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2009 was a big year for Benson, having played all over Sydney and the Country in his duo “Brain Matters” and having completed a number a new remix’s and bootlegs, 2010 has a lot of promise.

So fair he has kicked it off with a bang! Signing with the newly formed TROUBLE ARTIST AGENCY along side acts such as Adam Bozzetto, Northie, Sam Scratch, Jono Fernandez & of course, Brain Matters themselves.

Just recently Benson rubbed his magic on ARIA Chart number 1 hit “Out My Bitch” by T-REK, after just a few hours of completing the track he received a email from T-rek asking for a copy of the track so he could play it in his sets.

Having had support from..

Danny T

Wax Motif

Steve Lind (The Hump Day Project)


Nick Coleman

Loot & Plunder

..Benson has decided to share it with us!!

Out My Bitch (Benson Bootleg).mp3

One very talented Australian. If anyone heard my Zippy’s DJ set I posted, this song was in there!

Be ready for a lot more from Benson with his Debut EP due out very soon!

DJ Phantom


I’ve posted for Brain Matters recently…the insane Australian DJ/Producer duo

This is half of said group, equally insane, NORTHIE!

Northie’s Profile.

– Electronic Music Artist, DJ & Producer from Sydney, Australia.
– Age 20, has been producing music since the age of 14.
– Multiple releases across labels such as Vacation Records, Destination?, Central Station, One Love, Vinyl Pusher, Atomic Zoo. Residency’s and features at renowned Australian club venues such as The Chinese Laundry (Sydney), Monastery (Brisbane), Ink/Coherent (Auckland, New Zealand) and more.
– Independently releasing debut EP “Lost My Mind” in April 2010.
– Also half of Brain Matters.


1. You’re working on your debut E.P., how are you feeling? Is there a certain sound you’re going for?

Totally keen!

Most listeners know me predominately as a club DJ and producer, who makes club releases. I’ve been doing that for a few years now and love it, however i feel like breaking the mold of that just a little, and creating some music which isn’t restricted by the expectations in the ‘structure of club music’. The song’s will be a lot more vocal driven, hooky and fun. I’ve been working with a few bands lately which brings a new edge and inspiration to my compositions. I’m initially launching the EP digitally on iTunes as radio versions, closely followed by a club mixes and remixes release.

It is going to be different indeed, however I’m feeling very confident with this direction.

2. Could you give a quick summary of what you’ve done so far as a DJ/Producer? Give all the people some background..

I have been very fortunate as a DJ/Producer, being able to work with and learn from many great artists and record labels. I became involved with the Vacation Records crew last year which i was very stoked about. Learning a lot from producers such as fRew, Bass Kleph and Dan Aux definitely helped me so much! I also got my own booking agent last year and that helped to do some awesome shows all around Australia and New Zealand. Before all of this I think I initially gained a reputation from my bootlegs, across blogs, and many DJ’s and friends supporting my tunes, which I am so grateful for!

3. You have done so much at such a young age! Are there a lot of DJ’s in Australia doing this around the same age as you?

There are a lot doing better than me, and a lot are trying to do this. I think it comes down to..

1. Keeping you’re head straight, knowing how to promote yourself and developing a hard work ethic.
2. Having the right people helping and supporting you.

I’ve been very blessed with this. End of the day it comes down to knowing what will work, and choosing who you involve yourself with wisely.

4. Once the E.P.’s finished, what are the next steps? Got lots of shows in the works?

Always doing shows, but hopefully a club tour in Australia (and any other country that would have me!), and as many festivals and all ages shows as possible in the ‘Northie live act’. Keep writing more songs to follow up the EP, as well as the usual club tunes and remixes. Also further developments with Brain Matters.

5. Any last words?

Stay classy Seattle!

Free music people!


“A collection of my most popular bootlegs and tunes dating back from 2007 – 2009.”

