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DD Hello Terence, welcome to Disco Droppings. What are you up to?

Z Thanks, man. Stoked to be a part of Disco Droppings, lots of good stuff on here. Definitely in good company. Just been working on Zoolab tunes as well as getting a new electronic project started with a good friend of mine. Been working hard trying to get a new track finished for the upcoming show.

DD Your latest release, the Voices EP is my personal favorite. Quite the display of cohesion, balance and moving emotions. What was your process finding the proper samples for this release? Did any of them come from unconventional or surprising sources?

Z Thank you, I truly appreciate that. I definitely agree that it is the most cohesive thing I’ve made thus far and am definitely happy with how it turned out. Well, the way I usually end up doing things is getting an instrumental pretty much done and framed out arrangement wise, then thinking about how the vocal samples are going to work out. I have a huge library of acapellas, so it’s just a tedious process of listening to the instrumental on loop while wading through loads of samples. What’s fun is that about half of the time if not more, the sample that ends up making it in is from a song I’ve never even heard. The exception to that process on Voices EP is the vocal on the song “That’s His”, which is an Arthur Russell sample from a song I heard on KEXP and immediately knew I had to mess with it. As far as the most unexpected, I won’t say where but there is definitely a Get Up Kids sample in the mix. 12808777294_fc55a74c93


DD Me and you can relate. We both have experience working behind-the-scenes in the music community. How has your work with Neumos, Barboza and The Crocodile helped you evolve as an artist?

Z I’m glad we can relate on that. Not even because it’s “cool” or anything, it just really gives you a different perspective on the world of live music. What it did for me was get me off my ass! I’ve been tinkering with making solo music for probably eight years and only played my first solo gig in August of last year. I would always tell myself that I wanted to make something of it, but wasn’t actually making the moves to actualize it. Working at the venues, and seeing people doing exactly what I wanted to be doing night after night made me realize that I had no excuse not to at least give it a go. Since I’ve had that mindset I’ve been finishing tunes and playing shows semi regularly and really that’s all I can ask for. The only real challenges that I’ve faced regarding making music have been my own personal downfalls. I can honestly say that my biggest flaw as a person is impatience, which has definitely translated to problems finishing up tracks at the pace I could be. I’ve been working hard on getting better at it though!

DD April 10th, you’ll be at Seattle’s Kremwerk venue (FB Event), alongside Big Phone, Kiife and DJ Db Cooper. I looked at some KEXP show reviews, where you opened for Com Truise, Phantoms, Mas Ysa and Lawrence Rothman and you got warm receptions. You’ve said that you’ll be playing tracks you’ve never played out before, are these older productions or a preview of a Voices EP follow up?

Z Yeah Gerrit Feenstra from KEXP wrote up those shows and said some really kind words, which I really appreciate. But yeah opening for Com Truise was the last show that I played and was by far the best reception I’ve had thus far, and definitely the most fun I’ve ever had playing a show. It’ll be a combination of both old and new. I have another four song EP in the works and I’ve been playing versions of three of those songs live in my last few sets. For this show, I hope to bust out a version of what will be the fourth song on that upcoming EP, as well as some stuff from Voices that I’ve been leaving out of the live sets. I really want to play “That’s His” but its so down tempo and creepy. I’d rather get people moving and keep the vibe up.

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– Jimi Jaxon




I’ve been friends with Branden Clarke aka IG88 for a few years now. Seeing his progression artistically and as a live performer has been a pleasure. Here’s my interview with him about his new release, “A Loom And Not Me”, which you can pick up here – And for a much more hilarious side of IG88, follow his Twitter account…

DD Whatsup IG88. Your brand new album has been getting local love on KEXP – as well as the label releasing it, Nueva Forma. What does it mean to you? 

IG Hey you handsome critter!  

I have been really flattered with how well “A Loom And Not Me” has been received.  Nueva Forma is an Audio/Visual label based out of Portland and with a small group of like minded artists so it has been a wonderful experience so far.  The recent love on KEXP has been pretty surreal for me,  I am honored to be a part of the air waves. I was always perfectly fine with my music just being the soundtrack to someones rainy intoxicated ride home, sounds generating from a hand me down CDR.  So the idea of people in my home town being able to tune in on a radio dial feels better than bathing in a sea of warm cream cheese. 


DD Talk a bit about the vocalist, whom you worked with on this album. 

IG Jenni Potts is an amazingly talented vocalist hailing from Bellingham WA, she has multiple solo albums out leaning more towards the Singer/Songwriter style.  Her ability to take my songs to a whole new level speaks volumes about how eclectic she is as a musician.  In the studio with her is always a blast because we are pretty strange individuals.   

The other vocalist featured on the title track is Evan Konrad, he is better know for his work as Bed Of Stars, an amazing band from Vancouver Canada.  I was lucky to have come in contact with him and you can expect to hear more collaborations from us in the near future. 

DD Are you taking a break from producing now that this album is out? Or are you already creating new material? 

IG Oh golly gee wilikerzz.. no break for me coming up anytime soon.  While still in the process of writing “A Loom And Not Me” I was still putting lots of work into my current hip hop project Triceracorn as well as remix’s for people and working on my live set.  No breast for the queery. 


DD How do you feel you’ve grown as a producer and performer? 

IG I am learning more and more about myself and what I want to audibly express after every show I do, sitting back and retrospectively listening to finished releases as well as hearing feedback from people I trust.  I feel like over the years I have learned to take things that I enjoyed making, and present them in a way that is digestible to a wide audience.  I used to have unfair expectations for people when seeing my music in a live setting, I also try not to make people feel awkward by singling them out and speaking to them in a homo erotic southern accents at shows for my own amusement. As a producer I have tried to develop a signature sound or style that is identifiable but not predictable. I still have much to learn but I am having a great time doing it. 

