Give it up for New Jack. Reppin’ Chicago!

Cold City (Original Mix)

Punks Night Out (Original Mix)

+ Chic, Everybody Dance (New Jack Remix)


1. What do you love about music?

I love everything about music! It’s like food, there’s so much variety. It’s very fun!

2. Who are you most inspired by right now?

DAFT PUNK, forever & always. They are the reason I even listen to any sort of dance music. I saw them live in 2007 not knowing anything of or about them really, besides maybe hearing “One More Time” at a few Italiano weddings. Long story, but they changed my life man!

3. Your working on new material, is there a certain idea or feel that you are going for this time around?

Well, like I started making music via computer production just a year ago, so I’m still getting the whole feel for things, and I’m very patient, so I’m taking my time really trying to discover what I want. But mainly my deal is House & Techno music because its just that “boom, chk, boom, chk” that drives me wild”.