Daft Punk – Aerodynamic (Northie Bootleg – Boonie Technologic Intro Edit) 2007
Northie – Wowsers! (Inspector Gadget Bootleg) 2008
Northie – Ladies Love It (Modjo Bootleg) 2008
Northie – Looking Fresh 2009
Northie Mashup – Jsided 2009
Northie – The Jiggys (Will Smith Bootleg) 2009
Northie – Moppets (Vengeance Remix) 2009
Northie – Got Me (Toms & Sirens 09′ Mix) 2009
For Our Hero – Mr. Prozac (Northie Remix) 2009

(features new and unreleased originals)

Mowgli – London to Paris
Subfocus – Could This Be Real
John Dahlback – Pyramid
Kid Kenobi – Move That Body (fRew Remix)
Tee-Ex – Blue Sunrise (Dave Winnel Remix)
Hatiras & MC Flipside – Get Blahsted (acapella)
Breakdown – Feel Like (Dan Aux Remix)
Mark Trophy – Musika (Bass Kleph remix)
Boys Noize – Jeffer
Northie Mash – Get The All Stars
Plump DJs – Creepshow
Tommy Trash – Let Me Love You
DBN – Jack Is Back (Albin Myers Remix)
T-Rek – Out My Bitch (Benson remix)
Superbeatz – RASP (Tommy Sunshine & Dan Aux remix)
John Dahlback – Cant Slow Down (Terri B Vocal Mix)
fRew feat. Dave Hosking – Never Come Back (Taurus & Vaggeli Remix)
fRew feat. Dave Hosking – Never Come Back (Original Club mix)

Very inspiring. Keep with it Northie!

DJ Phantom

Rubix just sent me an upcoming remix for Bart B More entitled “Romane”, If you like the horns and the bass and the electronic music-take a listen

*Official release date: February 23rd, 2010

DJ Phantom

Played a show at Zippy’s Java Lounge in Everett on February 5th. Thanks to anyone who came out to support the show’s Sphyramid has been putting together!

Thank you Colin for recording this..

DJ Phantom, Zippy’s set 2/5.mp3


*This is a gritty’s gritty, you like it!

Pink Floyd, Proper Education (Eric Prydz Remix)
Deadmau5, You Need A Ladder?
Zomvor, 851 (Feat. Lil’ Jon)
A1 Bassline, Girl Thing (Mark Lam Remix)
Deepearth.void, Mouse House
Modeselektor, Dancing Box (Bang Gang Deejays Edit)
T-Rek, Out My Bitch (Benson Bootleg)
M.I.A., Jimmy (Nightmare Control Panel Remix)
Spamtron, Martian
Chris Lake, Violins
Laidback Luke, Leave The World Behind (Original Mix)
The Subs, Mitsubitchi (Bobermann Remix)
Christian Cheval, Drop It…! Feat. All Stars (Rap On It Mix)
Live Animals, Kiwis (DJ Fuke and Leon Remix)

Happy V-Day,

My buddy Spazzmunkee shared some of his new music with me, and here it is for you!


Mai First Gabber (8-Bit Remix).mp3

Pikachu and Elmo Sitting In A Tree.mp3

Rave Rave Rave!!!.mp3


1. Hey Spazz, How long have you been producing/DJ’ing?

I have been DJ’ing for 4 years, and am relatively new to producing.

2. You’ve been connected with the rave scene for quite a few years, how has this shaped your life/outlook on the world?

Id be lying if i said it hasn’t, The rave scene have shown me that community-ship can be built anywhere, and that it’s important to respect the people around you.

3. How were you first introduced to electronic music?

I first hear electronic music through peer2peer download programs. I went to my first rave after meeting some candy kids on the ave and hanging out with them for a while, they showed me the spot and I went to my first rave. Blackout 3 @ studio B.

4. Who are some of your favorite current artists?

I like Far Too Loud, Morphonix, Sabrepulse, No Network, and a lot more I’m sure I’m forgetting.

5. What equipment do you use for your production/live sets?

I produce in Fruityloops 9 solely. To DJ I use my DJM 800, CDJ800MKII’s and Technic 1200MKIIs.

6. Any big plans for Spazmunkee in 2010?

I’m getting a generator in March so keep your ears to the ground….

7. What would you say to anyone who is interested in DJ’ing/the electronic music community?

Don’t play out till you are ready to, practice practice practice, and don’t get discouraged.

Thank you for the interview, if anyone has any more questions or just would like to get in touch, my myspace is

-DJ Phantom