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Very happy I stumbled across this. There are times after shows for instance, when I feel a kind of emptiness, and the dance tracks just don’t cut it. On those drives home, this kind of environment is fitting. If you feel lost or conflicted, let this wash over. I know I’m in need of some centering.

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– Jimi Jaxon



When I’m mixing in the juke realm, Slick Shoota is a go-to producer. Some of his superb tracks have been in my sets lately, opening for Bok Bok in Seattle and in my upcoming set for the Decibel Festival Hyperdub Records Showcase. I now have a couple more tracks to add to my Slick arsenal. Make em’ yours.



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– Jimi Jaxon

A lively track from Seazo has been released on 7 Deadly Records. Head over to the label’s Bandcamp to pick up it’s 4th release (pay what you want). A recent interview with this artist for Disco Droppings, can be found here

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– Jimi Jaxon


Did a fun interview with Slick Shoota. Found him through Mosca’s “Following” section on Soundcloud, guys got fine taste. We talk about his recently released “Percussion Skank” EP on Mad Decent Jeffree’s (download for free here), his favorite juke phrases and how he dances to these high energy trax. Also, grab his previously released 8 Bit Beauty EP on Loose Squares..

DD Welcome to Disco Droppings Slick Shoota. How are you doing?

SS Thank you, this sure is a lovely place you got here! I’m doing quite well, just sitting in the studio trying to finish some tracks you know!

DD Your track “Rasta” was played recently on BBC Radio 1’s “Diplo & Friends” show. This is a part of your “Percussion Skank” EP released on Mad Decent Jeffrees on 4.26.12. I think it’s rad! How do you feel being a part of this sub label for up and coming talent? Who came up with the artwork?

SS I’m super excited about the Percussion Skank EP. I think Mad Decent are being very clever when pushing their releases as 192kbps free downloads. This means they easily can spread the music to their huge fanbase. They also got a monthly subscription you can sign up to where you’ll get all the Jeffree’s releases upfront in wav/320, as well as other exclusives. For me as an artist this results in great exposure, so I’m really happy with that. 

The whole EP came about when Paul Devro messaged me and asked me if I wanted to release some music with them. He does most of the Jeffree’s business, and he also does the artwork. The process was a pretty short but hilarious e-mail exchange, where he had a million ideas. At one point he wanted to put a real picture of me naked, drinking 40 oz beers, but I was like naah, put a dolphin in there instead, haha. I’m pretty happy with it, i like having a cartoonish vibe on my artworks, it’s just fun and nothing too serious, just the way I like it.



DD Juke is so fun for me to listen to. It’s hilarious and infinitely entertaining to hear phrases like “everywhere I go, I see the same ho” and “bitch I ain’t your boyfriend, bitch I ain’t your man, bitch I ain’t your boyfriend cant you understand” (I was just listening to DJ Assault) over and over again. Any phrases you especially love hearing/working with? 

SS Yeah man I just love it when you hear a big new tune with some crazy lyrics in them, can’t help but brock out and smile at the same time. 

Three outrageous favorites include..

1. “I beat the pussy up” DJ Pillsbury – Can’t Get Enough

2. “Shawty off the chain mane” and “she thick as hell” DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad – Shawty Off The Chain 

3. “I love it when you blow me bitch” EQ Why – Suck My Dick



DD In that Scratcha DVA bit on your soundcloud, I laughed a lot. Really fun guy. He mentions not being sure how to dance to juke. There isn’t a specific way, but do you usually bounce around frantically to the beat, or dance at half tempo? 

SS I love that clip as well, I was a regular listener to his Grimey Breakfast show as he really is hilarious. He’s also a great dj and producer, so having him supporting my tracks is flattering. 

As to dancing, I’m by no means a great dancer, I  just brock out whatever way I feel like there and then. If you are feeling the music, you’ll probably manage to dance to it as well, innit.

DD You collaborated with Cedaa on the “Windbreaker” track. Cedaa has become a local favorite of mine, seeing him jump onto Fade To Mind and receive props on an international level for his progressive style is inspiring. How’d you guys meet, and what did he add to the creative process when you worked together? 

SS Cedaa is a badman. He was the very first person to send me a message on Soundcloud actually, and we traded tunes. He was doing some stuff with French label B.YRSLF at the time and he put them on to me, and in march last year i released a free promo through them, which was Pussyclot Funk Dem and the Night Hunter remix. So major props to Cedaa and B.YRSLF for that. When Cedaa was preparing his Jasmin EP for them a while after that, we hooked up for a collab. It was really cool to work with the track. He sent me a project he had going, full of his trademark synths and effects. I went in on it and added drums and some jungle vibes. I really like how the track rolled out. I think the track was kinda slept on, but i still enjoy playing it!



