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A small handful of individuals have walked this musical path alongside me since near inception, and Null.dll is one of them. I’ve seen many artists friends come and go, both through this site and in my neck of the woods. A small amount have not only continued to create, but have continued to grow in their production quality and individual style. This fellow local producer out of the Seattle area is one of those people, quietly and steadily still on track. Back in January of 2012, my label 7 Deadly Records celebrated it’s second release, a single called “Certainty” by Null.dll. I followed this with a remix, which was the first complete re-imagination of a track I felt confident enough to put out there, as I was just getting the hang of Ableton. Here we are 4 years later, and I receive this new original track from my friend and label mate called “Pace”. It’s a privilege that after all these years, my artistic outlets are still holding to a certain quality level, where artists seek the label and blog for support. You won’t find me writing or posting about anything through these avenues that I don’t 100% love at the time. Friends or not, if I’m not totally down, I don’t lift it up. I’m super pleased with this short new track, and I’ve gotten word there’s an expanded release on the way. Who knows, you may see the finished product on a 7 Deadly release, or through Disco Droppings, who now does free releases when the energy is proper. Cheers to you Null.dll! This is a pleasure. 

Image courtesy of the genius, and friend of the site, Beeple

– Jimi Jaxon


I remember the first time I interacted with Machinedrum aka Travis Stewart. I was given the opportunity to perform at Decibel Festival 2012’s Warp Records Showcase, opening up the night for Jimmy Edgar, Clark and Travis. It was the highest profile show I had played so far, and the challenge was just what I needed to think bigger and further develop my own voice. I remember him coming on stage towards the end of my set when I was playing some Slick Shoota, bobbing his head and singing along. From then on, I become more and more enamored by this man, both for his hefty amount of quality productions, and his friendly demeanor. Daft Punk are still my main dudes, but I watch them from afar. It’s just a pure gift to cross paths with Machinedrum over the years since that Warp show. He is truly one of the most talented and visionary artists around. I was there at the Vapor City Live debut at dB Fest 2013, the Jets show that same year, Vapor City live in Portland in 2014, and now this Machinedrum show at Crocodile in 2015. Once again, I felt like this was a culmination of everything I had learned, and another challenge to better myself and add my own energy into the night. This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the artists creating these songs. Followers of this site should recognize a few friends that have come through in interviews over the years. Big shout-out to my favorite producer to come thru Disco Droppings, XI, whose on the very first track of the mix. Shout-outs to Embassy Recordings, Broodlings, Slick Shoota, HxdB and WD4D, who you’ll also hear. And respect to DJ Rashad and the Teklife family, who you’ll see represented..

It was a total joy to work with The Crocodile on this show. Thank you to all the staff, and especially Shaina for allowing my intern Beck Ninneman and I to bring in additional lights, and granting us some brand new subs. The vibes were fierce and rowdy. It was that show I’ve dreamed about since I started, where everything just clicks.


XI – Trinary

The Bug – Skeng (Kode9 Remix)

Broodlings – Two, Three (Embassy Recordings)

Stray – Chatterbox (Original Mix)

WD4D & Suttikeeree – Up On Something (Unreleased)

At The Drive-In – Pattern Against User

Ital Tek – Challenger Deep

Nine Inch Nails – Survivalism (Jimi Jaxon Remix) (Version 1)

DJ Rashad – Ride Dis Dikk (DJ Earl Remix)

HxdB & DJ Cure Feat. MC ThinkTank – Sound The Alarm (Firestar Soundsystem Remix)

Mincha & Ghost Town – Aberdeen (Howie Lee Remix)

Drake – All Me (DJ Paypal x DJ Taye)

Fracture – Loving Touch (Original Mix)

Rvdical The Kid – Tokyo

DRJ – With You

Etherwood – Unfolding (feat. Laurelle Robichaud)

SpectraSoul – Light In The Dark (Feat. Terri Walker)

DJ Jy – Kesha Wif The Fatty ;] (Drippin x Slick Shoota Remix)

Pascal – P-Funk Era (Original Remix)

DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, Alix Perez – Make It Worth (Original Mix)

DJ Earl, DJ Taye – Wurkinn da Bass (Original Mix)

Shy FX – Bambaata (Dillinja Remix)

 Video Credit: Cameron Jessup

Mix also available on Mixcloud, Video also on Vimeo

– Jimi Jaxon

a3567574645_10Back in May 2012, 7 Deadly Records presented its fourth release; the pristine “Flush” single from Norwegian producer, Seazo. From then till a couple months ago, I let 7 Deadly sleep. As head of the label I wanted to invest time into the management and execution of future releases when I was creatively, and mentally prepared. It felt right reconnecting with Pressure Suit (Greg Campbell), an individual that I’ve known for several years. Ambienz, and the upcoming 4-track EP (8.24 via Bandcamp), are older productions that I am dusting off and giving a proper release.

