DD: Is that your voice? BEAUTIFUL.

LP: Thank u kindly sir.

DD: How would you describe the sound your developing?

LP: SouLcake with butter icing,  heartboom 4 your ears….I aim to be the lil’ light and shade ova the beautiful jams I get to collaborate on…….. shout outs to my talented bros Jellphonic,  Indigo Pyramid crew,  Onur Engin, Lord Jackson, Benny Tones and Sir Froderick, who make me sound flash ….

DD: What was your introduction to electronic music?

LP: Listening to Stevie Wonder and funk and disco tunes when I was little….Later on my time too, with house music, listening to other albums like Mr Scruff’s “Keep it Unreal”, Lionrock’s “An Instinct for Detection”, Herbert’s “Bodily Functions”, Jazzanova’s “Inbetween” album, Rockers Hi-fI and St Germain’s “The Tourist”, all out of control pieces of work so beautifully crafted and dope they all blew my mind…..

As I moved more into beats and samples , an album that had a profound effect on me  was Spacek’s Curvatia…listening to that inspired me to start recording my own vocals & buy an mpc…..



DD: What plans are you making as an artist for 2011?

LP: 2011 is feelin’ beautiful already….. makin plans for the vinyl release of  LoveMuscle blends with my bro Sir Froderick, there’s also  a lil’ rumour too we may be jamming live somewhere in the northern hemisphere this yeaR …… working with other mates on blends, beginning work on my own album, and startin a nu project locally – froM huN to Babe …. All very sweet times ahead….

DD: Best encouragement you’ve gotten to keep pushing on?

LP: The love & respect of my peers, which means a lot….. & the dope feeling u get when u finish a track and u can let that baby fly ….. reason enough to keep doing the do……

DD: Last words?

Heard this on a documentary the other nite, in reference to the art of creating……

“Like I always say,  you’ve got to leave space for God to enter the room……”
– Quincy Jones



– jimijaxon