Whatsup guys? How’s the week been? Below you’ll read my interview with Austin producer, Dubbel Dutch. To support his art, head over to Boomkat for his latest release “B Leave”!!


DD The tropical feel of this “Half On A Baby” remix of yours is magical. Have you played in any tropical locations? If not, what would you imagine them to be like?

DUBD Haha. Not exactly sure what you mean but it definitely has a kinda uptempo dancehall and soca vibe to it. No I’ve never played in any tropical locations! In fact the only tropical place I’ve ever been to is Jamaica and I was about 11 years old at the time. I imagine they’d be really moist and constantly getting whacked by hurricanes. But yeah musically speaking every tropical place probably has a pretty distinct climate. I’d imagine it would be pretty hard to DJ without knowing very well what kinda music/trax are currently popular in whatever region I might find myself in. Still, definitely hope it happens one day. 

DD What’s your perspective on the electronic community in Austin? Who is making some crazy sounds?

DUBD My perspective is a pretty detached one but I’m always looking to get more involved. The scene in Austin has been surprising me more and more lately with a lot of DJ crews like Elevater Action, Wabi Sabi, Peligrosa, and Broken Teeth teaming up and brining in some dope acts and throwing some really good parties. We’re a small enough city that it doesn’t really feel like a pissing match between DJs here which makes for a pretty cool family vibe and that kind of permeates a lot of the other scenes as well.

DD What’s your plans production wise, going into 2012?

DUBD I’ve just finished a bunch of things actually – my single ‘B Leave’ on Hot City’s Unknown to the Unknown label out of the UK which has got a crazy Nguzunguzu remix to go along with it – that’s out now exclusively on Boomkat for the next couple weeks. I’ve also got remixes for Vybz Kartel, Nguzunguzu, and this Swedish band Blänk all forthcoming. Another single track on an Innovative Leisure compilation and finally my new EP for Mixpak Records. I’ve just signed an exclusive deal with Mixpak and will be focused on putting together the next project for them as well as some alias material. Hoping to incorporate vocalists into the mix and maybe start working on a record that’s geared towards some kind of live performance the details of which are still only being kicked around in my head.


DD What’s encouraged you to develop most as an artist?

DUBD Can’t say that there’s any one thing really. I think it’s mostly interaction with other people that pushes me on. Feedback from friends, collaborators, and fans is definitely nice. Also, feeling like a part of a musical movement really keeps me focused. Adding to and being part of the small and big conversations about current dance music culture. But it can also be really personal for me sometimes. While all music needs to be inspired by trends, ideas, styles etc that have come before I feel like a little piece of you needs to be put into the music every time and that’s kind of a general rule I’ve always had. Don’t just try to make a track that everyone wants to hear – you can do that a little but a part of it really has got to be organic, come from within, and hopefully mean something to you. Add to the conversation.

DD Have you seen Adventure Time? What do you think of it?

DUBD Have not seen.


DD Last words? 


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– Jimi Jaxon