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You’ll be seeing a lot of James Arctic on Disco Droppings. I’ve become an evangelist of his music, through Twitter, my label 7 Deadly Records and upcoming DJ sets. See what he’s got coming up in this lil interview..


DD Always a pleasure to hear from you James. You just saw Africa Hitech, what was it like? 

A They killed it! First time I’ve seen them and was very impressed. Jumped between genres like it was nothing! Highlights would be the classic selection of old Plasticman & Coki tunes…really got the crowd going mental.


DD Between III Cosby and my sets, your track “Kings” has been getting good Seattle play. Now with “Cold Looks”, I got a new secret weapon to play out! Wheres that vocal come from?

A Big up! I’ve had lots of support recently with that tune..out to Kozee, Distal, Ill Cosby, Artifact, BD1982 and of course yourself for repping the tune! 

The vocal in “Cold Looks” is actually from a Gwen Stefani tune…I’m not gona say which one though! The idea pretty much came about during a Sunday grocery shop with the girlfriend, who knew about this Gwen Stefani tune (I had no idea, promise), anyway I was played the tune in the car and thought it would be pretty cool to sample…so I did!


DD You got two upcoming releases over here in the States. First with Car Crash Set and second with 7 Deadly Records – Whats your vision for these new sounds? 

A Well my release with CCS is actually a step back from the Acid House sound I’ve been hammering lately. Both tunes were made a while ago, but revamped recently for the release. ‘Green Lagoon’, the title track of the EP is more of a stripped back, quirky bass track, with a bit of hiphop influence and a beefy sub to drive it along. The b side, ‘Ollie North’, is a much more energetic, club friendly track…with a hint of cowbell, can’t forget the cowbell. 

My remix of Sphyramid’s “Acid Feel”, coming soon on 7 Deadly Records is basically a dancefloor stomper with a few surprises thrown in. As with any remix, I like to take out as much as possible from the original, changing up some of the signature sounds and build the majority on my own. I like to think I’ve put together a track here which incorporates heaps of my influences…you can hear Grime, Acid House & Bassline in this for sure. 

DD Last words? I’m sure I’ll have you back on Disco Droppings very soon.

A Thanks again for inviting me back, pleasure as always. Look out for my next releases coming soon on digital, plus a short video to accompany a dark acid house tune I made the other day. Out to everyone supporting, it really means a lot. 

James Arctic – Facebook Twitter Soundcloud 

– Jimi Jaxon 



Listen to Mirror State on his Sub.FM show – Saturday nights 12-2 am West Coast time

DD Wow, your remix of Kid Smpl is so incredible. What was your mindset like when you created this? 

MS I have been working with Kid Smpl for a while now and listening to a lot of his music, so when I sat down to do the remix I already had an idea of how I wanted it to sound really. The details in his tracks are excellent and I wanted to create a new space for them.

DD What first got you interested in producing? 

MS Since I was younger I was always obsessed with technology and being able to tinker with things, I guess that carried on and was a big part of reason of interest. I learnt about music theory and electronics when I was in school as well, so I always felt an urge to do it. I wanted to create music by myself and explore different sounds and techniques so I think production can be a progression of that,  and it allows me to create an outlet myself.


DD How would you describe your show on What about the station impresses you the most? 

MS The show I host is focused on new sounds that are mainly unreleased as well as other picks, it would fit between mainly garage and 2 step through to ambient tracks, and tracks you would play out on any good system. I have been on Sub FM for nearly a year now and I have the utmost respect for Whistla who runs the station and what he does. A lot of the hosts are from around the world so the output is quite diverse which is great to be part of.

DD What themes or symbols run through your music, if any? It has a kind of underwater feel to me. 

MS There are definitely themes..some quite subtle but I do try and make certain things stand out. The elements, landscapes, and more human themes like distress would be a few ideas that run through. So you aren’t wrong about it having a slightly underwater feel sometimes.


DD Talk a bit about upcoming releases..

MS I have 2 releases coming out in April, an EP called “Extension” coming out on Manchester label Broken Bubble and also a single with Seattle label Car Crash Set which will include “Dwell”, and a collaboration I did with Kid Smpl called “Fall Apart”. Both labels are doing innovative things within the scene from different ends, and is definitely something I’m looking forward to.  

The remix I did of Kid Smpl’s track “Float” will be coming out with the original on a label called Night Tracks with another remix from Venture some time quite soon. Additionally I’ve done a remix for the group Archie Pelago from Brooklyn who are doing truly original things. It’s of their song “Subway Gothic” and may also be seeing a release in a bit.

I am also working with a label called Solace Records so you can expect some other new things over the next few months including a collaboration with one of the guys behind the label called Stole.

DD Last words? 

MS Always appreciate the support man. Big up.

Mirror State: Soundcloud Twitter Facebook 

– Jimi Jaxon 


I’ve been friends with Branden Clarke aka IG88 for a few years now. Seeing his progression artistically and as a live performer has been a pleasure. Here’s my interview with him about his new release, “A Loom And Not Me”, which you can pick up here – And for a much more hilarious side of IG88, follow his Twitter account…

DD Whatsup IG88. Your brand new album has been getting local love on KEXP – as well as the label releasing it, Nueva Forma. What does it mean to you? 

