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Last time I talked about Beeple on Disco Droppings, it was August of last year. He put out a free Creative Commons licensed VJ pack called “four.color.process”. Once again, the very generous Beeple of the Brainfeeder crew is giving more shit away! When I say “more shit”, I mean resolume pack one; 10 ultra sleek HD VJ clips that I would LOVE to have behind me during DJ sets. Each clip in this teaser video has a song accompanying it; music from MSZ, Dayggs and Donny And The Robot stood out to me most. 

This clips come to you via Resolume, a VJ software company based in The Netherlands. Since 2002, they have been a tool for live VJ’ing and audiovisual performances. 

Beeple – Facebook

– Jimi Jaxon 



Some of you may recall my past interview with the very talented Beeple (Brainfeeder). His most recent project empowers VJ’s (aka visual jockeys, aka the dude controlling visuals at shows) with four.color.process; a free pack containing 10 clips of a similar theme. Use these Creative Commons licensed clips to amp up your next VJ sets. Under this license, clips can be edited to your liking for any/all commercial and non-commercial purposes. Got nutz. The “four.color.process” link contains all of the Cinema4D project files used to make these clips, plus Adobe Illustrator files used to make some of the textures and similar graphics.

Music by Strangeloop

Beeple – Facebook Twitter

– Jimi Jaxon


The Brainfeeder description of Outmind from Matthewdavid is far superior to anything I could come up with, beautifully written..

“Peel back a layer of smog from the LA sky and fold yourself into the blanket of haze. The golden half-light catches glimmers that pass by most eyes. Up here, there are treasures for those who tune in. Matthewdavid operates In this magnetic cocoon, unspooling magic radiance. His music reflects beautiful, fleeting moments and magnifies them. Matthewdavid’s compositions float like crackling clouds, antenna amplifying the dreams of the city below.


Matthewdavid is a man who builds with warm tones. He travels new paths gathering sounds to enhance the intricate dimensions of his creations. It was this hunt for inspired trails and blazing progress that pulled him to California. Matthewdavid made the move from southern states and was immediately embraced by the Los Angeles community. A willowy figure with wide smiles, his gentle presence and generous talents made him a welcome addition to internationally applauded LA creative circles: dublab, Poo-Bah, Low End Theory and Brainfeeder. Constant collaboration with these collectives helped inspire Matthewdavid to a build a platform of his own. His Leaving Records label has an ear to the next and an eye on the original. Through all these outlets Matthewdavid is dedicated to sharing elevated sounds and visions.


The songs unveiled on Outmind are destined for infinite replay. Light, gauzy moments blend with those densely layered. The biggest swing gives way to the slowest sway. These are classic jams obscured in fuzz and fog. Nostalgic jeeps bump invisibly to thumping bass. Outmind was lovingly crafted and resonates with Matthewdavid’s heartfelt glow. His music’s mysterious simplicity sparks senses. These songs come from far out to resonate within. Rotate your dial to a space between frequencies. Catch these ghost channels of golden pop. Outmind blends familiar rhythms with those lost long ago and others yet to come.


Matthewdavid’s live performances are akin to watching a sorcerer conjure spirits from the deep. He pulls tones like artifacts from an astral trail that ebbs and flows with fresh discoveries. Along the way Matthewdavid collects exotic sound figures: spiraling amethyst cones and wild flowering buds. He treats each found sound like a bright fiber to be weaved into new waveforms. Outmind pulsates with this sense of constant discovery. It is a mosaic sparkling with mystic, radiant matter.

As you listen to Outmind set your ears to slow dissolve. Let yourself be wrapped in warmth and levitate skyward to an elegant high. This is the place Matthewdavid resides and if you want to get into the mindset you must get far far out out.”

Matthewdavid – Soundcloud

– Jimi Jaxon

An epic show goes down this Saturday at Chop Suey. Lorn, of the Brainfeeder and Ninja Tune crews, is back in Seattle! I loved his set at Decibel 2010, and this time he will be joined by Dolor, Omega Clash (Lorn + adoptahighway) and III Cosby. Big thanks to People Music and Car Crash Set for putting this on. With a new album, “Ask The Dust” on its way in June through Ninja Tune (DL a free track), Lorn is sure to showcase some new sounds. Buy TIX and attend through FB  – Interview with Lorn below..

