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Hello World,

This is by far my most anticipated feature. I came across these two on another blog a while back, downloaded their “Winter Mixtape 2009”, and was totally caught up in their swirling, blissful style.

BRAIN MATTERS, a duo consisting of Northie & Benson, reside in New South Wales, Australia.

I think it’s safe to say I’m am their BIGGEST fan from Seattle, and that their remixes will be in my DJ sets for quite a while!

First off, BRAIN MATTERS sent me 5 Bootlegs, which I now give to you..

Barely Evil (Brain Matters Remix).mp3

The Big Weekend.mp3

Brainvan (Proxy Bootleg).mp3

Bring That (Brain Matters Remix).mp3

Sandstorm (Brain Matters Remix).mp3

In addition, here is a 10-Minute mini-mix BRAIN MATTERS put together for NOVA FM..

NOVA Fm Mini-Mix 2009.mp3

Northie & Benson were nice enough to answer a few questions for DiscoDroppings, here is my interview with BRAIN MATTERS..


1. What is the club scene like in Australia? Compared to the U.S.? What style’s are most popular?

The clubbing scene in Australia is really great…we don’t just chuck shrimps on the barbie every Friday and Saturday night…we like to get down, boogie & party hard!!

Also, the legal drinking/clubbing age over here is 18, jealous?

As for style’s they are forever changing…but we would have to say Tech-House and Dutch-House are really starting to take off over here & Nu-Disco is always popular.

2. How do you guys keep up on music? Dance-blogs? Beatport? Parties?

How do we keep up on music….well we get a lot of our tunes from and we do have a bunch of blogs which we regularly get tracks from.

We like to be different though. Most of the tracks you here in our sets are our own edits, bootlegs, remixes, mash up etc. Keep the crowd guessing!

3. Who are your influences?

Our influences….our influences range from all different genres of music.

A short list would be producers and djs such as Riva Starr, Mowgli, The Twelves, A Skillz, Plump DJ’s, Laidback Luke, Bingo Players, Solo, The Round Table Knights & Australian acts such as The Aston Shuffle, Bag Raiders, Bass Kleph, Dcup, Miami Horror…Oh and who could forget the greatest rapper ever to live….Vanilla Ice.

4. What inspired you to remix “Sandstorm”? It’s often seen as a very taboo song, but the way you remixed it is incredible!

Sandstorm….well as everyone know’s “Sandstorm” is one of the greatest Techno tracks ever made! And we had a friend of ours called “Rivers” (Typical Aussie Nickname) begged us on a daily basis to remix it….so we did. We Tried to give a classic track a new life!!!!

5. Who are some of your favorite current artists?

Favorite current artists….Laidback Luke, Oliver $, Classixx, The Only & Hey Now are doing it for us at the moment.

6. What equipment did you use for your “Winter Mixtape”? How long did it take?

Our Winter Mixtape…Its more of a production based mix tape…we did a lot of edits especially for it…but the great thing is we can still mix it live in our sets…we usually mix anything from 3 to 186 tracks at once, we are sick of hearing the same old boring mix tapes which have 10 songs in one looooong hour! So we put all our favorite tracks in the space of 30-mins, we want to keep the listener interested!!

7. Coming to the U.S. anytime soon?

We love everything about the States and want to come over there as soon as possible…and we are massive Entourage fans as well…hopefully we get to meet Johnny Drama while we are over haha. Hopefully 2010 we get over there!!

Much Love,

Brain Matters!!!



Watch out for this guy. He’ll be running things soon!

Obelisk (Original Mix).mp3

Sol Suckaz.mp3

Magic Toucan.mp3


1. How long have you been making music as DJ Qazi?

In 2007 I decided on the name DJ Qazi, I guess it comes from the word Quasar (a superviolent galaxy in the deepest of space) Before that I was more into guitar and garageband, I didn’t really call myself anything, I was more into hard trance and Hardstyle.

2. “House on the Rocks” is especially enjoyable. Lately, what have been some of your biggest non-musical influences?

You know the whole change I’ve made since I moved down here to LA, mixed with the amazing teachers I am now having the opportunity to learn from, has really shaped the way I create music these days. I learn new and interesting recording techniques all the time when I’m at class, so when I get home I use the information immediately in my music. It kind of solidifies it in my brain. Good for tests.
3. Your songs are composed of all original material, has getting to this point been a gradual process, or did it pick up very fast?

