DD Welcome to Disco Droppings! What got you interested in DJ’ing, and how has your style developed over time? 

S We have Deee Lite, who performed at a Dallas, TX warehouse rave that I attended in 1991, to thank for my young, budding interest in electronic music. I stayed on the dancefloor for the next 8 years. And, then in 1999, I witnessed DRC throw down a blinding set, and thought “Wow chicks can be amazing dj’s…why can’t I?” So, I started out playing a smattering of Hard Trance and NRG, because (not gonna try to make myself all elitist) that’s what I was into 12 years ago. And, I think, like most dj’s when they first start, I wasn’t very good at beat matching, reading a crowd or even truly enjoying myself. Soon, though, I progressed to a life of very serious, very hard techno…and I mean serious. Right around the year 2001 I was lucky enough  to meet an amazing production crew in Vancouver B.C. called Soundproof and bonded with one of Soundproof’s finest, and my first “dj soul mate”, Son of Jacob (Trevor Jacobson). I was invited to play at some of their elaborately, insane parties and that’s where I really learned how to have fun behind the decks. 

Fast forward to today…Trevor and his partner Tanya Goehring are now producing some very beautifully, dark, very serious techno under the name The Automatic Message. I, on the other hand have gone down an entirely different path. After moving from Bellingham, WA to Portland, OR and meeting the love of my life, Carrie; I realized, through her that a dj is a vehicle for the party and it is really just about having the time of your life at that moment.  People want to smile and dance and forget about their troubles…escape.  At a very memorable after party for the S.E.C.T. show in Portland, hosted by Alga Rhythms, I was lucky enough to geek out on disco and play some records with another “dj soul mate”- Charlie Levine of Soul Clap. Partially, as a result of the S.E.C.T. party, my “dj sister”and best friend,The Perfect Cyn (Cynthia Valenti,) and I were asked to record a mix for The Adventure of Soul Clap Podcast that just came out at the beginning of September.

At this very moment (I mean right now, as you are reading this most likely),  I am on a never ending quest for a dance floor filled with folks getting down to deep house, obscure disco re-edits and an all around soulful vibe.  I spend a lot of time and resources finding music on vinyl that make people happy and have a good time.

DD What has your experience been with Decibel Festival in the past?

S You know, I just want to say that Decibel has really put the Pacific Northwest on the map for Electronic music.  I, shamefully, missed the first one but in subsequent years have had the pleasure of catching some of the artists that have been pretty damn influential.  One of my all time favorite Decibel shows was the showcase Akufen performed at in 2004.  He has been, and still is, one of my truly favorite artist and to experience him with all my friends just getting down and having a great time in a truly well produced environment was  pretty ridiculously awesome.  That’s just it about Decibel, it’s not just about top notch talent but really great detail to design and presentation.  Plus, what other festival in the world do I get to experience my fellow Cascadia dj and producer friends doing their thing on the “International Stage”? 

DD How did your set go at Decibel Festival?

S Having the opportunity to dj with my partner in crime, The Perfect Cyn, alongside what I consider my dream line-up for a party was simply incredible!  I’m, seriously, still glowing from the afternoon and it’s almost been a month since it has happened.  We were playing as the boat left docked…boy, what a feeling.  The fun I had was second to none mainly because of all the friends on the dancefloor (meaning all y’all) truly throwing inhibitions off and showing that the Pacific Northwest can do it proper.

DD Favorite mix right now?

S My favorite mix right now is..

The Adventures of Soul Clap: Episode 91 with Soho808

I adore the tracks presented and the kicker here is the that you hear the snaps and crackles of first record and it even skips within the first 2 minutes.  I really do love vinyl!

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Ready For The Weekend,

Jimi Jaxon