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First off, happy 420. Admin is back for a second time on Disco Droppings. Catch up and learn about his upcoming releases below. One thing not mentioned in the interview is his remix of Mike G‘s “Boost”, out in June on Car Crash Set. Keep your ears tuned, this track may appear in upcoming dj sets of mine. 


DD Welcome back Adam. What have you been up to since I talked to you in September 2011? It’s been a little while!

A Thanks for having me back! Since we last spoke I’ve been working on some new tracks, playing some sets and just generally chilling. Met some great people this year already and I can’t wait for the summer. Going to be a good ‘un!

DD 2 new tracks of yours on Soundcloud are forthcoming, the labels releasing them have not been announced yet . There’s “Behind You” and “Hustle Me” which I’m especially fond of. How did you go about finding a place for these to be officially released?

A I always try to make sure that I can reply to everyone that messages me about tunes, and a lot of people do! I always appreciate the feedback, and when a label asks if I can send any demos I always make sure I do, even if it is a bit later on in the future. I owe a lot to Soundcloud, I don’t think I would be so confident making music without the support I’ve had from people on there. But yeah, whenever I’m happy with a track I’ll send it about to hear what people think…


DD What’s been inspiring you lately?

A Film and cinematography, strong images and stories really inspire me. and the support from my friends.

DD Last words? Pleasure having you on DD.

A Thanks again, keep listening. :]


Admin: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

– Jimi Jaxon



The newest release from Car Crash Set is out today, and the man behind the tracks is Tricky Strutt. As you’ll see in this interview with Disco Droppings, I give the “Slugz/Hot Nightz (It’s In The Air)” release full support. This guy has the club tracks that get better and better with each listen. The above track comes in at about 1:50, via Congratulations to Tricky Strutt, may this be a launching pad for your future projects.

DD I receive promos from Car Crash Set and gave your new release a listen. Then I gave it another listen, and another, and another and another. IT’S SOLID. The crisp percussion sits perfectly in these new tracks, the vocal bits are trippy and there’s a consistent sexy atmosphere. You’ll be featured in my next dj set for sure, very hyped. I’m sure I’m not the only one supporting your tunes, I heard one of your tracks on Rinse.FM with Dominique Danielle! With your Slugz/Hot Nightz (It’s In The Air) release out now, how are you feeling?
TS First of all let me say thanks for the coverage.
The Car Crash set release is really an opener for what I’ve got planned, I hope it shows my two sides, that techier edge on “Slugz” is where I really come from in a dance music sense. Living in Ibiza for two summers really changed my life. However much at the time I wanted to deny it, Ibiza opened up a lot of doors for me, and gave me the opportunity to meet some great people. The Rinse coverage is really down to Georgia Girl of Act Natural Records, big love to her. In general I couldn’t be happier with life at the moment, I’ve just moved to Manchester, which is a big step coming from the south of England, but I had to take a risk and so far everything’s great. I have people I care for around me, and that’s really what life’s about, enjoying yourself with people you love, which I think shows in my music.

DD What sparked your interest in electronic music, and were you immediately interested in producing your own material?
TS I used to steal my older sister’s tape packs when I was just starting secondary school, listening to UK garage and seeing the scene be pushed out by grime. I started out with 2 turntables and a mixer at around 13, running Fruity Loops into the third channel, not really knowing what I was doing, but after a serious lack of grime music being pressed to vinyl my interest sadly faded for a few years. Then at 18, after watching my friend Anthony show me his tracks made on Reason 3.0, I was hooked. I had a copy within a week and was locked in everyday and have been since.
DD Who are your biggest inspirations?
TS I think I take inspiration more from my clubbing experiences, not people in particular. In terms of artists it’s all about Wiley, musically he’s untouchable. But it’s really the sounds and different scenes that influence my music. If I’ve been out to a techno/house party, then I want to recreate the sound that’s stayed in my mind when I sit down at the computer. Everyone has certain memories of each night, so if I’ve heard a naughty garage house sounding set that’s going to come across, same as if I’ve been out listening to some deep techno, that’s the vibe I’m going to be reaching for. Maybe this is the reason I’ve switched more to a 4×4 beat lately, for me good alternative music just doesn’t exist in the club world at the moment, especially for the more mature partygoer.

