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Distal has a wonderful ability to mine through the world of sounds and find those gems. As head honcho of Embassy Recordings, you can see his filtering aesthetic in the artists he works with, and the crisp quality of the tracks released. I’ve mentioned that savage Wheez-ie release Keep Yer Chin Up in my past Distal interview, also really enjoying Thefft’s Name Shame / No Want That, which came out on Embassy late last year.

Not only does Distal kill it with his crew on Embassy Recordings, his own productions and DJ sets are high quality presentations. Tectonic put out his Civilization album in April 2012, the track “Not Cool” was included in my Decibel Festival 2012 Warp Records Showcase set.  His past Boiler Room set is one of my favorites, and I’m hyped to see him work out Q tonight. He pulls from a wide variety of BPM’s and styles, so you’ll just have to come and see what he showcases. He will be joined by Tony Goods (Top Billin, Sounds of Sumo, Car Crash Set, Damn Son), whose Hopscotch / Space Jam release comes out on C/C/S April 9th. Residents Nordic Soul and Recess will also be playin’.

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– Jimi Jaxon 


It’s been nearly a year since I last talked with Daega Sound and I’m happy to report, they’ve been very busy. This duo from Vancouver showcases powerful tracks in the dubstep realm , an expanded live pa and a string of excellent releases in 2012, into 2013. Extensive interview below..


DD I was just up in Vancouver to see XI, thought about you guys. What are you up to in Canada? I still gotta see one of your shows. 

DS Yup we’ve been busy keeping up with our releases and forthcoming releases, as well as writing LOTS of new music for 2013.  We have 8 tunes slotted for release at the end of 2012 and early 2013. We are super stoked for our latest releases, our tune “Fonica” and the seriously banging Fonica remix by DJG out on limited edition 10” as well as digital on Crude Records.  Also our remix of Longwalkshortdocks “You Berg” out on King Deluxe. Forthcoming we have 2 dnb tunes coming out on Loxy’s CX:Digital label, Mind Like Water. It’s a half time very textured dnb bit and “Flight” which is akin to the older school dnb steppers but with a melodic and layered up Daega sound. Also a 3 track minimal style dubstep EP coming out on Dat Pressure Records. Our collab with HxdB, which has been super fun, will be out on 12” and digital on Crude Records. You can catch the dub of “Spheroid” (Daega and HxdB) being snuck onto SubFM and RinseFM by a select few Dj’s. Also a couple remixes we have done, “Regenerate” by Moldy, a super sick proper tune coming out 12” and digital on Tuba, and a remix of the notorious Mat The Aliens “Hsptl Wobble”..a mad mid bass wobbler we totally daegafied, for his label Really Good Recordings. So keeping that going as well as getting to work other new projects. We are working with vocalist Lady Maroo on a couple tunes, who has worked and released music with DJ Madd, excited to see where that goes, she has a great voice. Outside of the studio we are starting to book in some shows in Vancouver and are looking at the spring for a North Amercian tour.  In the immdediate future we’ve got some DJ gigs and some Live PA gigs in Vancouver comin up!


DD Judging by your new productions, I sense a distinct production evolution (the forthcoming “Fonica” on Crude Records is tough!). How do you feel you’ve grown in 2012, and how to you hope to build on that progress? 

DS “Fonica” is a culmination of new inspirations within the bass music realm and our new ever progressing experience in the studio.  The more time we spend in the studio, the more we learn. New information and skills are very inspiring, the results are in an evolution of the sound. We are also looking at the overall organization of what it is that we do and what we want to do.  Looking forward and building on the foundation that we have, we’ll be spending a bunch of time in the studio writing and finishing new tunes, and we also plan to be getting ourselves out on the road more.  All the while, we’ll be upping the focus on making ourselves more accessible and organized online.

DD The Daega Sound remix of Longwalkshortdock’s “You Berg” has a sick rhythm. The change up between the intro and drop is very unexpected. How are you connected with Longwalkshortdock, and what did you hope to accomplish with this remix? 

