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Distal has a wonderful ability to mine through the world of sounds and find those gems. As head honcho of Embassy Recordings, you can see his filtering aesthetic in the artists he works with, and the crisp quality of the tracks released. I’ve mentioned that savage Wheez-ie release Keep Yer Chin Up in my past Distal interview, also really enjoying Thefft’s Name Shame / No Want That, which came out on Embassy late last year.

Not only does Distal kill it with his crew on Embassy Recordings, his own productions and DJ sets are high quality presentations. Tectonic put out his Civilization album in April 2012, the track “Not Cool” was included in my Decibel Festival 2012 Warp Records Showcase set.  His past Boiler Room set is one of my favorites, and I’m hyped to see him work out Q tonight. He pulls from a wide variety of BPM’s and styles, so you’ll just have to come and see what he showcases. He will be joined by Tony Goods (Top Billin, Sounds of Sumo, Car Crash Set, Damn Son), whose Hopscotch / Space Jam release comes out on C/C/S April 9th. Residents Nordic Soul and Recess will also be playin’.

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– Jimi Jaxon 



This guy brings the party. Such high energy music, I love it! Astronomar has releases on Top Billin and Mad Decent Jeffree’s, which are ace. Grab his recent mp3 ” courtesy of XLR8R – Interview below

DD Whatsup Astronomar? I believe the first time we talked (at the Rye Rye show?) you connected me with Michael Grunden of George Bashington Productions. I helped promote a few of his shows and ended up opening his Boysnoize Records showcase in Seattle. First off, thank you for introducing us! What are you up to? 

A No problem, Mike is the guy! Recently I’ve been working on music and trying to eat lots of fruits & veggies, haha! Trying to narrow down my remix work , though I am always experimenting on original tracks and also have a couple collabs in the works. June 25th my colab EP titled “Horse Code” with Swick (Australia) comes out on Enchufada, J-Wow from Buraka Som Sistema’s label.


DD Your first release “Had To Move On” is rad. I realized that I included that track in my tribal set for my label, 7 Deadly Records release party last December. Were you expecting such a positive reaction from this release? 

A Thanks man glad you like it! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was definitely hoping for the best. Though I was blown away when I saw a video of Crookers playing it at I Love Techno. its extremely inspiring to get support from any of your musical heros.

DD There are so many Astronomar tracks and remixes on your Soundcloud. Going back to your first attempts at producing, did you have a period when you thought you’d never get the hang of it? Were their certain producers and/or tutorials that helped you along the way? I bet their are some new producers reading this..

A Yeah, I think we all have those moments when we feel stuck in some way or another, but as long as you think it out and continue to work, you will progress. I didn’t really watch tutorials to learn techniques, the way I do things is a bit backwards and is mainly a result of trial and error.

DD You’ve had some very innovative producers feature your tracks in their mixes, including Crookers, Diplo, A- Trak and Cedaa. Whose done your favorite mix with a production of yours? 

A Yeah man it feels great to get their support! I can’t pick a favorite tho, I really enjoyed all those mixes and not only because they featured my tracks. Those are all guys I respect and would be happy to check out their mixes anyways.

DD From your experience playing shows in Seattle and getting to know the electronic community around here, is there anything you’d like to see more of? Certain styles getting more attention and such? 

A From my observation, there are a lot of talented people doing electronic music in Seattle, in a multitude of genres. It actually seems as though the artists outnumber the audience most of the time. So I’d have to say Seattle’s electronic music community would greatly benefit from having more open minded folks on the dancefloors.


DD The “Ya’ll Know EP” you put out on Top Billin is very very cool. I saw a funny ep teaser video for the release, did you have any input on the direction of this video? 

A Thanks man, happy you like it! Yeah my good friend Timbre made that video. I sent him a few silly clips to give him an idea of what I was aiming for, and he took it to a whole new level!


DD Brenmar, Four Color Zach yourself and others will be playing at Lo-Fi in Seattle on July 13th, 2012. How would you describe the overall feel of this show, for those thinking about stopping by?

A It will be really dope! We have a very musically diverse & talented line up, and its at a cool spot with cheap drinks. We just had Jubilee last month and that was really dope. 

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– Jimi Jaxon