IG Hey you handsome critter!  

I have been really flattered with how well “A Loom And Not Me” has been received.  Nueva Forma is an Audio/Visual label based out of Portland and with a small group of like minded artists so it has been a wonderful experience so far.  The recent love on KEXP has been pretty surreal for me,  I am honored to be a part of the air waves. I was always perfectly fine with my music just being the soundtrack to someones rainy intoxicated ride home, sounds generating from a hand me down CDR.  So the idea of people in my home town being able to tune in on a radio dial feels better than bathing in a sea of warm cream cheese. 


DD Talk a bit about the vocalist, whom you worked with on this album. 

IG Jenni Potts is an amazingly talented vocalist hailing from Bellingham WA, she has multiple solo albums out leaning more towards the Singer/Songwriter style.  Her ability to take my songs to a whole new level speaks volumes about how eclectic she is as a musician.  In the studio with her is always a blast because we are pretty strange individuals.   

The other vocalist featured on the title track is Evan Konrad, he is better know for his work as Bed Of Stars, an amazing band from Vancouver Canada.  I was lucky to have come in contact with him and you can expect to hear more collaborations from us in the near future. 

DD Are you taking a break from producing now that this album is out? Or are you already creating new material? 

IG Oh golly gee wilikerzz.. no break for me coming up anytime soon.  While still in the process of writing “A Loom And Not Me” I was still putting lots of work into my current hip hop project Triceracorn as well as remix’s for people and working on my live set.  No breast for the queery. 


DD How do you feel you’ve grown as a producer and performer? 

IG I am learning more and more about myself and what I want to audibly express after every show I do, sitting back and retrospectively listening to finished releases as well as hearing feedback from people I trust.  I feel like over the years I have learned to take things that I enjoyed making, and present them in a way that is digestible to a wide audience.  I used to have unfair expectations for people when seeing my music in a live setting, I also try not to make people feel awkward by singling them out and speaking to them in a homo erotic southern accents at shows for my own amusement. As a producer I have tried to develop a signature sound or style that is identifiable but not predictable. I still have much to learn but I am having a great time doing it. 

DD Last words? 

IG My last words would most likely be me slowly bleeding out on a distant medieval battle field, clutching a blood stained medallion that I want you to deliver to my beautiful wife carrying our unborn child.  My greasy battle stained hair would smell of ashes and morning dew.  Considering the amount of broken arrows protruding from my body it takes an unrealistic amount of time for me to finally pass away.  

IG88: Soundcloud Facebook Twitter 

Enjoy the sun

– Jimi Jaxon 

You’re about to be swooned..

DD The 5 tracks on your soundcloud are such a tease, I wanna hear more! Do you have any releases planned? 

H In terms of releases I’m putting something together for a new label next month, then perhaps a slightly bigger release later on in the year if I’ve got time. 

DD Your “In The Shower” version is classy. The very subtle touches to the original, like the reverb claps, give it the modern feel. When did you first hear this track?  

H Thanks. I actually only heard the song a few weeks before I did the edit, I stumbled across it whilst on youtube. I loved the vocal so naturally I decided to lay some epic-claps down.  

DD What got you interested in electronic music? Did you immediately want to become a producer? 

H Well my Dad is a producer/sound-engineer so I’ve always been surrounded by obscure electronic sounds. I’ve always had an interest in music but I’ve never seen it as a viable job option.

DD The track “Everything” has fantastic dancefloor energy. Got that Joker growl with a Night Slugs lean. Who are some of your influences, and how do you plan on distinguishing yourself as Hoodmode?  

H Yeah I think that track has quite a Joker-ish sound, It’s not particularly original – I’ve often contemplated deleting it, but it seems to get more attention than most of my other music, ironically. I think tracks like Problem Solver are more representative of my style. I don’t really listen to a lot of Electronic music at the moment, I go through phases though, I think it’s so hard to keep up to date with electronic music. I’m really influenced by producers like Terrace Martin, The Neptunes, Timbaland, 88-keys. I guess my style is informed by electronic artists like Mosca, Canblaster and Egyptrixx to name a few off the top of my head. I love older music too – stuff with wavey Moogs and Juno’s and shit. 

In terms of distinguishing myself I’m not really sure, I’m looking at working with more live percussion at the moment. 

DD Your name was passed along to me by Artek – who has a show with G. Davies on Have their been other stations/blogs playing your tracks? Im excited to share your sounds here in Seattle.  

H Hang-tight Artek. As far as blogs go, my Dons at BNTL have always shown me love, I’ve had a couple of plays on stations like Rinse.FM as well, but nothing major.

DD Last words? Thanks for stopping Disco Droppings!  

H R&B Over Everything.  

Hoodmode: Soundcloud 

– Jimi Jaxon 

Every element of The Weeknd, from the production of his 3 releases, to the visual representation is stunning. The songs are refreshing, intoxicating and emotionally gripping. Anyone attending Coachella Festival 2012 should make a point to see this guy live. All releases are free, courtesy of 

Here are are some of my favorites… 





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– Jimi Jaxon