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DJ Phantom


From the far reaches of space..

Peach Pupils.mp3

Fresh Kiwi.mp3

851 (Feat. Lil’ Jon).mp3

..This is some downright exceptional electronic music..


1. You also make music under the name “Lubricated Beat”, what prompted the change to “Zomvor”?

Unfortunately, last year I lost lots of data due to chip failure, crash and circuit death. I was even more torn when recorded music was lost on a flight, SUUUUCKED.

But it allowed a reflection and new approach to music. I was able to focus with more live productions & mixes instead of computer junk. I hooked up random gear and came up with a sound I was so pleased with. A new outlet was born. “Zomvor” comes from an intense lucid dream I had which involved a space voyage. I keep hearing “zooooomvoooorrr” in a deep android type voice. I Googled it when I woke up, was conscious and nothing came up! I decided my imagination wanted me to use this name. Ya know our brains use DMT when we dream, eh?

2. How long have you been making electronic music?

I stared fooling around with synths and keyboards back in high-school, so about 6 years.

3. What kind of equipment do you use for your productions? Live shows?

I first began recording 8bit work in Nanoloop 1.3 and LSDJ. From there, I’ve progressed to using drum machines, sequencers, synths, effects pedals to create music.

I use: Yamaha PSR-21, Electribe MX, NL 2.3, Zoom g2.1u, Alesis Air Effex, MicroSyth, lots of filter/effects pedals, Casio PT-50, Behringer XENYX and Ableton for mastering. Live, I usually use a combination of my gear +Roland Groove Box, & Micro Korg.

4. Who are some of your favorite current artists?

Agoria, Deadmau5, Super Flu, but lately…I’ve been heavily listening to Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works…incredible stuff.

5. What are you most excited to work on in 2010?

New upcoming chip-house collaborations. Also getting back into experimental circuit bending 😀

DJ Phantom

I’ve tried to save my money, but Four Tet’s latest release, “There Is Love In You” is nonnegotiable.

Here he is wondrously guiding BBC Radio One’s Essential Mix..

Download the full mix here

DJ Phantom

DJ Phantom

I’m always excited to showcase some local music. This blog features artists from all over, from Australia to Amsterdam, Denver, and now, Puyallup, Washington.

Got some deep Trip-Hop/Dubstep/Awesome shit.

Team Chaos is comprised of Alan K. and Elliot B.

Shave Your Wobble.mp3

The Matrix Dub.mp3


1. How long have you guys been making music as TEAM CHAOS?

We have known each other as friends for years, but recently just started making music together about 6 months ago.

Elliot also plays guitar and does vocals in a metal band called Royalty In Ruins.

2. What is the electronic scene like in Puyallup, Washington?

In Puyallup, there isn’t to much of a scene, you have to drive to Seattle for that, there is a huge and awesome scene there, but you probably already know that! haha

3. What kind of equipment do you use for production? Live shows?

For production, we use FL Studio 9 and Massive, with an M-audio interface, midi-controller, guitar and live instrument sounds and Rocket 5 studio monitors. For live shows, we will be using Serato Itch with a Vestex VCI-300 DJ midi controller/interface.

We would like to experiment with incorporating live instruments with spinning. We have not officially played any live gigs yet, but are ready to book some very soon, so hit us up if you like what you hear out there!

4. Who are some of your favorite current artists?

Alan- Bassnectar, Noisemaker, Caspa, Rusko

Elliot- N-type, Within The Ruins, Dillenger Escape Plan

and we both dig Phantoms stuff!

5. What’s in the works for TEAM CHAOS in 2010?

We are always working on new material for our library, and hope to be getting on an indie label soon so we can put this shit on wax. We are goning to try to book as many shows as possible, so look for us in the Seattle clubs real soon playbaby!

6. What do you love about music?

Alan- I can be having a shitty day and hearing a couple of my favorite songs will always put a smile on my face.

Elliot- I love to make music. I love to take all the rules and break them. Without music, I could not live!

Look out for Team Chaos at a World Beats and Urban Streets dance-night (KTUB) in the near future..