This intriguing pair has an E.P. coming out on May 24 via Palms Out Sounds xO! Artwork by Sam Lubicz 



DD: You boys work it for sure!

LOL: Thank you. =)

DD: What do you two love most about working together?

LOL: We are both crazy guys with weird ideas and tons of energy. It’s fun to balance the ideas off each other and come out with a final project. It’s like a really elaborate musical version of the game “exquisite corpse”.

DD: Is there a group of artists you like playing shows with in your hometown?

LOL: In Montreal we have a crew of buddies Jacques Greene, Seb Diamond, Sinjin Hawke, Azamat B., Prince Club and Grown Folk. In Los Angeles, we have Acid Girls, Samo Sound Boy, Nguzunguzu, Zak-Matik, Paul Devro, Total Freedom, Cosmic Kids. It’s not always about the music being similar  but just having good times and sharing VIBEZ together.

DD: How do you feel about the electronic community in your area?

LOL: Since one of us is located in Los Angeles and the other in Montreal, it’s amazing to have to hometowns. We are really fortunate too that both cities are full of amazing individuals that we respect and pull influence from.

DD: Coming to Seattle anytime soon?

LOL: We were there in early February. We’d love to come back anytime. It’s an amazing city.

– jimijaxon