frustrated and exhausted with the process.  My tracks tend to take quite some time to produce, so I don’t think I have one specific one which was more or less fun to produce than the others.  However, “Droid Crusher” was the one where I really started developing my current style, so I guess that one was special to me.

DD: What plans are you making as an artist for 2011?

DEL: Bumming around Chicago and a lot of production.  I’ve been experimenting with new styles/compositional techniques and want to relearn how to write songs.  I feel like until now I have been mainly focusing on sound design and synth programming, but I want to get experimental and weird with song structure.  I want to play more shows and live sets too, but I want to release a few records before I feel comfortable playing multiple sets closely spaced from one another.  I am also starting to spin some braindance at some local venues just to introduce people to the genre and let them know that it’s not all bleeps and bloops (though that doesn’t actually sound that bad :p).


DD: Last words?

DEL: Check out my label, Nueva Forma (  They have an impressive and talented roster and constantly release great podcasts, compilations, and albums.  And, if you’re ever in the area, you should come hang!