Where Ambienz Pt. 1 & 2 are more spacious productions, the EP will demonstrate a sharper edge. “tChipz” is a journey through digital space, and into a blippy, transcendent reality. “Glikq” is more of a slow motion groove, still in the dreamy outer-space realm. My recent exclusive mix for Bottom Forty featured “PRSRST”, which is also on the EP. The release ends with a track called “Injin”, drifiting away into the far reaches of the universe. I’m challenging myself to avoid listing genres as much as possible, as I feel the comparisons don’t do Pressure Suit’s unique identity justice.

If you want to come celebrate, I am throwing a release party at Vermillion on August 24th (FB Event). It will be presented by 7 Deadly Records and the Structure monthly, with a live audio/visual set from Pressure Suit, and DJ sets from Tremel and myself.

Pressure Suit – Soundcloud

7 Deadly Records – Vimeo Soundcloud Bandcamp

Huge thanks to Stephanie Battershell for the wonderful poster design.

Jimi Jaxon - 7 Deadly Release Party Poster Small– Jimi Jaxon

A lively track from Seazo has been released on 7 Deadly Records. Head over to the label’s Bandcamp to pick up it’s 4th release (pay what you want). A recent interview with this artist for Disco Droppings, can be found here

Seazo – Facebook Twitter

– Jimi Jaxon

My label, 7 Deadly Records welcomes the incredibly talented Seazo to the team. The “Flush” single will be released on a pay-what-you-want basis through Bandcamp on May 28th, 2012. I talk with him about his many music projects below! And if you’re in Everett tonight, I’ll be playing at Jade Garden. This set will feature Minerva, Artek, Admin, James Arctic, Cedaa, Seazo, Kid Smpl and Mirror State, all artists recently featured on Disco Droppings. 


DD Hello Johan, how are you? 

S Hi mate! I’m fine, thank you for asking.

DD You’ve been very busy over there in Norway. Could you talk a bit about some of your recent projects? 

S That’s true, I’ve been working on a lot of projects these days. One of them includes a new binaural track. I’ve been taking binaural recordings of smashing lightbulbs, screws and bolts and other fun stuff in an empty subway station, in order to achieve a vast natural reverb and atmosphere. I’ve been working on that track for months now, and are still only halfway through, due to lack of time and some really complex sound editing.

Besides of that, I’ve also entered the VJ field, where I’ve experienced a lot of new opportunities and inspiration. It gives me the ability to create artistic animations, and even control them live, which I think is awesome. It started with some custom 3D effects for my friends Lemâitre’s scene sculptures. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to shoot some good films of it yet, but there is a teaser out there: 

and a small paper-version test..

I also did VJ effects for a metafusion event, which was really fun to do..


And like that wasn’t time consuming enough, I’ve also started to explore M4L, where you are able to program/patch your own scripts, synths, and plugins in Ableton Live. It’s a really great future, and I’m planning to patch up a Live set for this summer, where I want to achieve a flexible “make music on the fly” setup, connected with my APC40, MPD32 & a Launchpad.

It’s even possible to “rewire” M4L with Resolume (VJ software) which means that I might be able to do a Visuals+music show at the same time in the future =]

DD Me and you and have talking back and forth for a while now, preparing your “Flush” single for release on 7 Deadly Records. I’ve played the track out at my show with Car Crash Set a little while ago, and plan to also include in my two hour set on 5.5. Such an expansive and energetic production! How would you describe the style and feel of this track? 

S I’m really happy to read that you like my productions mate. For me, Flush feels like a sky-blue, frosty track, and I think it welds some of my very old trance productions well together with my new glitchy sound. 

DD 7 Deadly will also release an EP from you sometime in the near future, how is that coming along? What do you hope to present with this collection of songs? 

S I have no idea of when and what that will be. I just follow what inspires me, which has always been unpredictable.

DD Last words?

S Keep up the good work mate, wish you all good!

Seazo – Facebook Soundcloud

– Jimi Jaxon