DD: What made you decide on pursuing these artistic roads? I think it was a good choice your shit is hella kool!

JB: I guess my artistic route was determined by some intense feelings of dispossession  during the early days and art was a good way to sort things out in my head. The good thing about art is that it’s is a cool place to hide when you don’t know where else to go and you can say things to people that you can’t say face to face. Eh well you can say those things face to face but it’s easier to say them in a painting plus talking to people can be weird at times. I hope that makes sense? I make art cuz I liked tech decks when they first came out. Everything started with tech decks.

DD: I first saw your work at a SPACE party a little while was that event? Do you do many showcases like this?

JB: Actually the Halloween show at SPACE was my first show & I was entirely wasted as I hope everyone else was. I actually would be down to do some more music/art events. I’d be down to do paintings for a fun punk show!

DD: Where are you from originally? I think you moved up to Seattle recently?

JB: Originally I am from Kirkland Washington right up the street from Spud’s fish n’ chips. Shout out to Spud’s. Then I lived in Bothell, Seattle, Alaska, Olympia and now I’m moving back to Seattle.

DD: What music artists are you obsessed with right now? Any that especially influence your visual art?

JB: Recently I have been listening to mix 92.5 and kube 93.3 on the radio but when I’m not listening to my favorite shitty radio jams I rock out to Death in June, Mika Miko, Angry Samoans, Modest Mouse, Kid Cudi, Big Boi, Phantogram, Tycho, Mux Mool and Nicki Minaj. YOUNG MONEY ! Im not sure if any of these influence my art but they are fun to paint to. They probably do on some subconscious level but Im not a scientist.

DD: Favorite phrase?


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– jimijaxon