DS We had been playing the same festivals as Longwalk for a couple years before we actually met. Always loved his live performances, totally off the hook awesomeness; he can produce,  sing, and really put on a show. Once we all met, and nerded out for a bit, we totally got along and now try to catch each other’s shows whenever we can.  We liked Longwalk’s version of “You Berg” with the vocals, he sent the stems over, King Deluxe wanted to do a remix pack with a bunch of other producers and it was on. The format of the song is unexpected. This tune kinda just came out like that, we liked the contrast of the smooth vocal lines and build up from the likes of the original tune, then the way it just fell into a very different drop, which is very us, but still heavily influenced by the original. We didn’t really have an agenda with the “You Berg” remix, it was more about getting a project going with LWSD, cause we like him and his music so much.

DD When is this DPR Recordings release happening? I love the fluid, epic quality of “Falsehood”, and “Whirpool” is tight too. 

DS Thank you! We were going for a full sound using minimal timbre’s and a stripped back arrangement. Master’s of the tunes are completed and they sound awesome. From this stage the tunes begin their journey to the label to queue up for promo, then onto worldwide distribution on all major online retailers. We are waiting for a release date from distribution for the EP, we anticipate a late 2012 release.


DD I was sad to see III Cosby, head of Car Crash Set move from Seattle to Washington D.C.  He released the “No Northwest Cycle 2 EP #3” in May, 2012. This features your tracks “Legion”  and “Winter’s Horse”, along with productions from Kid Smpl and Keyboard Kid. “Winter’s Horse” stood out to me, I would love to include this in a future DJ set of mine. What kind of connection do you feel with your close neighbor, Seattle? 

DS Glad you like the tune, of course put it into a mix, that would be awesome! Well, from the few times we’ve been to Seattle, we played with Shackleton there in 2010 and had a seriously good time, we both really like it. We were into all kinds of rock and grunge when we were younger and some our favourite musicians (Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain to name a few) all come from Seattle, so it was awesome to play there..and think about how many amazing artists have performed or come from Seattle. The influence from all those artist is still very there for us.  We’d both really like to be there more and get to know the city better, haven’t made it to Decibel Festival, its been in the plans for a couple years, we’ve heard so many great things about the level of production, and of course the line up always looks so amazing.


DD To wrap things up, what’s the best thing that’s happened to you guys this year? 

DS We’re not good at picking favourites, there are certainly a lot of highlights. Some highlights would have to include: releasing a limited edition 10” with an absolute banger of a remix from one of our favorite producers and good friend DJG (aka Grenier), releasing on Loxy’s label is big for us , he has been a sound hero for us since we were teenagers. The success of our new live pa set at this years edition of Bass Coast featuring the debut of a bunch of our new DnB and integration of ipads into our live set up, honing in our production and work schedule (there’s something to be said for time management) and having some space and time to write and prepare for the future.

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– Jimi Jaxon



Thanks to Kid Smpl, who mentioned Blind Prophet in his recent Disco Droppings interview. I went over to this producer’s Soundcloud and was hyped on the overall atmosphere (There are currently 55 Blind Prophet tracks uploaded!). I’ve talked with Blind Prophet about the releases that stood out to me most, as well as his show on Sub.FM, which you can hear Friday’s from 9-11pm EST / 6-8pm on the west coast. Oh, and at the very bottom you’ll see his dreamy track “Coastline”, which can be downloaded for free via XLR8R

DD Welcome to Disco Droppings, Blind Prophet. What’s going on in your world right now?

BP Hello! I’ve been really busy with music lately – which is always a good thing. I’m in the process of exploring new genres, BPM, and techniques so that’s been taking up much of my time.

DD I wanna go way back to October, 2010, when your Open The Cut EP was released on Car Crash Set. The synth pad in the title track has a lot of clarity, and “Lag” has a nice bounce and smooth rolling sub. Do you remember your mindset back when this release was coming together? 

BP When the “Open The Cut” EP came out I was pretty much only making 140/dubstep type music. Lately I’ve been shying away from that tempo but I can remember approaching Ill Cosby, the owner of Car Crash Set, about the possibility of doing another EP. He was down for it so I sent him some tunes and we settled on the ones that appear on the release. I didn’t set out to make an EP when I made the tunes that are on it, it just so happened that they sounded cohesive together so it worked out nicely. Maybe it was a subconscious type thing….

DD A more recent release, your Shortage EP on Gradient Audio also stood out to me. I really like the edginess of “The Choice”. Is this a distinctly harder sounding track for you? 