DD Welcome Lorn! What are you up to right now? 

L Easy, relaxing, was just working on a new track..some night music 


DD You new album, “Ask The Dust” releases in a few short months. I loved the previews that can be heard on the Ninja Tune site. Are you playing many of these tracks in your current live sets? 

L Thanks, glad to hear that.  The live sets have definitely evolved as my catalogue grows, so there’s a lot from Ask The Dust, other new unreleased projects, and ‘classics’ if you will.  My tools have changed as well with live drum playing, synths..

DD For those who saw your epic set at Decibel Festival 2010, how have you evolved artistically up to now? 

L Ask The Dust is quite different from anything I’ve done.  Been pushing myself more, I think.. taking stranger risks, letting things ride, more use of my voice as an instrument.  Some of my production sensibilities are still there or amped up but I wasn’t interested in making Nothing Else Pt.2


DD  How would you describe the style of those opening your Chop Suey show? 

L Dolor and adoptahighway are two of my best friends, so there are definitely some musical parallels between us.  adoptahighway makes some really strong movements, maybe more classically oriented, and together we form Omega Clash.  Dolor is probably more in line with R&B.  I dunno, bad at genres, Wednesday Sound is our sound.

DD Being a part of the Brainfeeder and Ninja Tune families must be so rad! How do you feel each label compliments your vision?

L Its been and continues to be a real fuckin privilege, no question.  I fell into the same team that worked on Nothing Else for Brainfeeder once I signed with Ninja Tune so it was like coming back home.


Lorn – Facebook Soundcloud Twitter 

– Jimi Jaxon 

Thought this would be a nice Sunday post. After an eventful weekend, sit back, and marvel at the visual world of Beeple. He’s recently been working with Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label and has a huge collection of videos online. Here are a few of my favorites along with his interview for Disco Droppings. 


DD Is your day job a necessary fuel for your creativity? Being in a more constrained environment, and then having your energy explode out when it’s time for personal projects..

B mmm I feel like right now I’d like to keep personal and business as separate as possible. That may change in the future but for now it seems to be at a good balance. They are both very different at the moment… One I have almost no creative control over, and one I have absolute creative control over.

DD When you look at some of the videos made from your Cinema 4D open source files, which have really connected with you? 

B There are so many sweet examples here are a few:


DD I’m quite fond of deadmau5 and his larger than life presentation as an artist. What specific visuals did you make for him?

B I did pieces of a bunch of songs, but here is a song where I did all of the visuals/editing for..


DD If you could interview Chris Cunningham, what would you ask him? 

B Good question! I have absolutely no clue what I’d ask him.  Maybe I’d ask him what music he’s into, what good films he’s seen lately…any other directors or shit he’s feeling at the moment.

DD What’s the most encouraging thing someones said about your work?

B Oh my god, far too many kind words have been wasted on my work!! I honestly feel like people’s standards are too low these days ;]

DD I think your really really funny, I’m having  a lot of fun going through these videos on your youtube channel. You’ve given me an endless amount of videos to share with friends. When you want to laugh really hard, where do you go?

B ummm, talking with friends is actually what gets me laughing more than anything. There’s not a ton of shows that I find like, laugh out loud funny. Sometimes the occasional meme on the internet will make me laugh, but usually it’s joking around with close friends.


DD Would you ever consider making some sort of animated show? Some of these short stories look like they belong on Adult Swim, I’d love to see some Beeple on there.

B I would love to be on there. I’m a huge fan of Tim and Eric!!

DD How do you plan on pushing yourself as an artist, going into 2012?

B Well I’m probably going to doing a much more challenging project everyday, starting Jan. 1st, which may or may not be a success. It will certainly require more time each day so we’ll see. Either way I’m sure I’ll learn a ton and grow a tad :]

– Jimi Jaxon