Thanks to Kid Smpl, who mentioned Blind Prophet in his recent Disco Droppings interview. I went over to this producer’s Soundcloud and was hyped on the overall atmosphere (There are currently 55 Blind Prophet tracks uploaded!). I’ve talked with Blind Prophet about the releases that stood out to me most, as well as his show on Sub.FM, which you can hear Friday’s from 9-11pm EST / 6-8pm on the west coast. Oh, and at the very bottom you’ll see his dreamy track “Coastline”, which can be downloaded for free via XLR8R

DD Welcome to Disco Droppings, Blind Prophet. What’s going on in your world right now?

BP Hello! I’ve been really busy with music lately – which is always a good thing. I’m in the process of exploring new genres, BPM, and techniques so that’s been taking up much of my time.

DD I wanna go way back to October, 2010, when your Open The Cut EP was released on Car Crash Set. The synth pad in the title track has a lot of clarity, and “Lag” has a nice bounce and smooth rolling sub. Do you remember your mindset back when this release was coming together? 

BP When the “Open The Cut” EP came out I was pretty much only making 140/dubstep type music. Lately I’ve been shying away from that tempo but I can remember approaching Ill Cosby, the owner of Car Crash Set, about the possibility of doing another EP. He was down for it so I sent him some tunes and we settled on the ones that appear on the release. I didn’t set out to make an EP when I made the tunes that are on it, it just so happened that they sounded cohesive together so it worked out nicely. Maybe it was a subconscious type thing….

DD A more recent release, your Shortage EP on Gradient Audio also stood out to me. I really like the edginess of “The Choice”. Is this a distinctly harder sounding track for you? 

BP Yeah, “The Choice” was kind of my ode to the more harder/aggressive dubstep tracks that I’m a fan of. Sadly, though, this sound has been hijacked by producers that are claiming they are making “dubstep” but, in reality, are making some of the worst music I’ve ever heard. I actually wouldn’t even call it music – it’s just shit.

DD You’ve got a show on Friday’s, who are some artists getting lots of play when you’re on the air?

BP I always seem to play tunes by Subreachers, HxdB, Wen, and Volatil every show. They are four of my favorite producers so it’s only natural that I would support them.  

DD This “Replica” track you did with Mirror State is so rad, I must get this one to play out. Did you first connect with Mirror State through, since you both have shows?

BP I first came across Mirror State about a year ago on Soundcloud. I really dug his stuff so we started swapping tunes and talking on AIM. We actually tried to collab prior to “Replica” but it just wasn’t in the cards. Then one day I came up with a drum groove and some synths and sent it to Thomas. I felt the tune could benefit from his artistic touch and I think I was right – the tune turned out great!

DD Will you be making it to the west coast anytime soon? I’ll be in your state later this year if i’m accepted into RBMA 2012.

BP I was out on the west coast this past January doing a mini tour, hopefully I can come back soon to play some more shows. 

DD Last words?

BP Thanks to anyone that has supported me and my music, shout out to all the labels/producers/DJs – you know who you are! And thank you to Disco Droppings!


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– Jimi Jaxon