BP Yeah, “The Choice” was kind of my ode to the more harder/aggressive dubstep tracks that I’m a fan of. Sadly, though, this sound has been hijacked by producers that are claiming they are making “dubstep” but, in reality, are making some of the worst music I’ve ever heard. I actually wouldn’t even call it music – it’s just shit.

DD You’ve got a show on Friday’s, who are some artists getting lots of play when you’re on the air?

BP I always seem to play tunes by Subreachers, HxdB, Wen, and Volatil every show. They are four of my favorite producers so it’s only natural that I would support them.  

DD This “Replica” track you did with Mirror State is so rad, I must get this one to play out. Did you first connect with Mirror State through, since you both have shows?

BP I first came across Mirror State about a year ago on Soundcloud. I really dug his stuff so we started swapping tunes and talking on AIM. We actually tried to collab prior to “Replica” but it just wasn’t in the cards. Then one day I came up with a drum groove and some synths and sent it to Thomas. I felt the tune could benefit from his artistic touch and I think I was right – the tune turned out great!

DD Will you be making it to the west coast anytime soon? I’ll be in your state later this year if i’m accepted into RBMA 2012.

BP I was out on the west coast this past January doing a mini tour, hopefully I can come back soon to play some more shows. 

DD Last words?

BP Thanks to anyone that has supported me and my music, shout out to all the labels/producers/DJs – you know who you are! And thank you to Disco Droppings!


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– Jimi Jaxon 

What a nice fellow Minerva is, and an intriguing producer as well. I talk with him about his upcoming Car Crash Set release, and what he’s been up to lately. Hear snippets of the tracks while ya read.


DD Hello Minerva! How are you? 

M First off I just want to say thank you for this opportunity.

I’m good thanks, it’s just been a crazy month sorting out a lot of things right now to do with my music, and also my personal life. I just got married last weekend, which was amazing but it meant I’ve had limited time in the studio, but now everything’s slowly going back to normal.

DD I receive promos from Car Crash Set, and your forthcoming “Noir” release is in the latest one. Terrific batch of songs! I have a show coming up and will definitely feature something from you, probably “Step Forward”, love that little vocal sample. How would you describe “Noir”, for those just learning about your work? 

M Thanks that means a lot, really glad you liked it and I hope it goes down well! I’d definitely describe “Noir”  as a mix of my sounds, and hopefully for someone listening for the first time, that it shows how I don’t like to be restricted to one scene or genre. Overall “Noir” hopefully showcases the direction I am going in with tracks like ‘Rethink’ and ‘Step forward’, crossing the lines between different styles of Bass Music, at least I hope that’s what comes across. 


DD I feature a lot of artists from the UK, but haven’t been there yet. What’s the environment like for artists over there? Do you have a crew you stay close with? 

M In the cities like London, Manchester, Bristol etc.. there is always an amazing buzz and little scenes popping up here and there. I was in Manchester nearly 3 years ago studying but had to move to a village an hour north of London due to family commitments. Since then I have had to rely on my friends in the cities for news on nights and exciting producers to check out, which is frustrating at times, but also a breath of fresh air in a way, due to being able to be completely isolated if I wish and work on music that isn’t overly influenced just by what’s the big thing that week.

DD I also enjoyed your Oh My/Heart City release on Car Crash Set last year. How did you connect with the label?

M Again thank you. 

From what I remember, I sent them a couple of rough tracks and they got back to me saying they liked my stuff, and have I got any new tracks I wanted to send over for them to have a listen to. I had just finished both “Oh My” and “Heart City” that week and sent them over. I had an email back saying that these were “the ones!” and it all went from there really. I honestly can’t thank them enough, a brilliant label to be part of and always putting out amazing releases and pushing new sounds.

DD What’s been keeping you inspired lately? 

M Just seeing how everyone is bouncing ideas off of each other, especially now with websites like Soundcloud. Whether they are from a full on Techno background or into writing soundscapes, it’s inspiring seeing people branch out and mixing new ideas together without feeling trapped into making one sound. 


DD Last words?

M Hopefully people will like “Noir”, I finally finish off all the tracks I have on the go, and also to keep an ear out for some really exciting projects in the pipeline. Starting work with a couple of amazing producers and I can’t wait to get some of the tracks out there.

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– Jimi Jaxon 


Been bumpin’ this Car Crash Set release for a while privately, and now it’s available on Juno. Support my bud James Arctic, he got the skills.

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– Jimi Jaxon