Goin hard tonight. This young producer is crafting a massive techno sound. Welcome to his world..


DD When I hear your tracks and Gesaffelstein’s, I get similar feelings. Which is rad because I feel he’s one of the freshest dance producers around! Who do you feel influences Etnik the most?

E I like listening to every genre and I get influenced by all of them. Over the last months I remixed songs for rock bands, pop acts and fellow techno producers, and right now I‘m working on a track that has a typical hip hop beat.

DD This “Summer” remix got the Skrillex bump a little while back. And I’m sure your plays skyrocketed immediately. The 8-bit, high pitched synth melody is growing on me. I feel it’s a distinguishing feature of yours. Is this your first interaction with Skrillex? How are you enjoying the new boost in fans? 

E Well, yes it’s my first interaction with Skrillex, although we’re both signed to the same label and booking agency in Germany. But I was thrilled when I first heard about his post on facebook, because it allows me to reach so many new people, that had never heard of me before. The track on my soundcloud page now has over 100000 plays.


DD Is there a community of producers you’re connected with in Germany?

E Yes, they are called friends. Two of them are Mendoza and Shakes Milano – it’s kinda cool, because they also do electronic music but more releaxed stuff then I do.

DD Do you have any releases planned for 2012?

E There are many things planned for 2012. I’ll have a free EP coming out in the end of March via Australian label Trashbags and I’m working on the next release after that right now. Also, I have a couple of festival gigs confirmed. 


DD Would you say there are certain themes associated to Etnik? Are there any major non-musical influences? 

E I’d say fashion and art. I like it when these two components come together

DD How would you encourage all the young producers out there like yourself, that are trying to establish themselves? 

E If you produce your own music everyday you can’t get worse over time, you only get experiences so keep making music, don’t stop.

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– Jimi Jaxon