First off, happy 420. Admin is back for a second time on Disco Droppings. Catch up and learn about his upcoming releases below. One thing not mentioned in the interview is his remix of Mike G‘s “Boost”, out in June on Car Crash Set. Keep your ears tuned, this track may appear in upcoming dj sets of mine. 


DD Welcome back Adam. What have you been up to since I talked to you in September 2011? It’s been a little while!

A Thanks for having me back! Since we last spoke I’ve been working on some new tracks, playing some sets and just generally chilling. Met some great people this year already and I can’t wait for the summer. Going to be a good ‘un!

DD 2 new tracks of yours on Soundcloud are forthcoming, the labels releasing them have not been announced yet . There’s “Behind You” and “Hustle Me” which I’m especially fond of. How did you go about finding a place for these to be officially released?

A I always try to make sure that I can reply to everyone that messages me about tunes, and a lot of people do! I always appreciate the feedback, and when a label asks if I can send any demos I always make sure I do, even if it is a bit later on in the future. I owe a lot to Soundcloud, I don’t think I would be so confident making music without the support I’ve had from people on there. But yeah, whenever I’m happy with a track I’ll send it about to hear what people think…


DD What’s been inspiring you lately?

A Film and cinematography, strong images and stories really inspire me. and the support from my friends.

DD Last words? Pleasure having you on DD.

A Thanks again, keep listening. :]


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– Jimi Jaxon