DD How would you describe your previous release, “Don’t Leave/S’all Bout You Luv” on Stun & Shock?
TS The Stun and Shock release I put out entirely myself, from the artwork to the distribution. I used a friend of a friend, Aran out in Madrid to do the artwork; in his first correspondence with me he asked what my Mayan animal sign was, I didn’t have a clue what he was on about, but it’s crazy stuff like that that I want to hear from people. In my eyes the tracks show my background in music. I didn’t note it on the artwork, but there is a third track on there, it’s grime, instrumental grime. 
I still think of my tracks like video game levels or something, everything has a stage, the intro and half time drop on Don’t Leave shows my love of synth’s, I can’t really liken it to many other tracks and S’all Bout You Luv is a jerky bubbly 2step track. I sampled the same vocal track in both tunes, so it seemed fitting to call it that. Big up to Mariah Carey for that haha!

DD You’re developing your own distinct mood with these songs, sounds to me like you have a strong vision of what Tricky Strutt can be. What do you hope to accomplish in 2012?
TS To be honest I really don’t know what’s going to happen with Tricky Strutt at the moment, I’ve got loads of Stun and Shock material to release, and I’ve been producing tracks with a guy Jay I met out raving in London. In January I recorded him singing for the first time, I literally met up with him at his house, recorded a track in his spare bedroom and flew down to BM Records Soho to show Eddie and Jimmy who both man the shop upstairs on Saturdays. If you’re shopping in Central London I can’t think of any two guys better to pull some dubs off the wall for you to check out, they know music. So if you don’t know about Jay and Tricky you will!
DD Last words? I hope to have you back here on Disco Droppings soon.
TS I’ve got to thank everyone that supports me, especially my mum, my dad and my sister, Tom (Goober) Holloway for bringing me and Jay together, Massive big ups to everyone at BM , my new flatmate Peter Carter aka Retrac, and all my friends and fam, you know who you are! Its synchronicity man, google it. And Oh yea, I gotta pocket fulla Goobers and I’m going to the club. Catch me dropping some tunes at The Deadbeat Society Producer Battle, 31st of May..

Tricky Strutt: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

– Jimi Jaxon

An epic show goes down this Saturday at Chop Suey. Lorn, of the Brainfeeder and Ninja Tune crews, is back in Seattle! I loved his set at Decibel 2010, and this time he will be joined by Dolor, Omega Clash (Lorn + adoptahighway) and III Cosby. Big thanks to People Music and Car Crash Set for putting this on. With a new album, “Ask The Dust” on its way in June through Ninja Tune (DL a free track), Lorn is sure to showcase some new sounds. Buy TIX and attend through FB  – Interview with Lorn below..

DD Welcome Lorn! What are you up to right now? 

L Easy, relaxing, was just working on a new track..some night music 


DD You new album, “Ask The Dust” releases in a few short months. I loved the previews that can be heard on the Ninja Tune site. Are you playing many of these tracks in your current live sets? 

L Thanks, glad to hear that.  The live sets have definitely evolved as my catalogue grows, so there’s a lot from Ask The Dust, other new unreleased projects, and ‘classics’ if you will.  My tools have changed as well with live drum playing, synths..

DD For those who saw your epic set at Decibel Festival 2010, how have you evolved artistically up to now? 

L Ask The Dust is quite different from anything I’ve done.  Been pushing myself more, I think.. taking stranger risks, letting things ride, more use of my voice as an instrument.  Some of my production sensibilities are still there or amped up but I wasn’t interested in making Nothing Else Pt.2


DD  How would you describe the style of those opening your Chop Suey show? 

L Dolor and adoptahighway are two of my best friends, so there are definitely some musical parallels between us.  adoptahighway makes some really strong movements, maybe more classically oriented, and together we form Omega Clash.  Dolor is probably more in line with R&B.  I dunno, bad at genres, Wednesday Sound is our sound.

DD Being a part of the Brainfeeder and Ninja Tune families must be so rad! How do you feel each label compliments your vision?

L Its been and continues to be a real fuckin privilege, no question.  I fell into the same team that worked on Nothing Else for Brainfeeder once I signed with Ninja Tune so it was like coming back home.


Lorn – Facebook Soundcloud Twitter 

– Jimi Jaxon 

You’ll be seeing a lot of James Arctic on Disco Droppings. I’ve become an evangelist of his music, through Twitter, my label 7 Deadly Records and upcoming DJ sets. See what he’s got coming up in this lil interview..


DD Always a pleasure to hear from you James. You just saw Africa Hitech, what was it like? 

