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DD Welcome to Disco Droppings! What got you interested in DJ’ing, and how has your style developed over time? 

S We have Deee Lite, who performed at a Dallas, TX warehouse rave that I attended in 1991, to thank for my young, budding interest in electronic music. I stayed on the dancefloor for the next 8 years. And, then in 1999, I witnessed DRC throw down a blinding set, and thought “Wow chicks can be amazing dj’s…why can’t I?” So, I started out playing a smattering of Hard Trance and NRG, because (not gonna try to make myself all elitist) that’s what I was into 12 years ago. And, I think, like most dj’s when they first start, I wasn’t very good at beat matching, reading a crowd or even truly enjoying myself. Soon, though, I progressed to a life of very serious, very hard techno…and I mean serious. Right around the year 2001 I was lucky enough  to meet an amazing production crew in Vancouver B.C. called Soundproof and bonded with one of Soundproof’s finest, and my first “dj soul mate”, Son of Jacob (Trevor Jacobson). I was invited to play at some of their elaborately, insane parties and that’s where I really learned how to have fun behind the decks. 

Fast forward to today…Trevor and his partner Tanya Goehring are now producing some very beautifully, dark, very serious techno under the name The Automatic Message. I, on the other hand have gone down an entirely different path. After moving from Bellingham, WA to Portland, OR and meeting the love of my life, Carrie; I realized, through her that a dj is a vehicle for the party and it is really just about having the time of your life at that moment.  People want to smile and dance and forget about their troubles…escape.  At a very memorable after party for the S.E.C.T. show in Portland, hosted by Alga Rhythms, I was lucky enough to geek out on disco and play some records with another “dj soul mate”- Charlie Levine of Soul Clap. Partially, as a result of the S.E.C.T. party, my “dj sister”and best friend,The Perfect Cyn (Cynthia Valenti,) and I were asked to record a mix for The Adventure of Soul Clap Podcast that just came out at the beginning of September.

At this very moment (I mean right now, as you are reading this most likely),  I am on a never ending quest for a dance floor filled with folks getting down to deep house, obscure disco re-edits and an all around soulful vibe.  I spend a lot of time and resources finding music on vinyl that make people happy and have a good time.

DD What has your experience been with Decibel Festival in the past?

S You know, I just want to say that Decibel has really put the Pacific Northwest on the map for Electronic music.  I, shamefully, missed the first one but in subsequent years have had the pleasure of catching some of the artists that have been pretty damn influential.  One of my all time favorite Decibel shows was the showcase Akufen performed at in 2004.  He has been, and still is, one of my truly favorite artist and to experience him with all my friends just getting down and having a great time in a truly well produced environment was  pretty ridiculously awesome.  That’s just it about Decibel, it’s not just about top notch talent but really great detail to design and presentation.  Plus, what other festival in the world do I get to experience my fellow Cascadia dj and producer friends doing their thing on the “International Stage”? 

DD How did your set go at Decibel Festival?

S Having the opportunity to dj with my partner in crime, The Perfect Cyn, alongside what I consider my dream line-up for a party was simply incredible!  I’m, seriously, still glowing from the afternoon and it’s almost been a month since it has happened.  We were playing as the boat left docked…boy, what a feeling.  The fun I had was second to none mainly because of all the friends on the dancefloor (meaning all y’all) truly throwing inhibitions off and showing that the Pacific Northwest can do it proper.

DD Favorite mix right now?

S My favorite mix right now is..

The Adventures of Soul Clap: Episode 91 with Soho808

I adore the tracks presented and the kicker here is the that you hear the snaps and crackles of first record and it even skips within the first 2 minutes.  I really do love vinyl!

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Ready For The Weekend,

Jimi Jaxon


Whatsup guys? How’s the week been? Below you’ll read my interview with Austin producer, Dubbel Dutch. To support his art, head over to Boomkat for his latest release “B Leave”!!


DD The tropical feel of this “Half On A Baby” remix of yours is magical. Have you played in any tropical locations? If not, what would you imagine them to be like?

DUBD Haha. Not exactly sure what you mean but it definitely has a kinda uptempo dancehall and soca vibe to it. No I’ve never played in any tropical locations! In fact the only tropical place I’ve ever been to is Jamaica and I was about 11 years old at the time. I imagine they’d be really moist and constantly getting whacked by hurricanes. But yeah musically speaking every tropical place probably has a pretty distinct climate. I’d imagine it would be pretty hard to DJ without knowing very well what kinda music/trax are currently popular in whatever region I might find myself in. Still, definitely hope it happens one day. 

DD What’s your perspective on the electronic community in Austin? Who is making some crazy sounds?

DUBD My perspective is a pretty detached one but I’m always looking to get more involved. The scene in Austin has been surprising me more and more lately with a lot of DJ crews like Elevater Action, Wabi Sabi, Peligrosa, and Broken Teeth teaming up and brining in some dope acts and throwing some really good parties. We’re a small enough city that it doesn’t really feel like a pissing match between DJs here which makes for a pretty cool family vibe and that kind of permeates a lot of the other scenes as well.

DD What’s your plans production wise, going into 2012?