Come to think of it, back when I started on garageband, I used to experiment a lot with different midi’s I got online, applying various instruments, remixing it. Now I’m not so into remixing, I’ve done it a few times (crazy pipe – DJ Bomba, This time – DJ Shadow, Superstar – Dark Oscillators), but when I’m experimenting on a daily basis I hardly ever see the need to go out and get somebody else’s work to go and build on it. Don’t get me wrong, remixing is awesome, all I’m saying is that I think everyone is born with capacity to create new and original expressions every day. There simply isn’t a long enough lifetime for us to run out of new ideas.

4. What hardware/software do you use for your productions? Live shows?

I’m currently using an Akai MPK25 Keyboard with Ableton Live 8 on my so-so Laptop (will be getting new imac so0on, just wait for the musical explosions:). I use an M-Audio Fasttrack Pro for my ins and outs, which I’m liking a lot. For live mixing I use the Numark Omni Control surface and Traktor 3. As for Traktor, I would only recommend it if you do not have enough money to buy the full Serrato Scratch Pro. I occasionally dabble with Reason 4 and I’ve had a bit of fun with my two guitars. Right now I am undergoing top certification training of Pro Tools HD, so very soon I will bring ableton on my laptop and record my tracks into Pro Tools to use its advanced editing capabilities. Once I finally start to make some real money I have DEFINITE plans to get some streight up vinyl setup & record collection. I’m also currently in the market for a trigger finger and a small mackie board. And a mic. and a preamp. and an analogue compressor. There is actually lots of things I want.
5. What is the electronic scene like in LA? Who are some of your favorite artists?

I like what I have seen of the electronic scene here. Being such a gigantic place, there is raves with 50k person turnout! Rusko recently moved here, and seeing him live in Hollywood was awesome. I was surprised at the turnout for the dubstep, I thought most of its fan base was in the UK. I haven’t had a huge opportunity to go out clubbing on account of my audio engineering classes are at night, but most of my favourite artists seem to have at least one show planed here in a year.

As for my favorite artists, Numba one is Thievery Corporation, for ever. If you haven’t gotten into this band…your missing out. heh then I like DJ Krush, n DJ Shadow. I’m cuckoo for Dubstep these days so I gotta rep on DATSIK, the widdler, L-Wiz, Bar 9, Rusko, and most of all: Hijak (not HiJack)

6. Any big plans for DJ Qazi in 2010?

Dubstep. Much more bass, much crazier. I have recently gained access to 4 stocked out professional studios and I plan to use them to create much more well defined tracks. Every day I learn more about sound design from long time industry pros. I’m currently looking at cartoon network, since its right down the street from where I live. When I complete my training next December, I will be looking to start my career in the recording studios of Hollywood. There’s plans to start doing live shows here in LA once DJ Qazi gets A CAR. (one note about LA: steer clear of this place if you do not have motorized transportation)

7. What would you say to anybody interested in pursuing a career in producing/DJ’ing?

Music can’t be explained using words. When you’re experimenting in the studio, or performing live, its very important to use your human ability to feel the vibe, and keep it going. Be the badass that you are and always be jamming. Think of the most awesome time you had partying or having sex and let that be your inspiration. Stay away from loops. The kick drum doesn’t need to be the loudest thing. And above all- learn the ways of proper EQ and Compression.

Download DJ Qazi’s Electro mixes here!



Live Animals will be the first official release for 7Deadly Records! Call this a teaser for the full-length release, coming in the next few months. Also look out for Live Animals remixes by members of 7Deadly!


Radio Set.mp3

Here is their new song “Kiwi’s”, along with a radio set that will be airing on 88.1 The Burg’s “House Special”, hosted by my good friend Laughing Fox..

Their set is about to start right now, so tune in here.

Support Live Animals here..

Keep it deadly,


Give it up for New Jack. Reppin’ Chicago!

Cold City (Original Mix)

Punks Night Out (Original Mix)

+ Chic, Everybody Dance (New Jack Remix)


1. What do you love about music?

I love everything about music! It’s like food, there’s so much variety. It’s very fun!

2. Who are you most inspired by right now?

DAFT PUNK, forever & always. They are the reason I even listen to any sort of dance music. I saw them live in 2007 not knowing anything of or about them really, besides maybe hearing “One More Time” at a few Italiano weddings. Long story, but they changed my life man!

3. Your working on new material, is there a certain idea or feel that you are going for this time around?

Well, like I started making music via computer production just a year ago, so I’m still getting the whole feel for things, and I’m very patient, so I’m taking my time really trying to discover what I want. But mainly my deal is House & Techno music because its just that “boom, chk, boom, chk” that drives me wild”.