A They killed it! First time I’ve seen them and was very impressed. Jumped between genres like it was nothing! Highlights would be the classic selection of old Plasticman & Coki tunes…really got the crowd going mental.


DD Between III Cosby and my sets, your track “Kings” has been getting good Seattle play. Now with “Cold Looks”, I got a new secret weapon to play out! Wheres that vocal come from?

A Big up! I’ve had lots of support recently with that tune..out to Kozee, Distal, Ill Cosby, Artifact, BD1982 and of course yourself for repping the tune! 

The vocal in “Cold Looks” is actually from a Gwen Stefani tune…I’m not gona say which one though! The idea pretty much came about during a Sunday grocery shop with the girlfriend, who knew about this Gwen Stefani tune (I had no idea, promise), anyway I was played the tune in the car and thought it would be pretty cool to sample…so I did!


DD You got two upcoming releases over here in the States. First with Car Crash Set and second with 7 Deadly Records – Whats your vision for these new sounds? 

A Well my release with CCS is actually a step back from the Acid House sound I’ve been hammering lately. Both tunes were made a while ago, but revamped recently for the release. ‘Green Lagoon’, the title track of the EP is more of a stripped back, quirky bass track, with a bit of hiphop influence and a beefy sub to drive it along. The b side, ‘Ollie North’, is a much more energetic, club friendly track…with a hint of cowbell, can’t forget the cowbell. 

My remix of Sphyramid’s “Acid Feel”, coming soon on 7 Deadly Records is basically a dancefloor stomper with a few surprises thrown in. As with any remix, I like to take out as much as possible from the original, changing up some of the signature sounds and build the majority on my own. I like to think I’ve put together a track here which incorporates heaps of my influences…you can hear Grime, Acid House & Bassline in this for sure. 

DD Last words? I’m sure I’ll have you back on Disco Droppings very soon.

A Thanks again for inviting me back, pleasure as always. Look out for my next releases coming soon on digital, plus a short video to accompany a dark acid house tune I made the other day. Out to everyone supporting, it really means a lot. 

James Arctic – Facebook Twitter Soundcloud 

– Jimi Jaxon 


Listen to Mirror State on his Sub.FM show – Saturday nights 12-2 am West Coast time

DD Wow, your remix of Kid Smpl is so incredible. What was your mindset like when you created this? 

MS I have been working with Kid Smpl for a while now and listening to a lot of his music, so when I sat down to do the remix I already had an idea of how I wanted it to sound really. The details in his tracks are excellent and I wanted to create a new space for them.

DD What first got you interested in producing? 

MS Since I was younger I was always obsessed with technology and being able to tinker with things, I guess that carried on and was a big part of reason of interest. I learnt about music theory and electronics when I was in school as well, so I always felt an urge to do it. I wanted to create music by myself and explore different sounds and techniques so I think production can be a progression of that,  and it allows me to create an outlet myself.


DD How would you describe your show on What about the station impresses you the most? 

MS The show I host is focused on new sounds that are mainly unreleased as well as other picks, it would fit between mainly garage and 2 step through to ambient tracks, and tracks you would play out on any good system. I have been on Sub FM for nearly a year now and I have the utmost respect for Whistla who runs the station and what he does. A lot of the hosts are from around the world so the output is quite diverse which is great to be part of.

DD What themes or symbols run through your music, if any? It has a kind of underwater feel to me. 

MS There are definitely themes..some quite subtle but I do try and make certain things stand out. The elements, landscapes, and more human themes like distress would be a few ideas that run through. So you aren’t wrong about it having a slightly underwater feel sometimes.


DD Talk a bit about upcoming releases..

MS I have 2 releases coming out in April, an EP called “Extension” coming out on Manchester label Broken Bubble and also a single with Seattle label Car Crash Set which will include “Dwell”, and a collaboration I did with Kid Smpl called “Fall Apart”. Both labels are doing innovative things within the scene from different ends, and is definitely something I’m looking forward to.  

The remix I did of Kid Smpl’s track “Float” will be coming out with the original on a label called Night Tracks with another remix from Venture some time quite soon. Additionally I’ve done a remix for the group Archie Pelago from Brooklyn who are doing truly original things. It’s of their song “Subway Gothic” and may also be seeing a release in a bit.

I am also working with a label called Solace Records so you can expect some other new things over the next few months including a collaboration with one of the guys behind the label called Stole.

DD Last words? 

MS Always appreciate the support man. Big up.

Mirror State: Soundcloud Twitter Facebook 

– Jimi Jaxon