DUBD I’ve just finished a bunch of things actually – my single ‘B Leave’ on Hot City’s Unknown to the Unknown label out of the UK which has got a crazy Nguzunguzu remix to go along with it – that’s out now exclusively on Boomkat for the next couple weeks. I’ve also got remixes for Vybz Kartel, Nguzunguzu, and this Swedish band Blänk all forthcoming. Another single track on an Innovative Leisure compilation and finally my new EP for Mixpak Records. I’ve just signed an exclusive deal with Mixpak and will be focused on putting together the next project for them as well as some alias material. Hoping to incorporate vocalists into the mix and maybe start working on a record that’s geared towards some kind of live performance the details of which are still only being kicked around in my head.


DD What’s encouraged you to develop most as an artist?

DUBD Can’t say that there’s any one thing really. I think it’s mostly interaction with other people that pushes me on. Feedback from friends, collaborators, and fans is definitely nice. Also, feeling like a part of a musical movement really keeps me focused. Adding to and being part of the small and big conversations about current dance music culture. But it can also be really personal for me sometimes. While all music needs to be inspired by trends, ideas, styles etc that have come before I feel like a little piece of you needs to be put into the music every time and that’s kind of a general rule I’ve always had. Don’t just try to make a track that everyone wants to hear – you can do that a little but a part of it really has got to be organic, come from within, and hopefully mean something to you. Add to the conversation.

DD Have you seen Adventure Time? What do you think of it?

DUBD Have not seen.


DD Last words? 


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– Jimi Jaxon






DD You have quite the support system online. Since our last interview back in February, I’ve received comments of love into September!

WZDM Yes!! I saw that, Respect and gratitude to all the fans, friends, and family that show love, its really flattering. Helps a brother stay motivated, couldn’t do it without you guys. 

DD The latest Wizdumb release, “Fresh Produce: Beat Tape Vol.2” is smooth and breezy. What was the first Fresh Produce like in comparison to this one?

WZDM Well, this beat tape is the sequal to my first beat tape release back in 2007 entitled Dollar Bin Delicacies. I hadn’t put out a beat tape since then so I figured it was about time. In Fresh Produce I tried to apply the same gritty lofi boom bap elements that dollar bin had but add a little character and some humor, I wanted to get a little abstract with it. I think you can hear that within the first few tracks. It’s always good to step out of your comfort zone every now and then ya know what I’m sayin?

DD Fans of your work in New York will be happy to know you’re making your way over there for a tour, what’s that going to look like?

WZDM Out of town shows are always fun. Its always cool to see love from other places aside from the home base. I will be meetin up with my dudes Pacoe The Illiterate, Gabre Meden, LoopWhole, and all the SLANGCORP east cats out in Jersey. I will also be recording with the legendary producer K-Def. If yall dont know K-Def you need to do some research!! So I am looking very forward to the trip, the fans can expect some videos, songs and other goodies from the trip when I return.

DD Are there any new influences coming into your style?

WZDM There is always new influences, I could go through all my Youtube favorites list and name them all but that would take eons!! Most importantly, I have finally found a fellow beatsmith I can build with and actually get stuff done with that is worthwhile, so love and respect to my dear friend K-E-L, dude is a beast on the beats, very inspirational. Been chillin alot with the infamous SPECS-ONE too, Seattles “Baudelaire” as Charles Mudede from the stranger calls him. Its always madd inspirational being around specs, he is like a walking seattle hip hop history book, always puttin you up on some wisdom, you should do a interview with him some time, the man has been making beats and rhyming since like ’82. He is a good friend and a huge influence, one of my heros when it comes to music…word…….meanwhile I have also found myself listening to a classic NYC group called “Natural Elements” lately. The crew consists of A-Butta(MC), L-Swift(MC), Mr. Voodoo(MC), And Charlemagne(Producer). Peep them out if you haven’t yet, they are so quentessntial to 90s golden era hip hop yet still very slept on. Its ridiculous. 

DD Last words? Best of luck with your east coast shows!

WZDM Thank you DD! Always fun to visit you guys! I want to send love and respect to the fans for the support! And big ups to all my crew! yall know who you are!  

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– Jimi Jaxon

This duo will be gracing Seattle in a few days with their bass heavy mindset. See them at Chop Suey on 10/14 @ 9PM * 21+ TIX  Invite your buddies on Facebook 


DD How’s your touring of America been going so far? Where you at now? 

TRUTH Touring America is always great, this is our third tour here and it gets better each time! This will be our third show in for the current tour, San Francisco and Boston were both sick, and very different from one another! Currently chilling in Portland for a couple of days before coming  to smash it in Seattle this Friday, followed by Detroit on Saturday (with Distance).

DD I love the drop on “Great Man”, what first got you interested in producing Dubstep? 


TRUTH Aw thanks! We’d been producing for about 8-9 years already when we were introduced to Dubstep by Mala (who is half of Digital Mystikz). He came over to chill one afternoon mid-tour and played us a bunch of the music he had forthcoming on his label Deep Medi Musik. We fell in love with the sound straight away, and saw a lot of potential for the way we could integrate our sound within the genre. 