DD I’m having fun listening through your tracks while playing Super Mario World for the SNES. Actually, a juke remix of one of these levels songs could work well, the one with the bongos in it. Have you thought about it? 

SS Haha, no I have to say I haven’t thought of that. But I do enjoy some 8-bit every once in a while. My track “8 Bit Beauty” is on that vibe. I also like bongos, so I’ll go as far and say that it’s not unlikely, that someday, it can happen that I make a track with some sounds that might resemble a Super Mario sound and also have bongos in it. Close enough ? 

DD I have to take a moment and mention this “Bug A Boo” remix you did entitled “Bug A Stick”. This is genius! What’s your favorite track and/or video from them? Mines “Hey Ladies” and “Say My Name”..

SS Thank you! Bug a Boo is definitely one of my favorite tracks by them. Their a cappella’s are amazing. I happened to have the a cappella of it lying around. I also happen to be a big fan of Martyn, and was listening to his Great Lengths album a lot around the same time I did the remix. I’m surprised no one has mentioned it before, so I might as well let it out myself, check out Martyn’s track “Bridge” for the piano sample i used. I also have to mention their track “Cards Never Lie” that track is a vibe and a half man!


DD What do you hope to showcase with your forthcoming releases? 

SS I’m in the middle of a release spree right about now. I released my debut EP on Loose Squares in March, followed up with the Percussion Skank in April and I got a new EP forthcoming on Hyperboloid Records. That EP will include “Draw” that’s been supported on BBC Radio 1 by Martelo and B Traits. I’ve also done several remixes that’s doing the rounds. What I hope to showcase is that I can’t be pinpointed to one type of sound. I like to make mellow vibey stuff, I like to make bleepy hard stuff and everything in between. I’m just gonna keep on doing what I do and hopefully people will enjoy it!

DD Last words?

SS Thanks to Disco Droppings and everyone else showing me support, you really are awesome. Also, look out for my next EP on Hyperboloid Records. I also got a video forthcoming and Slick Shoota tee-shirts are in the making. Watch this space!

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– Jimi Jaxon

My label, 7 Deadly Records welcomes the incredibly talented Seazo to the team. The “Flush” single will be released on a pay-what-you-want basis through Bandcamp on May 28th, 2012. I talk with him about his many music projects below! And if you’re in Everett tonight, I’ll be playing at Jade Garden. This set will feature Minerva, Artek, Admin, James Arctic, Cedaa, Seazo, Kid Smpl and Mirror State, all artists recently featured on Disco Droppings. 


DD Hello Johan, how are you? 

S Hi mate! I’m fine, thank you for asking.

DD You’ve been very busy over there in Norway. Could you talk a bit about some of your recent projects? 

S That’s true, I’ve been working on a lot of projects these days. One of them includes a new binaural track. I’ve been taking binaural recordings of smashing lightbulbs, screws and bolts and other fun stuff in an empty subway station, in order to achieve a vast natural reverb and atmosphere. I’ve been working on that track for months now, and are still only halfway through, due to lack of time and some really complex sound editing.

Besides of that, I’ve also entered the VJ field, where I’ve experienced a lot of new opportunities and inspiration. It gives me the ability to create artistic animations, and even control them live, which I think is awesome. It started with some custom 3D effects for my friends Lemâitre’s scene sculptures. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to shoot some good films of it yet, but there is a teaser out there: 

and a small paper-version test..

I also did VJ effects for a metafusion event, which was really fun to do..


And like that wasn’t time consuming enough, I’ve also started to explore M4L, where you are able to program/patch your own scripts, synths, and plugins in Ableton Live. It’s a really great future, and I’m planning to patch up a Live set for this summer, where I want to achieve a flexible “make music on the fly” setup, connected with my APC40, MPD32 & a Launchpad.

It’s even possible to “rewire” M4L with Resolume (VJ software) which means that I might be able to do a Visuals+music show at the same time in the future =]

DD Me and you and have talking back and forth for a while now, preparing your “Flush” single for release on 7 Deadly Records. I’ve played the track out at my show with Car Crash Set a little while ago, and plan to also include in my two hour set on 5.5. Such an expansive and energetic production! How would you describe the style and feel of this track? 

S I’m really happy to read that you like my productions mate. For me, Flush feels like a sky-blue, frosty track, and I think it welds some of my very old trance productions well together with my new glitchy sound. 

DD 7 Deadly will also release an EP from you sometime in the near future, how is that coming along? What do you hope to present with this collection of songs? 

S I have no idea of when and what that will be. I just follow what inspires me, which has always been unpredictable.

DD Last words?

S Keep up the good work mate, wish you all good!

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– Jimi Jaxon