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DD Hi. What are you up to right now?

DFRNT Right now, I’m preparing 3 new EPs for Cut records – from three different producers. I’m also setting up a number of new EPs for Echodub, as well as a rather special Echodub project which I’m not going to divulge just yet.

As for my own production. I’m creating plenty stuff, in a variety of shapes and sizes, and I’m thinking about tying some of it together in an album (which I might be searching for a label to release), as well as some EPs. I’ve got one or two digital releases lined up on other labels, a 12″ forthcoming on On The Edge, and hopefully the follow up 12″ to my Nu Directions “Emotional Response” EP should surface soon, with the Jus Wan remix on it.

I’d say things are looking OK for now, but I’d like to find a label keen to put out my more housier tracks – but I’ve yet to really do a lot of promotion on that side of things.

I’m also cutting down on DJing, because I’m getting a bit sick of it. I feel like the gigs I do – only half the audience or less tend to “get it” and I don’t like the exposure of being on a stage behind the decks – I’d rather DJ from behind a wall, and have people pay more attention to the music than just wanting some mindless beat to dance to – I think there’s room for improvement in the way we consume music in clubs and bars. Bigger faster and louder are not necessarily better.


DD What to you is a main characteristic of your style?

DFRNT I’d like to think it was emotion, but that’s not entirely exclusive to me. I like to use plenty of synths, and I like to keep things smooth and well rounded.

DD Do you feel like your introduction to electronic music was meant to happen? Did it feel especially memorable or was it a slow developing kind of relationship?

DFRNT I feel like I probably got in to the sounds of electronic music because as a child, my dad used to play Tangerine Dream records for me – I loved the fact that they kind of freaked me out at the time, and it meant that when I started properly listening to electronic stuff, it was a natural thing – I didn’t think about the fact that some people might not consider it “proper music” or whatever. I have progressed through various genres, and ultimately my tastes are changing all the time, but electronic stuff has always seemed to be a mainstay of my library.

DD What’s been an encouraging interaction you’ve had with a fan of yours?

DFRNT It’s hard to say – I have a few people get in touch and wish me well – and it’s always nice to hear how my music is enjoyed by people. It was really nice to meet some folks while over in the USA on my short tour. There were people coming to my gigs and saying how much they were in to my productions, old and new – and it’s always very rewarding to think about how far and widespread these people are – yet they’ve all somehow heard of me. It blows my mind from time to time. Someone once made me a t-shirt with my logo on it too – hand-wrote me a letter and posted me a shirt. I still wear it to my gigs sometimes!

DD Plans going into 2012?

DFRNT Well I’m planning to relocate to New York City in around 6-8 months, which I think will give me a much needed refresher in terms of music and production, as well as inspirations and peers. I’m really looking forward to that.

Before then I’ll hopefully have a few releases, and see what happens with the DJing thing.

I’ve not really had time to sit and relax and really think long and hard about the way things are going. Some days I feel like I should just stop and pack it all in – start fresh with a new alias, and see what happens. Other days I think about giving all of my music away for free, and sometimes I just think “wait a bit longer and maybe something good will happen”  who knows.

DD A few of your favorite songs of all time?

DFRNT Sasha – Bloodlock

Roots Manuva – Movements

Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Back On The Block (DJ Krush Remix)

A Made Up Sound – Rear Window

Most music made by Doves

Aimost everything Quantec has produced

Any of the Rhythm & Sound tracks

Leftfield – El Cid

There’s loads more!! The list is endless!!


Thank you DFRNT. I’ll leave you with his track “Suspended In The Deep”. Here’s his comment on it…

“I urge you to listen to the whole thing for the proper experience.” 


DFRNT on Soundcloud & Facebook 

– Jimi Jaxon


I feel the bar has been raised here at Disco Droppings with the sounds of Liar. Member of the forward thinking label G5 music, out of Russia. Label mates include Maguett, Damscray and Nocow. To hear more from G5, head over to their Soundcloud and/or Facebook


DD If you ever feel you’re writing a story with your music, what’s it about?

L How much space do you have on your site? :]]] There’s a story to almost everything, from my very moniker, to EPs and albums, to individual songs. All upcoming releases that are in the works, including the nearest one, “Lichborn”, are concept albums in some shape or form. “Lichborn” is a story of my external life, for the past year, told through the analogy of an archmage’s gradual ascension to lichdom. Yet-to-be-announced Farver offering will be an account of my internal life, told through a broken analogy with chess. The sequel to Lichborn on G5 Music will be, for all respects and purposes, a true sequel, both in sonics and in narrative. And ultimately, my debut album, 2 years in the making, tentatively titled “Spirewards”, forthcoming on Origami Sound, will be a concept album in the most traditional sense: a literal account of a series of dreams I’ve been having for the past 4 years… dreams that connect, and have an inner canon, setting, and mythology… and other than “being aired out of order”, have steadily been placing a fairly contiguous story into my lap. A story that will be put to many uses, music being only the first of them. 


DD “Stay Together (Liar’s ‘Changing Heaven’ Mix)” really stands out for me. The way it jumps around is really refreshing and challenging. How did you come across Averos?