We were really inspired so spent the next three days in the studio working hard on beats, we gave Mala a CD of music a few days later when he came back through on his tour and not long after he picked up two tracks for a 12″ on Deep Medi (The Fatman / Stolen Children)!  From then onwards we’ve put all of our focus towards this music and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future!


DD With the genre gaining massive attention of the past few years (in America), have you experienced more U.S. fan interest in your music?

TRUTH Absolutely, at first our fan base was very much centered in the UK and Europe, despite living in New Zealand. So we did a few tours in and around the EU. Our first US tour last year had really good attendance for a first tour and we went away very happy. The second tour, 6 months later we noticed a huge difference in both the number of people and the make-up of the people coming to party! It was definitely a different crowd and much bigger numbers.

Interestingly, while our popularity in New Zealand has risen a lot, I think around 40%-50% of downloads through Soundcloud are from US listeners. So the US to us is certainly a place we want to focus on. We love it here, the people are super-welcoming and friendly and there is a lot to be said for the health of bass-culture here.

DD Who have been some of your favorite artists to play shows with? What about their style inspires you? 

TRUTH Definitely some of the old-schoolers like Mala, Coki, Sgt Pokes, Skream etc. They have a proper depth of knowledge in bass music, and have done things the hard way, being some of the pioneers of the sound we now call Dubstep. We’re really looking forward to playing with Distance in Detroit and Denver this tour, that will definitely by a highlight. N-Type always smashes it. Tunnidge is great to hang and party with as well as having a style all of his own. 

To be honest, everywhere we go there are a bunch of great artists and each has something to add to a situation in their own way. Quite often the support DJs are as good as the acts they are supporting, so you gotta give it up for the local talent in each city as well! Also, since they are not mid-tour they usually have a little bit extra energy to add to the situation, which livens things up a little.

DD You’ve got a show coming up in Seattle this Friday, what will your live show be like? 

This Friday in Seattle will be me (Tristan) coming to lay things down Truth-style. You can expect a mash-up of everything we are feeling at the moment. Lots of brand new Truth riddims to test out including bits and pieces from the 6 x 12″s we have coming out soon as well as material from our new album that is being road-tested at the moment. We always keep it very diverse in terms of what style we play, so don’t expect everything to be the same sub-genre within Dubstep. Having said this, we always like to play stuff which works on the dance floor, after all our job is to showcase the “Truth sound” while entertaining those people who have come out to party!

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– Jimi Jaxon

DD Welcome back, what’s going on in Bellingham?

IG Hey Lad, Bellingham is still perspiring art and patchouli as always.  The music scene seems to be coming closer and closer everyday, its a fabulous and inspiring place to create.  


DD What’s inspired you most this past summer? 

IG I would say caffeine and field recordings, its a great way for me to get out of the studio and rest my ears.. Where have all the cowboys gone?

DD How have the shows you’ve played recently (w/Gold Panda, Battles, Matthew Dear) impacted you? What have you learned from these well developed artists? 

IG It has been pretty surreal honestly, seeing the way that they take their music live has been nothing short of inspiring. Gold Panda is an amazing example of how Electronic music should be performed, lots of live looping and hands on beat thrashing. Each opportunity has been a great chance for me to spread my name around, along with a handful of cold sores.


DD What was your process like for understanding Ableton Live? You’re quite the little expert around here.

IG I originally started with Pro Tools and reason in 2003 and felt pretty comfortable with my tools after a few years. Coming from a band oriented background I couldn’t help but feel like I needed a better way to take my music live. After trying everything from DJing to routing my guitar, vocals, mpc and synth through a mixer that had a Kaoss Pad FX return, I finally found Ableton Live. I started slowly diving into the program with lots of small loops and elements that I had rendered from PT and Reason, mashing them all up in an improv fashion live. Once I realized my fluid workflow with production and sound design in Ableton I eventually quit using PT all together and only become more infatuated every day. 

Talking to lots of aspiring producers and mash up artists after shows I was often asked what I use and what I would recommend. After I started to notice that quite a few people were calling and emailing me with questions, I started organizing Ableton workshops around town. Weather it was out of my house, or at the fabulous Bellingham venue The Wild Buffalo with the amazing Erin Barra. Ableton is the best thing to happen to me since Spy Kids 4D.

DD Can you give any insight into the sound of upcoming IG88 songs?  

IG I am currently finishing the final mix down of my next full length release that will be called “A Loom And Not Me”. I incorporate a lot of Field recordings of my environment and lace them with my compositions to establish a nostalgic Western Washington mood. I also enjoy taking things like individual notes from my guitar lines and stretching them out, drenched in FX to create some beautiful textures. “A Loom And Not Me” will be a lot less vocal driven and also more bass heavy than my last EP “Blackberry Light”. Taking inspiration from a lot of shows I have played has helped me to combine my favorite aspects of live performance and incorporate some of those elements into the studio. Also finishing the new Triceracorn album has been a huge weight off my shoulders, allowing me to sit back and complete my solo work with no real deadline. I am having an amazing time doing what I do and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. 



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– Jimi Jaxon