This duo will be gracing Seattle in a few days with their bass heavy mindset. See them at Chop Suey on 10/14 @ 9PM * 21+ TIX  Invite your buddies on Facebook 


DD How’s your touring of America been going so far? Where you at now? 

TRUTH Touring America is always great, this is our third tour here and it gets better each time! This will be our third show in for the current tour, San Francisco and Boston were both sick, and very different from one another! Currently chilling in Portland for a couple of days before coming  to smash it in Seattle this Friday, followed by Detroit on Saturday (with Distance).

DD I love the drop on “Great Man”, what first got you interested in producing Dubstep? 


TRUTH Aw thanks! We’d been producing for about 8-9 years already when we were introduced to Dubstep by Mala (who is half of Digital Mystikz). He came over to chill one afternoon mid-tour and played us a bunch of the music he had forthcoming on his label Deep Medi Musik. We fell in love with the sound straight away, and saw a lot of potential for the way we could integrate our sound within the genre. 

We were really inspired so spent the next three days in the studio working hard on beats, we gave Mala a CD of music a few days later when he came back through on his tour and not long after he picked up two tracks for a 12″ on Deep Medi (The Fatman / Stolen Children)!  From then onwards we’ve put all of our focus towards this music and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future!


DD With the genre gaining massive attention of the past few years (in America), have you experienced more U.S. fan interest in your music?

TRUTH Absolutely, at first our fan base was very much centered in the UK and Europe, despite living in New Zealand. So we did a few tours in and around the EU. Our first US tour last year had really good attendance for a first tour and we went away very happy. The second tour, 6 months later we noticed a huge difference in both the number of people and the make-up of the people coming to party! It was definitely a different crowd and much bigger numbers.

Interestingly, while our popularity in New Zealand has risen a lot, I think around 40%-50% of downloads through Soundcloud are from US listeners. So the US to us is certainly a place we want to focus on. We love it here, the people are super-welcoming and friendly and there is a lot to be said for the health of bass-culture here.

DD Who have been some of your favorite artists to play shows with? What about their style inspires you? 

TRUTH Definitely some of the old-schoolers like Mala, Coki, Sgt Pokes, Skream etc. They have a proper depth of knowledge in bass music, and have done things the hard way, being some of the pioneers of the sound we now call Dubstep. We’re really looking forward to playing with Distance in Detroit and Denver this tour, that will definitely by a highlight. N-Type always smashes it. Tunnidge is great to hang and party with as well as having a style all of his own. 

To be honest, everywhere we go there are a bunch of great artists and each has something to add to a situation in their own way. Quite often the support DJs are as good as the acts they are supporting, so you gotta give it up for the local talent in each city as well! Also, since they are not mid-tour they usually have a little bit extra energy to add to the situation, which livens things up a little.

DD You’ve got a show coming up in Seattle this Friday, what will your live show be like? 

This Friday in Seattle will be me (Tristan) coming to lay things down Truth-style. You can expect a mash-up of everything we are feeling at the moment. Lots of brand new Truth riddims to test out including bits and pieces from the 6 x 12″s we have coming out soon as well as material from our new album that is being road-tested at the moment. We always keep it very diverse in terms of what style we play, so don’t expect everything to be the same sub-genre within Dubstep. Having said this, we always like to play stuff which works on the dance floor, after all our job is to showcase the “Truth sound” while entertaining those people who have come out to party!

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– Jimi Jaxon