L I didn’t. Herne of Origami Sound did. Then he came across me. And at one point he played me “Stay Together” in person. I literally jolted upright and adamantly demanded a remix slot on the spot. And I got it. :]]] What followed was a time of two weeks of listening to the song continuously until I could play it in my head and until the words started to sound like how I titled my mix. And from that little psychoacoustic glitch, the whole remix sprung into existence, first just in my mind, and soon after in audible form. 

DD What would you like to be known for?

L Firstly, NOT gimmicks and NOT being a sound-alike. Ugh. Which is why is steer clear of workflows that would engender either. I have quite the rigorous philosophy to my music-making… every element is crafted with purpose, and to perfection. There’s very little left to chance or preset-jamming. I’m a pop songwriter, a proverbial rockstar, a basshead, a technical compendium, a beatsmith, an avid sound designer, a temperamental composer, an ex-junglist and a nerdy studio engineer all rolled into one. My very mindset is controlled – I always try to remove myself from my comprehensive musical cognition and write in a bubble. Even while asleep… I’ve gotten good at triggering lucid dreaming. And the rewards from that are hundredfold, with both lucid and nonlucid dreams gifting me so many almost complete songs, bubblewrap and bowtie and the works. :]] Even every tangential thing to music, from titles to supporting text to artwork, is important to me. So, in short, i guess what i am and what i’m going to be know for is “a control freak”. :]]

But I’d like to be know as that guy who literally makes dream music. Because I literally do.

(Also, the creepy cousin of G5 Music and the lambent rockstar of Origami Sound, cause that’s what I literally am in each of the two families. :0 )


DD When you’re not making music, what other interets occupy your time?

L (Skype – not an interest, not an occupation, but demonstrably the biggest timehog in my life) 

Listening to music of course.  

Although both timeframes of not making music and my interest in other things beside it are rapidly diminishing by the day… But otherwise i’m a cultural sponge. I don’t tend to miss any movie, be it arthaus or blockbuster, don’t tend to miss anything on US/UK TV, be it prime-time or cult… I  almost don’t miss any videogame, in fact games are a huge inspirational and sampling resource for me. With books… I’ve sort of fallen behind on that… I’ve read quite of bit in the past, everything from classical and political phylosophy through post-modern fiction to Harry Potter. Nowadays I only thumb through my old Asimov books on the john. Additionally, all-too-common Web 2.0 addictions pepper my everyday.

A weekly delight is my quality time with my soul-mate and muse.

And of course there’s the odd period of abject hedonistic excess. 

DD Where will Liar be heading for the rest of 2011 into 2012?

L Into “the studio”, i.e. my well-equipped loft bedroom. I have somewhat like 6 releases in mind until the end of this school year, plus I have several mastering assignment on my plate coming up. I will undoubtedly only be able to cram in like… half of this, but that’s good enough I guess. Vinyl is a big objective. My debut LP is a big objective. After that, hopefully starting to tour in midsummer 2012. 

DD Last words?

L Never.


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– Jimi Jaxon


Courtesy of Tom Cosm 

Hi everyone! I’m sharing the beautiful Prince Jean remix of  KNC’s “Ohno Ohno”. This is a high quality, DJ friendly .wav file. Now, get to know this Philly based duo below.


DD Whatsup guys? How’s the day been?

KNC Not much..just chillin and trying to figure out what it is we’re supposed to be doing haha. Pretty crazy day between music and workin. Neals (Krueger) is getting a haircut right now.

DD How would you describe your current style? Any new evolutions you guys plan on taking with KNC?

KNC Our current sound it pretty 808 and hip hop driven, but we tend to draw inspiration from a lot of different places both geographically and sonically.  When we first started producing together we didn’t really have a particular sound that we were going for or plan, we were pretty much just hanging out and making the type of music we were feeling at the moment.  I think for us KNC is a collaboration that lets us explore lots of different sounds and styles, and can naturally evolve with what we’re into.

DD How did you two meet? And if each of you were to name your biggest artistic influence, what or who would it be?

KNC We met when we had decided throw a warehouse party here in Philly.  We had known of each other but had never really talked or hung out until then. The party was basically an attempt at getting together some of the young producers in the city who are pushing some new sounds.  It was us, Bombe, Fazer, and our friends Matpat and Cool Hand Luke.  The entire night we were both like wait…I was gonna play that…wait…I was gonna play that, while the other was djing, so afterward we decided to meet up talk music and start making tunes.  As far as our biggest music influences, I would have to say Nguzunguzu goes to Copout and French Fries goes to Krueger.


DD Lastly, talk a bit about your label affiliation with B.YRSLF Division.

KNC B.YRSLF first hit us up when we posted our track Gone. They had begun sending us some emails and we started talking and they asked us to release it on their Vybes Galore Comp last June. It was great working with them on our first release.  They have a good ear and are definitely pushing interesting club music.  The internet has been a pretty amazing tool for us and I think everyone else trying to get a start in music now.  All this has led to our debut EP All Night, which comes out in November on Soukouch Ethnik, another French label. It has three originals and remixes from Lucid Nah Like and Prince Jean.  We are really excited for this to drop! It’s been an amazing year and this EP is kinda the perfect cap to it all.  Thanks for the interview it’s been great talking!


KNC on Soundcloud 

– Jimi Jaxon