DD You have quite the support system online. Since our last interview back in February, I’ve received comments of love into September!

WZDM Yes!! I saw that, Respect and gratitude to all the fans, friends, and family that show love, its really flattering. Helps a brother stay motivated, couldn’t do it without you guys. 

DD The latest Wizdumb release, “Fresh Produce: Beat Tape Vol.2” is smooth and breezy. What was the first Fresh Produce like in comparison to this one?

WZDM Well, this beat tape is the sequal to my first beat tape release back in 2007 entitled Dollar Bin Delicacies. I hadn’t put out a beat tape since then so I figured it was about time. In Fresh Produce I tried to apply the same gritty lofi boom bap elements that dollar bin had but add a little character and some humor, I wanted to get a little abstract with it. I think you can hear that within the first few tracks. It’s always good to step out of your comfort zone every now and then ya know what I’m sayin?

DD Fans of your work in New York will be happy to know you’re making your way over there for a tour, what’s that going to look like?

WZDM Out of town shows are always fun. Its always cool to see love from other places aside from the home base. I will be meetin up with my dudes Pacoe The Illiterate, Gabre Meden, LoopWhole, and all the SLANGCORP east cats out in Jersey. I will also be recording with the legendary producer K-Def. If yall dont know K-Def you need to do some research!! So I am looking very forward to the trip, the fans can expect some videos, songs and other goodies from the trip when I return.

DD Are there any new influences coming into your style?

WZDM There is always new influences, I could go through all my Youtube favorites list and name them all but that would take eons!! Most importantly, I have finally found a fellow beatsmith I can build with and actually get stuff done with that is worthwhile, so love and respect to my dear friend K-E-L, dude is a beast on the beats, very inspirational. Been chillin alot with the infamous SPECS-ONE too, Seattles “Baudelaire” as Charles Mudede from the stranger calls him. Its always madd inspirational being around specs, he is like a walking seattle hip hop history book, always puttin you up on some wisdom, you should do a interview with him some time, the man has been making beats and rhyming since like ’82. He is a good friend and a huge influence, one of my heros when it comes to music…word…….meanwhile I have also found myself listening to a classic NYC group called “Natural Elements” lately. The crew consists of A-Butta(MC), L-Swift(MC), Mr. Voodoo(MC), And Charlemagne(Producer). Peep them out if you haven’t yet, they are so quentessntial to 90s golden era hip hop yet still very slept on. Its ridiculous. 

DD Last words? Best of luck with your east coast shows!

WZDM Thank you DD! Always fun to visit you guys! I want to send love and respect to the fans for the support! And big ups to all my crew! yall know who you are!  

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– Jimi Jaxon