A small handful of individuals have walked this musical path alongside me since near inception, and Null.dll is one of them. I’ve seen many artists friends come and go, both through this site and in my neck of the woods. A small amount have not only continued to create, but have continued to grow in their production quality and individual style. This fellow local producer out of the Seattle area is one of those people, quietly and steadily still on track. Back in January of 2012, my label 7 Deadly Records celebrated it’s second release, a single called “Certainty” by Null.dll. I followed this with a remix, which was the first complete re-imagination of a track I felt confident enough to put out there, as I was just getting the hang of Ableton. Here we are 4 years later, and I receive this new original track from my friend and label mate called “Pace”. It’s a privilege that after all these years, my artistic outlets are still holding to a certain quality level, where artists seek the label and blog for support. You won’t find me writing or posting about anything through these avenues that I don’t 100% love at the time. Friends or not, if I’m not totally down, I don’t lift it up. I’m super pleased with this short new track, and I’ve gotten word there’s an expanded release on the way. Who knows, you may see the finished product on a 7 Deadly release, or through Disco Droppings, who now does free releases when the energy is proper. Cheers to you Null.dll! This is a pleasure. 

Image courtesy of the genius, and friend of the site, Beeple

– Jimi Jaxon