Hello World,

This is by far my most anticipated feature. I came across these two on another blog a while back, downloaded their “Winter Mixtape 2009”, and was totally caught up in their swirling, blissful style.

BRAIN MATTERS, a duo consisting of Northie & Benson, reside in New South Wales, Australia.

I think it’s safe to say I’m am their BIGGEST fan from Seattle, and that their remixes will be in my DJ sets for quite a while!

First off, BRAIN MATTERS sent me 5 Bootlegs, which I now give to you..

Barely Evil (Brain Matters Remix).mp3

The Big Weekend.mp3

Brainvan (Proxy Bootleg).mp3

Bring That (Brain Matters Remix).mp3

Sandstorm (Brain Matters Remix).mp3

In addition, here is a 10-Minute mini-mix BRAIN MATTERS put together for NOVA FM..

NOVA Fm Mini-Mix 2009.mp3

Northie & Benson were nice enough to answer a few questions for DiscoDroppings, here is my interview with BRAIN MATTERS..


1. What is the club scene like in Australia? Compared to the U.S.? What style’s are most popular?

The clubbing scene in Australia is really great…we don’t just chuck shrimps on the barbie every Friday and Saturday night…we like to get down, boogie & party hard!!

Also, the legal drinking/clubbing age over here is 18, jealous?

As for style’s they are forever changing…but we would have to say Tech-House and Dutch-House are really starting to take off over here & Nu-Disco is always popular.

2. How do you guys keep up on music? Dance-blogs? Beatport? Parties?

How do we keep up on music….well we get a lot of our tunes from Beatport.com and we do have a bunch of blogs which we regularly get tracks from.

We like to be different though. Most of the tracks you here in our sets are our own edits, bootlegs, remixes, mash up etc. Keep the crowd guessing!

3. Who are your influences?

Our influences….our influences range from all different genres of music.

A short list would be producers and djs such as Riva Starr, Mowgli, The Twelves, A Skillz, Plump DJ’s, Laidback Luke, Bingo Players, Solo, The Round Table Knights & Australian acts such as The Aston Shuffle, Bag Raiders, Bass Kleph, Dcup, Miami Horror…Oh and who could forget the greatest rapper ever to live….Vanilla Ice.

4. What inspired you to remix “Sandstorm”? It’s often seen as a very taboo song, but the way you remixed it is incredible!

Sandstorm….well as everyone know’s “Sandstorm” is one of the greatest Techno tracks ever made! And we had a friend of ours called “Rivers” (Typical Aussie Nickname) begged us on a daily basis to remix it….so we did. We Tried to give a classic track a new life!!!!

5. Who are some of your favorite current artists?

Favorite current artists….Laidback Luke, Oliver $, Classixx, The Only & Hey Now are doing it for us at the moment.

6. What equipment did you use for your “Winter Mixtape”? How long did it take?

Our Winter Mixtape…Its more of a production based mix tape…we did a lot of edits especially for it…but the great thing is we can still mix it live in our sets…we usually mix anything from 3 to 186 tracks at once, we are sick of hearing the same old boring mix tapes which have 10 songs in one looooong hour! So we put all our favorite tracks in the space of 30-mins, we want to keep the listener interested!!

7. Coming to the U.S. anytime soon?

We love everything about the States and want to come over there as soon as possible…and we are massive Entourage fans as well…hopefully we get to meet Johnny Drama while we are over haha. Hopefully 2010 we get over there!!

Much Love,

Brain Matters!!!