Spotlight on Altrac Productions for creating this new video. If you enjoy the tune, there’s a free download here. Interview with Kid Smpl below..


DD 3rd time here on Disco Droppings, this time for a new music video for “Keep It Close”. How’s your week been so far?

KS Been pretty low-key so far, definitely a relaxing week.

DD How did you first connect with Sawyer and Altrac Productions? How much input did you give for the style of shooting and the environment shown?

KS Sawyer and I met our freshman year of college so we’ve known each other for about 4 years now, long before our music and film careers were going anywhere haha.

I didn’t give too much input on the creative direction of the video however that was completely out of choice. Both Sawyer and Ben at Altrac have a really solid understanding of my music and how I like it to be presented so it doesn’t take too much input from myself in order for them to make a video that I like.

DD I saw a mention of a visual collaboration with Altrac Productions next month. Can you mention any more of those details? Which show?

KS Yep! really excited for that. The visual collaboration will be part of an event called 4X4 that will be happening at the Northwest Film Forum on May 24th. Don’t want to give away too many details but I will be performing a live set accompanied by live projections by Altrac. It should be really interesting.

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– Jimi Jaxon