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Oatmeal raisin mix by DJSQUIDEYE

Hi guys. This mix has some ENERGY!

Anything you wanna say about your Oatmeal Raisin mix?

sheeet i dunno what to say about the oatmeal raisin mix other than thanx to all the people whos dopeass traks i used !!! i love mixing thru genres nd the tropical / uk funky stuff makes for a great way to transition between house and dubstep . fun bass music = good times !

-DJ Phantom


To me, Deepearth.void has been making huge leaps with his music. It’s very cool to see the progression, and I’m sure you’ll be seeing him on this blog again soon!

Get this song as an exclusive preview of the upcoming Deepearth.void / Sphyramid release on 7 Deadly Records!



1. Hi Keenan, good to have you back. How’s summer so far?

My summer has been filled with music and fun so far! I recently got back from The Boom Is Back down in Oregon and had the time of my life.

2. The last 4 songs I’ve heard from you are so developed and sharp and enjoyable to hear. You’re really coming together. How has the production process felt for you lately?

Well when I get an idea for something I should produce, or bring into reality, I try to flesh out the idea as much as possible before I actually put anything into programming. As soon as I have a solid blueprint in my head, I sit down with Renoise (or audacity) and create the basic templates and scenes of the song I had in mind. After getting my grip on the song, the process is really kind of robotic. I will keep experimenting with the timbres and effects and timings and automation of all the song’s components until everything sounds just right. Then I will use those settings and keep developing the song further and further.

Lately, I’ve been purposefully holding back on releasing my songs for as long as possible. I find that after I “release” something I will just keep going back and tweaking it again and again. And if I restrain myself from releasing something (despite the dopeness) for as long as possible, it can only get better right? I used to just crank stuff out like it was nothing and pay no mind to going back and editing the tracks.

3. You’ve recently signed with 7 Deadly Records, what are you most excited to work in within the label?

I’m extremely excited about getting involved in the promotion resources that the label has to offer. I think for an up and coming artist, getting the word (and the music itself) out there is the most important thing, and 7Deadly knows how to promote, that’s for sure! And not to play favorites or anything, but I’ve been really influenced by 7Deadly artist Mac Dobbins (Sphyramid) and I look forward to possibly working with him on some material.

4. Who do you feel is really pushing fine music lately? Locally and outside of the Seattle area..

The people pushing music IMO are the ones that strive to create things outside of their comfort zone, or anyone else’s comfort zone. Although there is a big market for the sounds we’ve all heard before over and over, tweaked only slightly to fit in with today’s “pop” sensibilities (not to say there isn’t cliche, played out and uninspired material in underground scenes), I think the people who don’t give a shit about the market or the charts or what people want to hear are pushing music forward. I know for a lot of musicians/producers/artists, the idea that their music or craft would ever “sell” or be “marketed” is a very distant concept (Deepearth.void included). The artists that really focus on the music itself, their fans and their local scene, are too busy enjoying themselves to worry about playability or popularity. Not to say it isn’t every producer or artists dream to “make it big”, I think the artists that are doing EXACTLY what they want to do and how they want are pushing music forward.

5. Any last words?

Just keep your eye on the event horizon, and maybe you’ll trip and fall into the .Void sometime in the near future!

-DJ Phantom

Naked Lunch At The Beat Hotel Mixtape (Mixed By Homework) by Homework

I want all of you, to get lost in this.

Homework returns to Disco Droppings, this sexy as ever.

Amsterdam you are killing me!

-DJ Phantom

I remember seeing NPSH a few years ago at the Capitol Hill Block Party. I was just becoming aware of dance music and thought they did a really great job. Way, way fun, colorful and energetic. The next day I went over to Wa Mu Theater for the Daft Punk show…NPSH were at the front of the line. The very, very front…these guys are aware of the good shit!

Musique –

DJ Phantom

Wild Beasts – We Still Got The Taste Dancing On Our Tongues (Metal On Metal Remake) by Metal On Metal

Metal On Metal are back, and still kickin’ hard with this Wild Beasts remix. Put yourself in their abnormally sexy mindset.

Keep up with MM, 2 remixes in the works for Lost Valentinos and Bear In Heaven.

More posts from Lithuania’s most intriguing coming soon..

DJ Phantom