DD Between your lush house tracks as The Get and these new Henry Krinkle productions, I am blown away. You are so damn good! Did you plan on making so many different styles or has recent inspiration caused you to change things up? 

HK  I find that inspiration does not operate on a timetable. It strikes when it pleases and I try my best to get it into the real world in the most accurate way possible. My productions and mixing will always improve because I’m always learning new techniques. I make a wide variety of music mostly because I love experimenting so much. I like making music that makes me feel good.

DD  Whats the energy like down in Florida for electronic music right now? 

HK Florida is wonderful. I love the weather and the people. It turns out everyone likes good music. I’ve played one show at The Vagabond in Miami wth Shuttle Life and it was great. Much love and support all around.


DD Does your ethnic cultural background contribute to your sense of rhythm and flow?

HK My rhythm and flow seem more to be an intrinsic part of who I am — my cultural background is part of that but there is so much more that defines any one person than their culture and ethnicity. 

DD Do you releases planned for Henry Krinkle? 

HK I have a single that I am about to start shopping around as well as a free EP that I’m putting together of some futurechill.


DD Happy to hear an Adventure Time sample in that “End Of Time” remix. Whats your favorite episode and which character is closest to your personality? 

HK I love the one where Marceline and Finn see a movie. I’m probably Jake cause I am straight up and caring. He also don’t give no fucks.

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– Jimi Jaxon