DD Last words? 

IG My last words would most likely be me slowly bleeding out on a distant medieval battle field, clutching a blood stained medallion that I want you to deliver to my beautiful wife carrying our unborn child.  My greasy battle stained hair would smell of ashes and morning dew.  Considering the amount of broken arrows protruding from my body it takes an unrealistic amount of time for me to finally pass away.  

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Enjoy the sun

– Jimi Jaxon 

For those old enough to drink in the U.S., I’ll have the privilege of dj’ing with Alex Ruder of KEXP and III Cosby, head of Car Crash Set on February 13th (Living Room Bar, No Cover). I recently learned more about friend, Alex Ruder in his recent Stranger article. As you’ll see in my interview below, he is incredibly enveloped with his craft of dj’ing, and missing his show at the Living Room Bar will be a mistake!


DD Sup Alex! I enjoyed learning more about your show in that Stranger article, I feel we are kindred music spirits. What are you up to right now? 

AR Hey Jimi! Thanks! Definitely feel like there’s a wonderful community of new music diggers in Seattle and just really happy to be a part of it. I’m chilling on my break from pushing movies at the video store I manage on Queen Anne, trying to sneak in a quick listening session to some new sounds before heading back to work…

DD I’ll be DJ’ing with you and III Cosby on 2/13 at The Living Room. Very hyped on this! What kind of set will you be playing? For those who listen to your show, are there any favorite tunes you’ll be adding to your living room set? 

AR Yes, really excited to get to share a set with you and Ill Cosby for Street Halo on the 13th! I’ll most likely be putting a set together of new stuff I’m digging and go heavy on some lush/introspective/sexy beats (my fave!) before getting into some more uptempo (but still moody) UK dancefloor flavors. I try not to repeat myself too often, and I try to find something new everyday that blows my mind, but right now I’m really feeling some new and forthcoming releases from Shlohmo, Lapalux, The Host, Ghost Mutt, and Time Wharp on the beats tip, and new UK material from Scuba, Throwing Snow, Disclosure, and Dauwd in the more dance-friendly realm. I’ll probably throw in some Burial as well. Gotta pay respect to the night!

DD How would you describe the NW electronic community? How has it evolved since you first became interested in it? Which artists around here have really stood out to you? 

AR Super hard to put it into words, but I feel that the NW electronic community is a group of genuine, dedicated music lovers, explorers, and creators that are doing what they do out of the sheer love for it. It’s been a treat to not only become more involved in the local scene over the past 8 years but also see the community grow, both in our own circle and on an international scale with the continual rise and success of Decibel Festival. Some of the newish artists that have stood out to me include Ill Cosby and a lot of local folks that have been affiliated with his Car Crash Set label, like Kid Smpl, DJAO, and Kimnusico Trio (who just moved back to New Mexico at the end of last year). I’m also super hyped on Chris Roman’s new house project J.Alvarez. Everything I’ve heard him produce under the new alias are some serious jams! Couple other new local producers that I’ve been feeling recently are Keyboard Kid and Giorgio Momurda. There’s loads more, but those are some of my 206 faves as of late.


DD Walk us through your show last Saturday morning. What songs were you especially hyped to play? Any NW artists in the track listing? 

AR I was extra giddy before this past weekend’s overnight show, as I felt like I had an extra heavy dose of new jams I was excited to share on the airwaves! As usual, I started off uptempo before chilling out towards the end of the first hour, and then just tried to keep an interesting vibe and flow throughout the rest of the show, hitting various genres from indie rock, worldly flavors, spacey ambience, pretty folk, to banging hip-hop, as well as the usual assortment of fresh contemporary beats that span the hip-hop and electronic realms. It’s a long list, but I was especially hyped to play Shlohmo’s “The Way U Do,” Lapalux’s “Moments,” Scuba’s “The Hope,” Tom Flynn’s remix of Niki & The Dove’s “DJ Ease My Mind,” Amusement’s remix of Disclosure’s “Flow,” Keep Shelly in Athens’ remix of Solar Bear’s “Cub,” Matthew Dear’s “In the Middle (I Met You There),” Todd Terje’s “Inspector Norse,” Two Inch Punch’s remix of Metronomy’s “The Look,” Eliot Lipp’s “I Wanted To Be A Rock & Roll Star,” Panoram’s “Mute City Blues,” Jacaszek’s “As Each Tucked String Tells,” Elephant & Castle’s “En Memoria (feat. tUnE-yArDs),” Goldie’s remix of Joker’s “On My Mind,” Plug’s “Feeling So Special,” Machinedrum’s “Van Vogue,” Gonjasufi’s “Blaksuit,” John Talabot’s “Journeys,” Mmoths’ “Heart (feat. Keep Shelly in Athens),” and Sonnymoon’s “Goddess.” There was still a lot of new tracks I couldn’t fit into the show that I’m looking forward to sharing on my next shift! Some local acts that I was stoked to sneak into the show were Kid Smpl’s latest unreleased track called “Corridor,” Gabriel Teodros’ “Mind Power,” “Format” by J.Alvarez, the new house-oriented alias of Seattle’ Chris Roman (aka 214),  Filastine’s “Ja Helo,” DJAO’s “Engraving” off the killer new Gem Drops Two compilation, and Keyboard Kid’s “Get Based.”


See ya’ll on the 13th! 

Jimi Jaxon