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Look out for this 3-track release from Eleven8 on July 9th, 2012 via Solace Records. I’ve included previews of “Alone/Remember Me/Scythe” + his mix contribution to the label’s podcast. 

DD Hello Eleven8, how are you feeling?

E8 Heyy Disco Droppings! Yeah very good thanks, hope you’re well too!

DD You’re the second artist from Solace Records that’s been on Disco Droppings (after Clubroot). How does the label encourage you?

E8 I was talking to Tom from Solace recently about the release schedule and that was really encouraging, they have some really strong tracks forthcoming from some great artists.  It’s wicked to see producers like that on a label that are fairly new – and the material is really top notch.

DD Any memorable responses you’ve gotten from fans on your new release, “Alone/Remember Me/Scythe”?

E8 Alone has had some great responses, people have been waiting for that one for quite a while now and it’s great to see people excited about it getting released!  I seem to remember someone after hearing Scythe calling me the “Bin Laden of basslines”.  Made me laugh, then nervous.  That “Pizza Van” has been sitting outside my house for a good week now…



DD What gets you hyped outside of music? Do these things directly affect your work as an artist?

E8 I get pretty hyped about films plus I’m a bit of a geek so new technology is always fun to keep an eye on haha..  Nature documentaries too, I’m a sucker for them.  I don’t think these things affect directly how I work, but I’m sure they do something haha…

DD How long did it take to feel comfortable playing your own productions alongside other artists in a mix?

E8 That’s a good question!  It took a fair bit of time, in fact it’s only really been the last year and a half or so I’ve been happy with my mixdowns and the tunes themselves to play them out.

The latest mix I’ve done for Solace is pretty much a 50/50 split between my own material and other artists, and DJ sets are about the same ratio now too.


DD How do you plan on evolving your style from here?

E8 For a while now I’ve been working at different tempos – anything between 80 and 170, some of which has been more chilled and ambient as opposed to a ‘dancefloor’ approach.  Although the style is similar it’s been interesting pushing and adapting it to new areas.

Eleven8 – Facebook Soundcloud

– Jimi Jaxon 


Solace Records welcomes their first release, Clubroot’s deep “Scars/Hellion”. Digital release can be purchased on Beatport, vinyl on Boomkat. I’ve included two previews of the tracks, as well as the Solace Podcast 001 Feat. Clubroot. An interview discussing his style and third album released on LoDubs can be found via Dogs On Acid. Congratulations to Clubroot, here’s to many more fine releases.





Clubroot – Facebook Soundcloud

Solace Records – Facebook Soundcloud Twitter

– Jimi Jaxon



Listen to Mirror State on his Sub.FM show – Saturday nights 12-2 am West Coast time

DD Wow, your remix of Kid Smpl is so incredible. What was your mindset like when you created this? 

MS I have been working with Kid Smpl for a while now and listening to a lot of his music, so when I sat down to do the remix I already had an idea of how I wanted it to sound really. The details in his tracks are excellent and I wanted to create a new space for them.

DD What first got you interested in producing? 

MS Since I was younger I was always obsessed with technology and being able to tinker with things, I guess that carried on and was a big part of reason of interest. I learnt about music theory and electronics when I was in school as well, so I always felt an urge to do it. I wanted to create music by myself and explore different sounds and techniques so I think production can be a progression of that,  and it allows me to create an outlet myself.


DD How would you describe your show on What about the station impresses you the most? 

MS The show I host is focused on new sounds that are mainly unreleased as well as other picks, it would fit between mainly garage and 2 step through to ambient tracks, and tracks you would play out on any good system. I have been on Sub FM for nearly a year now and I have the utmost respect for Whistla who runs the station and what he does. A lot of the hosts are from around the world so the output is quite diverse which is great to be part of.

DD What themes or symbols run through your music, if any? It has a kind of underwater feel to me. 

MS There are definitely themes..some quite subtle but I do try and make certain things stand out. The elements, landscapes, and more human themes like distress would be a few ideas that run through. So you aren’t wrong about it having a slightly underwater feel sometimes.


DD Talk a bit about upcoming releases..

MS I have 2 releases coming out in April, an EP called “Extension” coming out on Manchester label Broken Bubble and also a single with Seattle label Car Crash Set which will include “Dwell”, and a collaboration I did with Kid Smpl called “Fall Apart”. Both labels are doing innovative things within the scene from different ends, and is definitely something I’m looking forward to.  

The remix I did of Kid Smpl’s track “Float” will be coming out with the original on a label called Night Tracks with another remix from Venture some time quite soon. Additionally I’ve done a remix for the group Archie Pelago from Brooklyn who are doing truly original things. It’s of their song “Subway Gothic” and may also be seeing a release in a bit.

I am also working with a label called Solace Records so you can expect some other new things over the next few months including a collaboration with one of the guys behind the label called Stole.

DD Last words? 

MS Always appreciate the support man. Big up.

Mirror State: Soundcloud Twitter Facebook 

– Jimi Jaxon